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  1. Hi, Wow I thought it was EST time...submitted anyways....thank you KSP ! Cmdr Zeta
  2. Thank you all for your support...she had a heart failure...was life flighted...they fixed her up and she pulled thru but no more cancer treatments...the docs gave her <6 months...we will have a good xmas I hope but after that it will be hospice and I give her 2-3 months; it's sad. I am having some pains myself; old war wounds; stress and lifting again. I am glad I have another home here; I need more than one. Command Zeta
  3. Not getting lost here...please tell me KSP 1.1 will work with Unity 5 and 32bit KSP. I will be looking at Unity 5; but no intention of using Win64 KSP. Zeta
  4. The tech tree can be made up using an older version; for the most part. Then advancing thru it can be made non-linear however you want. To achieve this...means rewriting each part to the tree accordingly; have fun. I may restart mine again but now with problems at home I am looking at3-4 months if not more to even get back here. zeta
  5. Basically this means...dont plan on Win64/Unity 5 anytime soon? Can Unity 5 run Win32 KSP??? If so will game saves, models, etc be affected such that we need to start the game over? zeta
  6. Hello, I think I ran into this problem once...autosaves...quicksaves ... then load up an incorrect save ... the list goes on... Simple fix for computer savvy folk ... I always make a backup of my gamesaves folders I am so paranoid with this game in this respect ...and this post is just one reason why. If and when I reach major milestones in my Career Missions (not Science Mode; and I run hardcore with my own parts placements in the TREE), I do a gamesaves folder save...I never have a major meltdown due to a game glitch; people who dont save due to game glitch krakens are just plain, well, good luck to 'em heh ... There are also tricks in saving those files; like a few renames etc but saving the games folders to me is a no-brainer. Cmdr Zeta
  7. Hello, I got a new 500Gig drive...now I just need to get my games on it gads I have alot to do with real life too ! I use .24 for career mode parts placement checks. I cant even remember .90.... I always try to use the latest and greatest...in the end... Cmdr Zeta
  8. Hello, I know I havnt been around...I been busy which is good...now with winter coming up and I have a bunch of stuff to do before the snow flies...I hope to have time at night for KSP however now I am seeing an update called 1.1 for Unity 5.2+ ... I am considering just waiting til this update as Unity 5+ is a new engine and I am wondering if it will break MODS...which now that I think of it...I have particular MODS that are important to me; maybe I will try to get them updated so I can have at least a partial game then just port them over to the new KSP 1.1. Things look promising for KSP performance improvements and it may be worthwhile just to wait this out and not get to involved in my KSP Resource program only having to start it over again with this update. So I am still around; things are ok with me so far... I might be able to stream like for an hour at night from 11PM EST at some point... My biggest issue is the placement of parts in Careers mode; I have to do them MANUALLY...not much fun but it makes a VERY KOOL and difficult beginnings for our beloved Kerbalnauts ! Cmdr Zeta
  9. Hi All... All is well so far...I think she is on a last round of chemo pills and seems to be doing well except for back pain (which worries me). She is tough and doing ok for now...both of us are doing okay...I am trying to settle a future for our lives...but living one day at a time is nice too ! Mr Zeta
  10. Hi, This is the reason I take about a month to redo the Science tree. cdr_zeta
  11. Hello, He meant Operating System I think. This problem is well known. I think atmosphere MOD makes it alot worse (climbs faster); it also has a memory overhead (about +500 then goes back to it's start point); I plan on using it and have to leave memory for it. The memory creep is still there with no mods; best to try and see how fast memory creeps comparing MODS rather than comparing size. cmdr zeta
  12. Hello, I have the base MOD installed...detected and mined (!)...I am restarting a new KSP 1.+ game and this MOD was important to me I am very happy with it...kudos here to all the work done with it. The icing in this game for me is that laser MOD ; this MOD is really a CORE MOD for me; I dont use any other resource MOD except for addition to this one; I will be adding many ( I mean like 10 or so) resources for extraction; not just Kethane ! It will probly take me a month or more to get KSP goin again but it will be worth it... EDIT: I am using 1.02 patch I didnt see any 1.04 patch... Cmdr Zeta
