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  1. Hello, These look nice ! I see they are made specifically for RO? Commander Zeta
  2. Greetings, I looked at the log and for a new player (the OP I am guessing with only 4 posts) my suggestion to play KSP without MODS first is appropriate (not just to play it but to get it working); then add MODS one at a time (in the correct place if that was the only problem); just clarifying the difficulty with MODS to a new player is all. The log itself is so long and daunting why bother; it would be quicker to add MODS one at a time. Of course yes we need to have them in the correct directory to begin with. Commander Zeta
  3. Greetings, Not sure if I am streaming tonite (Denver game harr !) but thot I would give an update. SO I been lokin at Stock processes...I probly will look at more of them - ie RTG, core heating (?) (cooling?) (inherancies in nuclear or other 'hot' processes?) (I dont think we need to use this in our waste byproduct conversions; there is excess heat availablity but coolant not sure how to get excess of yet), and fuel processes (needs serious attention as we do not convert ORE to FUEL directly - the stock processes provide a basis from which to work from at least; something we need to get our bio-processes going). I am still looking at these bio-conversion processes. I was told Kethane has a 1.05 update; I cant even get it to work yet and due to it's nature and lack of BIOME resource location setup, the resource scan/location part of Kethane MOD may be deprecated (not used anymore); I am still trying to get some Keth processes to work; still a no-go. The inference to ScanSat now allows me to look at it again; I dont like it that much but it may have a use now if it works: BIOME resource location ! We shall see ! If it works I will stream it ! If it does work it means adding resources to all the planets and moons (in Outer Planets too !); it is alot of work but well worth it; I already have amounts for all planets/moons etc in the Kethane set; just need to port the data over andprobly add some BIOMES if they havnt been added already. There are spoilers in the wikis for BIOME names, places etc, so that will help. Hopefully I get my BIO processes working...the BAHA drills need attention...I have something to do with KSP again...wish me luck! Commander Zeta
  4. Hello OakTree42 ! I thought I saw you on stream a couple days ago ... I been busy lately so I will be on the lookout for the new name ! I too have had a change in my stream name - someone asked if I just jibbered my new name ! I hated when people kept asking what cdr meant ! Maybe Cmdr works now for me who knows! Too bad I cant change it here; oh well. Cmdr Zeta = Commander Zeta = cdr_zeta < the little ole guy in the basement who now resides upstairs for awhile ...
  5. Hello, Ok...lots of tekky talk here...kool ! I never expected to have to modify cfg files in KSP when I started; then getting into resources and realism...gads...there is a rabbit hole here, and more than one it seems ! I like the concept of an RTG. I do not use DRE why should I if the game already implements it? Hopefully some functions can be manipulated to get upgraded parts further down the Tech Tree; I have to make multiple parts to do it; I think there is a way to avoid that in the cfg files; I am not sure how to do upgrade parts to keep from ahving multiple texture files; another to do list of mine. Is the 10x fixed? I am looking into overheat checking but that is on my backburner as my processes stop if an input is not present (I use seperate heating and coolant units whenever I get those MODS working again ugh). Commander Zeta
  6. Hello, Kool Mod I tried it a few times long time ago; very nice and basic; got the links and ani update. Kudos to DMagic ya we need that SCIENCE !!! Commander Zeta
  7. Hello, We meet again! Yes I read about the 1.02 update but not the 1.05 update unless it happened like a couple days ago. Now I am restudying STOCK resource generation (and CRP) as my original resource generators did not use CRP configs (only the common resource pool); I deleted the config files as Kethane provides it's own resource creation in the KSP Universe. I am having to consider dropping Kethane because the new resource system may be better; if it works that is; it seems to be a runoff of Scansat which never fully worked to begin with; not for me. Commander Zeta
