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  1. did you ever get this one figured out? I'm having the same problem and do not want to go through the effort of checking each of my 66 mods to see which one it is I fixed it, I forgot to add toolbar controller which better timewarp needed, and somehow broke this mod without it
  2. Could I just copy the whole squad expansion folder since i dont have one on the new install
  3. So, I have my main copy of KSP on steam, using mostly NFT and FFT from neartea, and I bought Breaking Ground on it. However, I just made a new copy independent of steam, since it was the easiest way, but I don't know how to get BG onto the new install.
  4. Hey Jason, would it be OK if I didn't download the texture file? I don't feel like turning my low end laptop into an IED
  5. Now im a little confused, does the mod work but just have a few bugs on mac or does it just not work
  6. This may be a stupid question, (more like is a stupid question) but do you have B9PartSwitch installed correctly?
  7. i use mac, and i the mac version of ckan looks like its stright out of the early 90's, and my smooth brain cant navigate it
  8. I know that, officially, SCANsat only works on 1.10, but does it still work on 1.12?
  9. For some reason, whenever I try to merge 2 vessels, the vessel that got merged loses it's attachment nodes, which makes it impossible unless I want to attach my base to the cargo rocket radially. This happens regardless of mods, which ones are installed, and if i remember right, it also happened in unmodded KSP
  10. the nerva isn't taking off the launchpad because it's a damn deep space engine and the change in Dv and twr is likely because you're in the atmosphere which massively reduces efficiency and thrust, and in turn dv and twr
  11. regarding the warnings, do they make the weapons not work or does it just warn you
  12. I've got a problem where, while loading, it gets stuck on a file called "bahaGatlingGun" Why is it doing that and how do I fix it?
  13. While I was building a rocket, the VAB's delta V counter showed a total of just under 5000 m/s of delta V at sea level. However, when I went to the launchpad, the delta V counter said I had 0 delta V, despite nothing changing. Does anyone know what's going on?
  14. good news: I fixed it the bug. Bad news: I had to delete the new version of BD armory I was really looking forward to trying out.
  15. I got a notification upon starting ksp that tweak scale had fount a fatal error and recommended I share the KSP.log file on a file sharing website. I have 3 questions about this. 1: will putting the KSP.log file out on the internet endanger my saves is some way. 2:how do I find the KSP.log file, and 3:How do I fix this. here's the message's exact words for context: Houston, we have a Problem! Unfortunately Tweakscale found 1 **FATAL** issue(s0 on your KSP installment! This will probably corrupt your save games sooner or later! The KSP.log is listing every compromised part(s) on your installment, look for lines with '[TweakScale] Error:**FATAL**' on the log line. Be aware the the parts being reported ar not the culprits, but the Screaming Victims. There's no possible automated fix for these. This is a Show Stopper problem. Your best curse of action is to click the OK button to call for help on the TweakScale thread on the Forum (KSP will close). We will help you on diagnosing the Add'On that is troubling you. Publish your KSP.log on some file share service and mention it on the post. If you choose to ignore this message and click cancel to proceed, be advised that you save games can get corrupted at any time, even when things appear to work by now. Backup everything *NOW* if you choose to ignore this message and proceed.
  16. Does the GitHub download come with the dependencies?
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