  13. Hello, I will be adding this to my extensive list. Thing is I need to move planets and moons to my liking.... I dont move many of them but some need to be moved.... Seems like distance should be a priority and the telescope (now this is a bit confusing I dont need a spoiler yet but I am not sure what scope to use; I thought there was a mod for this and the range of this scope would be extended based on funding and science; it will give my Kerbal Space Engineers something to do!). I also use Distance Object MOD...great for spotting those elusive planets...thanks for adding modification specs as well this will be a great help in customizing this MOD ! Cmdr Zeta
  14. Howdi !! So...here we go again....another boldly go where no Kerbal has gone before... Resource extraction on first attempt...IS A GO !! It will take me at least a week if not more to get KSP Resource Sim working again...all the difficult sorting out was completed last game so we have a good start...it is just very time consuming with new MODS and parts to sort out for CAREER Mode; I also have to remember how I did all this. Wish me luck... Cmdr Zeta
  15. Hello, After a long time I am back more or less... I wont be able to test this directly if you recall I dont use the difficulty cfg files as I needed to MOD my own BIOMASS modules and functionality. I have to reintegrate everything and may check this out but I cant garrantee; I will probly stay with my own modules. That said...there may, or I may still have module functionality and compatibility issues so it will be a good while before I get back here... cmdr zeta
  16. Hello, Here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/117471 There are tips elsewhere on how to place gauges in the pit...it is somewhat complicated. Good Luck ! Cmdr Zeta
  17. Hi, A well disgused IVA and you have a Probe Control Room...does take some work to make I spose; it is on my todo list as well. Also Probes seem too far down the career line I may move mine up in the TREE. Cmdr Zeta
  18. Hi, Sounds good enough to me...seems like I can continue with my game saves I havent played for awhile...seems as I was on 1.0.2 so my gamesaves should be good...I have to look at the updated MODS tho...I say upgrade and go with the flo... cmdr zeta
  19. Hello, Wow I only been gone about a month or so tryin out a new game...well I had my reasons I left and now I am back...well I really never left KSP but this other game was so inviting...it was rather addictive I am glad I kept dying it was getting boring and I could see boredom with it in the future. KSP is never boring no matter how you play it; we just have to work around things as they come up as in every game; we need to play the game as it can be played to reveal it best sides; I know how to do this. Granted there were some areas that neede ALOT of attention and the problem of resource gathering could have been cheated to some extent was not a problem for me but was one reason why I left for awhile to see if any updates were made. Well folks I am back to KSP 1.0.4 it seems. I dont know exactly when I will start streaming again I will need at least a good week to resort the game out. Cmdr Zeta
  20. Tonite...Hopefully Minmus ans Mun fly byes ... checking contracts... Cmdr Zeta
  21. Tonite - Short stream workin on gettin ready to send a Kerbalnaut to Minmus...no land yet only flyby...doing a contract as well on the way to Minmus ! Checking contracts... Cmdr Zeta
  22. Stream tonite...working on getting Minmus project going and contract work...I wont be using audio/mic in streams...but am monitoring chat. Cmdr Zeta
  23. Hello, Well we are back at it again - 3rd time cancer...I wont be streaming nearly as much...I am moving my computer station...a week of radiation treatments...chemo maybe not I dont know...I dont have much of any family on the web - a few places including here...I do have a donations page on my stream site - Paypal only...any donations are going to her til whenever...I am gonna work on other projects so I can be around her more. She will be picking up as she usually does - she is strong-willed and always finds happiness...I never had luck myself til I met her...I think I will always have a bit of luck to fall back on around me now because of her - almost 25 years marriage we might make it to November but I am not hopeful - I am understanding... Thank you all for your support - I will be checking streams and the outlook of KSP - one of my all-time favorite SIMS <<< ! Commander Zeta
  24. Hello, Hopefully I rendezvous with the Minmus mission ship tonite and refuel her...< heh ! Cmdr Zeta
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