  8. Greetings, So you are looking to make 'PART' that creates overheat that also doesnt blowup so you can test overheating on other parts? I am having to understand MM cgfs more and all this is more than the average KSP player probly ever gets into. Looking at the stock RTG and ISRU there are different methodologies and in fact it almost looks as if the RTG was the original. I went back to 24.2 and it doesnt have the coreheating. The problem you have tho is communicating your part to other parts that there is an overheat in progress; radiators will notice it as they are designed to; maybe the communication links in the radiators (stock?) will have your new part act as a radiator/POT between other parts? This coreheat module was an addition it seems to ORE to FUEL making; I have not tried these MODS yet (stock) so I dont know how they work. If I had a process module (part) that was working too fast it would overheat and explode (?); I would want an alarm to shut it down; you would have to add the coreheat module maybe to monitor heat/coolant sensitive processes; this seems more complicated than it need be for basic resource processing; for FUELS I can see critical problem creation; maybe that is what has been added in KSP. I am just getting back into resource processing and I use heating and cooling to control processes; there is always an amount of both or either; if any is not present the process will not function let alone explode. But say what if coolant was gone and a process kept running? It would overheat and the only way I could see to simulate that is to add one of these coreoverheat modules, or have the process stop without input which is the norm and a lot easier to setup. I am not totally sure if this is what you were looking for but the idea applies to what I am doing with my own resource generation (now in the new KSP I have to learn more about this and implement it as long as it is not overkill). Commander Zeta
  9. You obviously don't seem to grasp the point of the CRP. Perhaps you could be a little more enlightening? I know all about CRP and I dont think your statement was even warranted thank you. EDIT: Maybe I will add that I am updating my own CRP resources now to include all of own resources besudes just ORE on planets and moons; it is ALOT of work to have to add all these resources to them and add them to the BIOMES. Then I find duplicate resource allotments in every MOD and remove them and consolidate my 'Alphabetical' common resource list; a suggestion I made here earlier and several months ago; something I see still hasnt been done; and yes I know things take time an all; I am still waiting. Now I actually have to port all my planetary/moon resources to the CRP listing; so trust me when I say I know how to handle CRP. If you are going to make an accusation back it up and PM it. Commander Zeta
  10. Hello, My opinion for what it is worth here - do not use CKAN (until you are more proficient at loading and unloading MODS). Load up one MOD at a time; use MODS that are important to your play style but understand thier use. For example load texture mods last after others load. MODS go in the Gamedata directory. CKAN is some kind of MOD updater which I never used; if I want to update a MOD I do it manually and each MOD at a time. I dont want MOD update notifications appearing in my game and extraneous data going over the internet no matter how minimal; that includes deleting all those miniavc files. People who have played this game for a few years wanting continuous updates always seem to have problems with game crashes; this also doesnt account for Steam version versus KSP version which I dont even know if you can get KSP from their store anymore like I did years ago. Following this method will help you identify a conflicting MOD. I have also been getting a wierd GC HEAP problem maxing game memory out; very strange and I hardly havnt any MODS in; with the new Module Manager Madness we all seem to have to relearn the game setups ! Also if you are new I would highlyl suggest staying away from MODS for at least a month or more; play the stock game in it's various phases first. I work with MODS now and it takes me several weeks just to make a KSP game (the way I play it); I played KSP Stock for almost 3 months at version 18.5; the game is a little more difficult now even. MODS are really what make this game for 'me'; many play it Stock only. Above all take this game slow; have fun and learn it first and MOD it later. Commander Zeta
  11. Greetings, So...our friend Roverdude seems to have implemented mod resources to be mined in such a way as to also incorporate varying BIOME resource density amounts; well all of this was inlcluded in the old ScanSAT resource locating MOD which never worked (!?). Now according to the NEW KSP 1.05, resource locating and mining also uses the old Community Resource CONFIG files (not used by Kethane); the resource extraction I havnt looked at yet; there is as I recall even though a certain percentage of resource I dont know if that resource is infinite or if it decreases as the resource is mined; doesnt matter for now as we are more looking towards keeping with the newer versions of KSP. An advantage and what makes more sense, where Kethane resource failed, was in the Biomes (which also werent around in the beginning); BIOME resource management for planets/moons have not totally been evolved in KSP and we can see a basis for addition of our multiple resource allocations ! What this means - alot of resource allocation work ! Only ORE is implemented as a raw resource to make fuels almost directly in ISRU's - not very realistic, but at least a basis from which to start. The scanners...well it looks like they may deprecate ScanSat as well; perhaps this was the oeverall goal. So now we can find salt water where it is supposed to be ! Also, rich ores need to be in mountain biomes ! The challenges of mining ore now have increased ! I still dont know about using certain resource generators and I will be researching this. So far from what I am seeing...it is looking more and more to saying good bye to Kethane (I already said bye to ScanSat but now it is back under a different name...it doesnt have one !). I am hoping to implement the mining modules into the BAHA drills still. So now I have some ideas and work to do... Commander Zeta
