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  1. After a rough week of studying and tests, I finally got a break and completed two missions. First, I completed my second Mun landing at a mysterious structure and Jeb did some investigation. Second, I deployed a small CubeSat in a polar orbit of Minmus to prepare for a crewed mission there. I'm still doing the easy beginning missions, but I'm honestly just enjoying the scenery and the process of each mission. Here's some funny screenshots with Jeb:
  2. They celebrate by listening to Mariah Karey and watching fireworks. All they ask for every year is just moar boosters...
  3. @Joker58th The realism of your ship and the camera angles is really cool! Great ship too
  4. Well, I didn't want to bring this up, but i feel I must. It can't continue to be ignored by you people and these sorry devs. I use a computer with a 16:10 screen size, and every single time I play KSP2, there's these stupid black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. I loathe the fact that I must suffer like this with the passion of ten thousand suns. Nobody cares, instead they just blab on about how, "Oh, poor me, my widescreen is tooo wide, I can't play, this game sucks!" Yeah, well, some of us have bigger issues that we'd like addressed!!! this is sarcasm on steroids in case it wasn't obvious, I have no problem with KSP2 or the devs
  5. Inspired by all of you who have been posting pretty screenshots from 0.1.5, I took an hour to build a plane and fly around Kerbin at sunset. I can truly say this game is beautiful now, and my laptop 3060 achieves ~40 fps in flight on max settings. I can't wait for For Science! to make the planets look even more amazing! Also, I have to say this bird design is sick.
  6. Simply gorgeous. I have gotta find some time to just cruise through a cloud or two soon. So serene
  7. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is the single most accurate, well made LoTR show ever to be beholden by the public.
  8. Hey, Rome wasn't built in a day. I mean, KSP2 at its full potential will prove to be one of the greatest, most complex games ever developed. Patience we must have, hmm.
  9. Ohhh HDRP is what I'm going to get very excited for. But thus update is cool too. I forgot the name haha
  10. Woohooo! I've been waiting for this day! This means performance increases right?
  11. Very nice showcase @Intercept Games! Overall, the flames are looking hot, although I did feel that they appeared a little too cartoony and flat in some shots. Nevertheless it's exciting to see progress on key features and hopefully there are more dev chats to come! Also, I loved seeing those exotic terrain features at the end, as they really show off what's capable with KSP2's revamped terrain generation system. Maybe it's just me, but my hype levels for this game are rising again!
  12. Always love to see bugs that I've personally found frustrating being eliminated! Can't wait to test this update out when I find time.
  13. Thanks for the advice, @Socraticat! As you can tell by my new profile picture, I successfully made it to orbit and beyond with the spaceplane. In fact, I was able to land on the Mun (albeit with extreme caution) and return home. There's still some modifications to be made, however, as I didn't have enough fuel to land to re-circularize at Kerbin. Tim and Val survived the crash landing though! Thanks again for the help
  14. Could it be that wonderful "The Making of KSP2's Music" video we were promised in the last feature video? Who's with me? EDIT: From the picture, I guess it looks like a video about heating--which is still cool!--but probably means no music production behind the scenes. We should get that this summer though, right?
  15. Hello all you experienced SSTO flyers! I'm currently trying to get to the Mun in KSP2, but I wanted to do it in style as opposed to using another mundane rocket. I thought I'd attempt the challenge of air-launching an SSTO instead (which I've never done before). However, after many failed launches, I can't seem to reach orbit. Here's the order of events for my current flights: 1) The carrier aircraft takes the SSTO up to 7-8k km and decreases throttle to ~35%, the SSTO lights its rapiers, and then the carrier pulls away and drops the payload 2) The SSTO switches rapiers to closed cycle and increases its ascent profile to ~45 degrees to gain altitude 3) At this point I just guess at when to start gradually pitching down (typically around 30k km mark) and light the nerv (I've no clue when to do this). After these maneuvers, I get an apoapsis of 70k km, but feel like I've wasted a lot of fuel being inefficient. Plus, sometimes the maneuver planner won't let me plan a circularization because I run out of fuel, even though I've got ~1300m/s of dv left. Obviously I need more dv than that to get to the Mun. Anyway, any tips on a better ascent profile or just better SSTO design is greatly appreciated! The carrier and SSTO as they stand currently. I will add that they both fly like a dream, but fuel management might still be an issue.
  16. "Ah, yes. And here we see the KSP community in its natural habitat, participating in its favorite pasttime--arguing about semantics."
  17. Two hundred and four and forty score and nineteen, or put simply for the layman: 4899
  18. Bruh... how?! What kind of NASA supercomputer are you running? Seriously awesome dude!
  19. I pledge a value of 1 toward this goal, increasing the count to 4883. I am happy to announce that the next contributor will create the palindrome 4884 and thus forever be remembered in the history of numbers. My most sincere congratulations, fellow contributor.
  20. The Mun's my next stop on a musical tour of the planets, so I can't wait to experience those sounds too!
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