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  1. Greetings... This will be my LAST POST on the forums ... wish me luck ... I know I have had luck and I will be okay I think ... Some words have been left out obviously...if you think about this poem, you will discover its meaning and why we (I) wrote it. It has a name sorry i cant show it: The foghorn sounds, in the ........ sea, for wayward sailors, my love and me. I always feel lost, in that endless sea, But the foghorn sounds, and comforts me. She was my rock and inspiration, Who made dreams come true, My darling ........ has left this world, I am so sad and blue. A dream once shared, on the ...... .. ...... for now my love is gone, and I am left in pain. I return on a journey, to that .... .......... and the smell of the sea, that she loved the most. She sets her sails, my darling wife, Tis the ......... , the love of my life. There is a place in a lovely town, The .......... by the sea. I've never been, to her place of peace, Maybe some day, she will call me. My heart is so broken, and I am so alone, She has set her sails, for ports unknown. Soon I will join her, as we guide together, on stormy seas, and ocean weather. I married an angel, from heaven above, Now my angel departs, on the day of love. We will set our sails, my darling wife, She's the ........., the Love Of My Life. I am sure I will be in touch with the moderators and whenever I get back here to KSP it will be under a different name. All of my posts will probly have to go...funny...I have always been really good at doing one thing: Starting Over. This must also mean one good thing...NEVER GIVE UP THE SHIP. Thank you all for the support ... LIFE must go on as they say, and I "WILL" be back some day.
  2. Dear Kerbalmates .... So I am reall so sorry I havnt been here ... KSP is the best program for me you all know that ... My loving wife passed away on Valentines Day Feb 14, 2016 at 9:30PM ... I have been through turmoil these last few months ... taking care of business. Just when my life is starting to pick up, I now have a serious problem with identity theft and will be asking to have my account suspended here and any attempts to unlock it will have to be investigated...I guess KasperVid is the person to PM this to do this. My Twitch accounts will go...no matter anyways on that I have been so upset over everything, but I have options in my life and lessons to learn dont we all...it was just sooo sad to have someone get this disease for someone that worked so hard around my home; it just wasnt fair...I hope to play and stream KSP again someday...I am still waiting for 1.1 anyways... I have played defense in these morons for the last few days and lost a night of sleep. I am a pretty good chess player, and today I may either make a move or let things ride and just play more defense and see how far these people are willing to go. For all intents and purposes I have lost whatever reputation my internet names have given me ... one thing I havnt lost are the friends I have made ... and anything I do in my life outside of normal activities is my own personal business and I would never compromise this for any reason ... in this case here it just wouldnt make any sense. When one does something stupid in life not of their own fault really, and an identity is compromised (internetwise), it is a REAL problem and can give you massive headaches and can ruin your life for, just a little while<<< NOT FOREVER. Like my wife would say and do, just laugh oh ha ha ha you made your bed now you have to lie in it. Well I havnt slept in my bed since she passed I am in her recliner every night...and these perpetraitors (yeah I spelt everything wrong!) have another thing coming to them; they dont know who they are messing with here...ME. Anyways I shouldnt be venting my problems I just want you and the moderators to know. Sooo yeah thats my story now ... whoever as the ability to suspend my account, PM me as soon as possible ... I would like this post to stay up for awhile ... I wanted to make one last post ... you all will be the first to read it, it is a poem my wife and I wrote the next morning after she passed...in fact I am writing it now and will post it...