  12. Greetings, Having resource processing work once, then fail, then work, then fail...only to get it working again at some point...yes it is a good feeling when you know there are successes to be had. Commander Zeta
  13. Greetings, So far my KSP is evolving backwards due to some mods being incompatible; is this a bad thing? Well since I havnt got into the game where I want to be yet, maybe it wont be so bad - I dont see any real evolution but I did see one thing: Performance Increase in the new versions and I am still in 32 bit; so yes there is a reason to evolve, I just dont think I will ever get there (!); I still really need to play this game ! I may be kind of stubborn but I have real life issues too and cant do everything in the time alloted. Playing other video games and streaming might help too ... All in all once finished I know I will have a top-notch realistic space survival game for my Kerbalnauts ! Commander Zeta
  14. Greetings, Does it get any better ?! Commander Zeta PS Yes it does ! Musicians, like me, can now stream on Twitch playin guitar, synth...ya !
  15. Hello, ABZB I am not sure of your resources; you know you can add any resource in the common resources cfg file? I have added a few of my own to improve the chemical processes a little; one can go further down this rabbit hole. I think bismuth gives coal for dirty fuel? I dont know if this would be a viable resource on other planets unless there were active volcanoes maybe; I dont know about iodine; again in my resource system I consider what chemicals would be in abundance on barren worlds. Ihave also aded gold as a major resource on one hard to get to asteroid; also some gold on a nearby second moon maybe around Kerbin. I use gold as a catalyst to accelerate refinement; probly something only Kerbal engineers can do; afterall some of the realism can invent new technologies ! Commander Zeta
  16. Hello, I am having issues with this; workin behind the scenes for awhile; I suspect I may be limited to an older version of KSP as I cannot get it to work in 1.02; yet! Commander Zeta
  17. Hello, So this MOD DOES work but I have other KSP issues; when I get them solved this MOD will work; I also question the similarity between this and the new KSP drill; coincidence? Commander Zeta
  18. Hello, So I am having some problems with KSP; trying to figure out what to do; nothing serious or too complicated but more time consuming; I will be workin on it without streaming I think - my brain is fried a bit; KSP can do that to me, and most anyone. So I am tackling the problems at a slower pace; rest assured I will have it figured out but I am worried I may not be playing up to date versions any more with some mods being supported; ESPECIALLY Tech Tree management; I miss tree loader. Commander Zeta
  19. Greetings, So I have process problems in version KSP 1+ I didnt think I had; it seems I have to rework and/or recheck BIOMASS which is all my food production; I hope to have a solution and have it ready for tonite's stream. I went back to KSP .90 and it works fine. In fact I will stream module processing tonite; we gonna look for conflicts and consistencies and come up with a standard for process creation (!); problem is is that some modules will not work using other process forms; especially if it is another MOD; I wish we could use one form and stick to it. I use Kethane but that form didnt work in biomass as I recall; here we go again with this madness ! Commander Zeta
  20. Hello, This is why I delete ALL my miniavc files; updating several mods at the same time when some mods contradict each other in some ways, including resources now (?); this cant be a good thing; either way that is my choice. If I need an update I update all my MODS to once, or individually depending on if the update is critical, which in most cases I havnt seen. One example is BioMass. I use BIO MASS differently than the original author's intent. The original author in my opinion, which most modders do, is to set up a basis or a template from which to players can build on, should they so desire or even dare for that matter; most players hope mods are complete. That is fine an all but I myself looking at the CRP see something more realistic than just converting say kethane into fuel (for example; I am not saying that is done but you get the idea). The combination of attempts to produce a good playable working resource generating KSP is in my opinion over half way there. I am not saying my resource refinement process is better but hey; I wish I could have a way for others to use it. I see modders take from others everywhere, post up