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  1. Well, its weird, during normal play, the counters on the magnetic field contracts kept resetting. What I did in the end is load a save >tracking station > select each satellite once. this would green out all requirements and than I just waited in the tracking station and fast forwarded on maximum time warp until they checked out as complete. If I tried to play the game normally, ie wait for the contracts to finish in background, the timers would reset each time I would switch to a new vessel... They didn't even stop, they just lost all progress towards the goal. On a longer mission to Minmus I attended only one probe the whole time. I noticed them go down by 20 days, so I thought its sorted, but as soon as I landed back on Kerbin and recovered vessel, the timers were back at the start.
  2. Edit: nevermind, it works. Awesome mod by the way, have been using it for years.
  3. I try to use SRBs as my first stage/boosters. My problem is that the big ones are more expensive than their equivalent liquid fuel stage. They also have worse Dv than the liquid fuel stage. So there is literally no economic or efficiency reason to use the two big SRBs.
  4. Hi there. I am just stopping by to thank you for this awesome mod. I find the vanilla science experiments a bit lacking, most of the time boiling down to hauling the materials bay around the solar system. These experiments are much more fun to make. I am also really enjoying the contracts that go with them. They are more complex and rewarding to do than the standard "recover kerbal" missions. Stellar work on this mod!
  5. I personally aim for around 4000. What I did notice is that is is a bit trickier to design the rocket so that you do not leave any stages in orbit as debris. The margin of error got wider, because of substantially different drag from rocket to rocket.
  6. I love the career mode. I have been playing it almost exclusively, apart from some initial testing when I was waiting for KER to update. For me, its so much fun getting science and progressing towards better parts. I have just put a big orbital research facility on orbit around the Mun. In sandbox, there would be no real reason for it to exist, apart to simply "be".
  7. Hmm, worked for me with 2 separate launches. I was in the process of assembling my Mun science station, and this contract came up. It was basically free cash that paid for my transfer module to be put into orbit. Nice of them.
  8. Roots. As in square root? Little green men? No? It just me than...
  9. I bet its probably this. Like you said, the nukes were always hot, it just became a concern when the heat system suddenly started taking into account the whole craft.
  10. I was thinking that they might just fall into deep hibernation when starved.
  11. an excellent point. I will do the test after I come back from work. Looking at the game files quickly, engineer will not work, since it doesn't have that bit of code to handle it. Should be moddable. The drill has got this: AutoShutdown = true GeneratesHeat = true TemperatureModifier = 50 UseSpecializationBonus = true SpecialistHeatFactor = 0.2 SpecialistEfficiencyFactor = 0.1 SpecialistShutoffTemp = 0.40 DefaultShutoffTemp = 0.25 Specialty = Engineer EfficiencyBonus = 1.0
  12. Yeah, that fixes it. Put the dll into the zip folder, or include install instructions at the first page, people might not think of it( I didn't ).
  13. Has anyone been to Eve and sampled the ambient surface temperature? I had a hunch that with the new heat system, Eve would be very hot. Can anyone confirm this?
  14. 2K is lethal to the rest of the craft. You would have to insulate it really well from everything else. I don't think they actually changed that much about the LV-N, I just think the implementation of a proper heat system suddenly started taking into account the fact that they run HOT. I personally love it. Why is it so hot? Who cares. Jeb probably bribed the engineers to put some extra Uranium into the engine, since he thought the "normal" non- overheating engine was "too dam slow". We had Whackjob shoot insane monstrosities into an orbit, and you are saying we cannot figure a way to cool one measly nuke without a dev revision or boring stock radiators?
  15. Flowing fuel already acts as a cooling system. If you have a fuel tank that is being depleted, it will cool. The effect is just not very noticeable at the moment, since its is not very much, and the heat from the engine will easily overpower the cooling, so the net heat still goes up. I have noticed this when I saw a strange "backdraft" on a few designs. The fuel tank would stop heating up, and start to cool while the engine was firing. After the engine stopped, and it was no longer getting any hotter, the fuel tank briefly reversed and started warming up again. This was because the net flow was positive again, and the engine was hotter that the tank, so it was warming it. Took me a few minutes to realize what was happening.
  16. I also have this problem. I have the parts, but nothing shows up on the window ( with the little green cube). I shot a kerbal into orbit just to see the mechanic and he has been there for 50 days now and nothing. He is a regular gray suit. I have KSP 1.0 with only KER and this installed. does it only work in career mode?
  17. Wow, just ... I really love the heat mechanic. It adds a whole new layer of interesting game design. Its something new and untested, and it it flawlessly compliments the reentry heat.Heat management is a real problem for spacecraft. Suddenly the cards have been shuffled again. Old designs have problems, and we have to figure things anew. I saw too many forums posts to the tune of "bored now, done everything, what now". Well, we have just been handed a whole new area to play with! I really tip my hat to the Squad that they have managed to hammer the whole heat system in just one update.
  18. I see no reason why it shouldn't work. In fact I used the nuke only as easy setup test. My aim was to develop and effective cooling system for drilling platforms.
  19. I have just performed a vacuum test, and it works
  20. I have reconfirmed the heat radiator design works in space. The control ( on the top of the image) exploded when the nuke used up about 100 units of fuel, so about 1/4 into the burn. Cause of explosion - main fuel tank melted, clocking at 2000 Kelvin. Than I performed a test with my yesterdays most successful design - square wing sections. The radiator was so effective, it managed to cool the whole craft for nearly the full duration of the burn ( 360 units of fuel, 2+ min.) The fuel tank was getting pretty hot (1800 K) but held until the end. Unfortunately, I was so excited that I wasn't keeping an eye on the engine itself, which promptly exploded about 8 seconds before finishing the full tank of fuel. Keep in mid that this was an extreme stress test, as the mass of the ship is very minimal, so the heat piles up very quickly. The issue is less severe with bigger ships that have more heat sink capability. And yes, they do glow in the dark !
  21. Yeah, that looks very cool already. Bigger wing sections seem better at heat radiation. If this thing overheats, you could use something bigger, and keep the part count same as before. I think it will do well , though, like I mentioned earlier large fuel tanks are good at absorbing a lot of heat( bad at radiating). Let us know how it performs in vacuum, I really should start some tests outside of the atmosphere.
  22. My radiators are aimed at a closed system with limited heat sink capacity. On large vessels, you can simply use the huge heat sink capacity of large fuel tanks. Big fuel tanks have big weight, and this means they can absorb a lot of heat. You can fairly safely fire a nuke on a big ship without dedicated heat radiators, because it will take a long time warm up the high mass of your ship. The bigger the tank right next to your nuke, the better. Avoid placing heat sensitive parts near the nuke ( batteries, sensors) and you are good to go. The radiators are mainly useful on smaller ships where the nuke quickly floods the whole ship with heat and you need a good way to radiate the heat into space. PS: thanks to everyone who found my research useful, I think you guys just doubled my rep rating.
  23. Ohh, interesting. Downloading. You did such a fine job with the resources, I will definitely keep this one on my radar!
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