  3. Hello and thank you all for support...I had 2 weeks of heavy lifting on her and finally got a hospice bed in the house for a few days and I couldn't move her anymore. Then they took her by ambulance to special hospice home where we been these last days...she had a restless day today no food no water can't swallow. I am at the hospice home with her now almost 24/7...I think we spoke our last peace yesterday and she recognized my son tonite. Almost 30 years with the most brave and courageous woman I ever known right to the end...she is in medicated sleep I don't know she may wake one more time...I have been so sore and tired these last few weeks I will be glad when this is over..I expect at least a few months to grieve but I have plans this summer...it was our dream and we shared many good times on the coastal waters of Maine on our boats...she never had the chance to see our new sailboat except my videos. She will be with me to watch over when I set sail this spring... I will miss her and may name the boat in her honor somehow...I expect her to pass this weekend...I will keep in touch I plan on a 24hr livestream of ksp for donations I really need help...I will stay in touch..thank you all for being here for me...I am very tired and I will miss her so much... Commander Zeta I
  4. Hi, So I am having tons of problems I cant get a part to load into KSP; I am trying Unity 4.2.2 now instead of 4.6.1 (I dont use animations so I didnt see a problem but I did notice an animation portion in my projects; I could have tried deleting them. I am streamin today if anyone wants to hop on over; it would be great if my Unity version was the only problem but I just cant see it. Commander Zeta
  5. Greetings, I will be off and on this afternoon still trying to import a simple part into KSP; this has been very frustrating; I think I will download Unity 4.2.2 just for kicks. CmdrZeta
  6. hi... i am still tryin to get a part made and loaded into ksp ... info says unity 4.2.2 ... ksp unity version is 4.6.4...my version is 4.6.1...i give up i am still tryin ... cmdr zeta
  7. Greetings, Today working on still trying to get a part into KSP ... Using Blender and Unity ... I will be on for about an hour ... Cmdr Zeta
  8. Greetings, So...there are 2 ways to make mesh colliders...1) in Blender (easy) 2) in Unity (vertex limitations?). Question is which one...maybe it doesnt matter; we are trying Blender for ease of use. My parts are too small or non-existent; I dunno why...I am gonna try again tonite... Cmdr Zeta
  9. Greetings, Tonite...Learning Blender for KSP Part Models.. Still tryin to get a part into KSP. Commander Zeta
  10. Greetings, In my streams there may be occasions where I am not at the keyboard due to personal issues at home. Tonite...I am gonna try to finalize part sizing and scaling and orientation an such for KSP models. I have relearned Blender and Unity and am gonna work on a preliminary design for the BIO LABs ! Cmdr Zeta
  11. Hello, Well I got my first part in...altho it is very small so no success yet but I am gettin close and I may just work on my design tonite ! Cmdr Zeta
  12. Hello, Heh...how do we know Kerbals spout humanoid byproducts?! One suggestion was that they were homanoid plants ! Or maybe they are nitrogen breathing intelligences ?! And here we are converting CO2 to O2 and water to air an such ! Afterall, they are green-skinned ! I hope they arent Algae-based ! It would kind of put a damper on Algae food ! I havnt gone back to the wiki's and roleplay for Kerbals. For now I am using them as humanoids; if they are green maybe they got some Vulcan blood !? Cmdr Zeta
  13. Hello, I am still trying to get a part made to import into KSP; until I succeed I will leave the contest open; no takers? Ok last chance; I give you some hints...think Universal Storage...expandable space station...gravity...a recent movie ! Cmdr Zeta
  14. Hello, I am going to try again to get a part made from Unity to KSP; I seem to be having problems. Cmdr Zeta
  15. Hello, While I havnt looked into making food out of algae (there may be a certain type that is better for food making (not blue-green?)), I found a recipe for making a compound that ends up being a material for a reverse osmosis filter used in all the purifiers/extractors to filter out the smallest particles (a required filter for drinking water (I also use carbon for that as well)), AND I am making Ethanol, which in turn makes antiseptics. I also make cellulose from the Algae; for First Aid Kits and clothing material ! I use Green Algae for my products for now. I have water filters, air filters, moisture evap filters, all of which now have the Carbon and RO (Reverse Osmosis) filters in them, and have to be made and changed. Out of the Green Algae I am probly getting so much use out of it that food could be minor option if there is any resources left. Commander Zeta
  16. Greetings, Why cant we have a program like Tree Loader or even a better graphics program (inside KSP) to move parts to different nodes, add nodes; etc?? I dont even care if we get a third party program to do it but we need one. Seems as though it would be written as a patch program to catch the part moves in the tech tree (by graphically moving parts). Everytime we get an updated MOD either the CFG file needs to be written or each part moved by cheating F12 (I think I cant even remember); this is way to archaic; I apologize but the Community Tech Tree is not an answer and I think it is even disbanded because they are trying to get SetiTree or EngrTree or some other 'certified' tree to get modders to patch to them; this is rediculous and show no concern for the player and how a player would want their parts to be placed depending on how they play the career game. The trees are fine but we dont need modders to patch to them; I have to go in and change every CFG file back to STOCK so I can move them where I want later; I have to change CFG files twice now; or figure out how to get rid of patches, and even then figure out as some of the MODS are softcoded to other TREES and not patched; I dont feel there is any consistency with the Tech Tree. The patch thing may be okay even though that is hard for me to figure out how to use and I am a good programmer, and I cant get Techmanager to work I dont know if it works with 1.05+; I tried some version once and it failed. The problem then is at game start is having parts not available because they depend on a Tech Tree not everyone wants to use; if modders would stick to plopping their parts to the STOCK Tech Tree, and KSP had a graphical implementation of part moving and part availability if no node exists, as in TreeLoader/Editer (NOT TED), it would make Tech Tree building so much easier (and even possible); I dont even have a clue as to how they are making Tech Trees now with XLS (?) and then even adding them to KSP; yet. Please Make A Graphical Tech Tree Editor In KSP ! Commander Zeta