mods they call their own and leave the collective in the small print. So getting back to BIOMASS...BIOMASS and BIOCAKE seem to come out of nowhere; I create small portions of BIOMASS in the microflora production process; it just makes more sense to me that biomass is a conflagulation of goo; the name implies that, but at least I made it so that it has to be produced; I didnt see that happening. Then I use the wet biomass and run it thru a process to freeze dry it into biocake (trying to use the original author's terms but making more sense of them); this biocake has very little density, takes up alot of volume, and is one of the major fertlizers for food production without which food cannot grow (in space maybe!). The whole idea of space survival is to keep weights and densities down. Since water density ingame is .001 I have biomass as .005 and biocake as .0001. After all this writing I just see that biomass/cake is not part of the CRP ! No problem I guess; I was reading an earlier post. I am glad that Liquid* is now Lqd* for shorter terms. PROBLEM: Please pur the resources in alphabetical order; mine is. I will be updating mine in a live stream; I try to keep with the CRP as much as possible but I am finding descrepancies. My liquid co2 in crp is liquidco2 i need to find out the mods that use it; i think modders are converting to lqd terms? The densities I use from here: http://encyclopedia.airliquide.com/encyclopedia.asp?GasID=26 This site has all the gases; there are critical densities and I choose a value close to them as some liquid forms have many densities; using the closest to critical provides a standard (?) and should be the lightest? I am glad to see this topic; I just wish there was a good part placement program for the tech tree and I would be all set ! Commander Zeta
  21. Hello, So yes I understand the premise of the tree of to allow more freedom; I get that. I guess my question would be if this tree has all of the Stock Tech Tree nodes 'included' in it ? In this way patches can be overridden as in deleted then added or modified to certain trees. I am not a modder per se but I am just trying to understand the new patching system of adding parts to nodes. Where I manually go to 'EACH' MOD and change the tech tree postion of the parts (even Stock !) is time consuming, it is the only way I understand how to do it. Using the patch method (and an old tree) one should be able to write a program to port the data over; I dont know what regex is. As a player there will always be different trees, different ways to play Career mode it seems, with no good way since .90 to move parts around. The tech tree might as well be non linear if there is to be total freedom. I personally build off the stock tree because it is the original idea of the game, and is how most people would learn career mode not using mods; at first. I also am not seeing a large consensus of people in this project; I need to check the community resource project people maybe they have ideas for career trees. I as a career mode player am looking for a standard in career mode progression based off of and inclusive of the Stock Tech Tree. Commander Zeta
  22. Greetings, Yes Agreed ! I am porting all my old MODS over and KETHANE is the BASE MOD. I will be live streaming my efforts again soon, usually in the evenings EST. I need to verify the latest MOD but my cfgs have had EXTENSIVE rework so I will probly just port over from 24.2. The problem with older mods is the graphics might be too large. Commander Zeta
  23. Greetings, So I never got to streaming; maybe tonite around 9 or 10pm EST. I will be porting over certain MODS tonite, and I am checking out Tech Tree modification and useage in the game. Commander Zeta
  24. Greetings, It looks like this MOD was not updated...maybe cause it still works?! We shall soon see ! I am updating all my MODS to 1.05 and older MODS will be ported over. I have made significant changes to the MODS to more closer relate to realistic goals for KSP. There is also certain MODS that MUST work; we can only hope right ?! Also the Stock drill looks alot like these drills, but certain modifications to the cfg files, and WOW we have drills for multiple ores (!) and even sizes ! What I would like to know is I can redistribute modified MODS or cfg files for MODS... Commander Zeta
  25. Hello, Okay so an apology is necessary...I wasnt aware modders could ask for donations; I just didnt think that in order to keep a MOD updated a certain donation goal had to be reached, following Twitch ideaology. I hope modders dont go this route; we all know it takes time and effort to make mods and maintain them; it doesnt matter how much people donate; many of the best mods are dead now and it wasnt because the creators didnt get any money. Perhaps smaller icons and one donation blurb on the OP first page would be nice like in this one: This is in my opinion the BEST MOD ever created for KSP for what it does; I hope I can still use it as I am trying to get back into the game. Here is a MOD I would donate to if I had money. Commander Zeta
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