  17. Greetings, Today...we are almost able to export a part to KSP - still no luck...not sure if I have a texture or cfg problem but eventually we will figure it out. Also dont know about the connection nodes or how they get added; I dont know why the part isnt loading yet; that's our stream on and off all day til we get it right. I have my idea for the space station BIO and MED labs, and idea for the space station itself; especially since no one has done it yet ! Now if I can only figure out how to export parts ! Commander Zeta
  18. Greetings, Today I will be working on part design again; more of learning how to use Blender and how to get a basic part into KSP !! I will try not to focus too much on the part layout and get the thing imported !! From there at least I will have a work flow; I understand about half of what I need to do. Commander Zeta
  19. Greetings, Well...no one dare to step up huh? What if I were to say there is a possibility that there might even be some possible fame and notoriety here !? After only an hour or so of research today, I have found an idea that is not quite original, but very interesting in that it is built with the idea of ease of building in space with gravity in mind !? You might be thinking well it is just some variation on a ring (!); well it is; but not what one would think ! There are 3 contestants in the running believe it or not; and your truly is one of them. One of the contestants already has the idea and doesnt even know it ! I will probly use his modules to show off some of the great graphics in the mod for some of my processes. I played with coloring the different modules but it doesnt work very well; I will be at it today working on learning how to get parts into KSP. I am going to try and get a 'quick' part imported so I understand the work flow; using parttools isnt as straight forward as I thought. There is also what is called the collision collider (?) I have to add; and nodes. I will also learn how to import a KSP part back into blender (?) I probly wont get too far on my own parts but that is the goal. I will leave this open til the end of January; during this time if you watch my streams you will now see the constraints of the design, and how I wish the final design to look like, work, and be implemented. Only 2 days til the end of January ! Now that I think of it say there are more than one contestant to build a part model or 2 for me...show an example here or send me to your website/forum page for the MOD for examples of your work; there will be room for one winner here ! Congrats to the 2 winners (and me even!)...last chance ! Commander Zeta
  20. Greetings, My website has an important Resource Process Update - Check it out ! I will be doing more part design fun with Blender tonite. We need a metal building that can work in space as well as on planets...INFLATABLES WILL NOT WORK due to potential micrometeorite damage on long space trips. Hop over tonite if you arnt too busy ... I should be up in a couple hours. Commander Zeta
  21. Greetings, So I been tired lately ... you sleep too much and it seems to make it worse ... I dont have a good sleep schedule lately. I been doing some progress on resource rate figurin...all is goin well...abit slow...kind of fun. This week is goin faster than I thought. I wanted to stream some part building; I aint very good at it; once you start working with models it is best to keep a ball rollin or you will forget how to do it. One can use Blender, Photoshop, and Unity for import/export. It is fun when you get the hang of it. I am not sure if I will stream anything tonite...I plan on watching others stream tonite for a bit. Take a little time off and support your streamers. Commander Zeta
  22. Greetings, So begins the week for some part models for some of my resource processes. This is a contest in that the winner gets to have their part model and a Kerbalnaut run the process in my KSP Resource Game Universe. Contest or challenge what is the difference really? I have 2 or 3 great modellers I use for part modellers - I challenge you to make a better design ! I am looking for small units that extract elements from molecules; I already see some in stock; Universal Storage is a good example I am looking for. My wish is to have similar looking units with a texture change enabled (Firespitter Mod); I cant render textures. Example...Carbon is green, Ammonia is red-orange...one unit, half a dozen colors. I mostly extract single elements out of compounds of 3 to 5 elements. If this is not a challenge than I dont know what is; ends Friday or Saturday. Commander Zeta
  23. Greetings, Cant talk much...resource processes are working and being tweaked live ... all is going good ... wish I had more viewers ... I usually stream at night EST but cant use MIC. The Tac Life recyclers are not good; replacing them tomorrow nite with extractors which do all the filtering and recycling; I also use different part models for them as well. I hope to do some part modelling. Commander Zeta
  24. Greetings, So...I discovered I had my liquid gas to refridgerent a but backwards...the result was using more resources up, not leaving less ! But hopefully it was only one process. Looking at game units...not focusing on density but ensuring the test element densities are correct. Water is 1000 kg/m3 = 1 metric tonne. 1 cubic meter is equal to 1000 liter, or 1000 kilogram [water]. Game uses 0.001 in common resources to equate correct tonnage. I am going to edit this for some results in game. I will import the greenhouse data to Tac Life process. Commander Zeta
  25. Hello, Kool ! I am workin on changing values and rates on live stream ! I am making great progress but I have time issues. Cmdr Zeta
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