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  1. Wow~! Expecting this to be stock in .26!!!! orz
  2. Hey, just to notify the exact sytax is "texture = original_texture_name, path_to_new_texture/new_texture_name" file extension eg. .tga .png is not needed. db reload will void the patch.
  3. Yeah, just heard from news in Hong Kong. Some suspected fuel tanks and others debris fell into china territories too.
  4. ^ I oppose this ^ Please don't remove it at all, rather give an option to show it or not. I like this stuff to show me how much stuff i have patched and will know my new patch is at least reconized or not in a single glance at this.
  5. @_@ Darn you Denny! (Just kidding) But the fact is ur releasing this beuaty during my most busy period hence the above! Great job Man, along with the Saturn V & Proton-M~!! Thanks for these great rockets.
  6. Been playing around with HDV hull cams to make epic classic shots. now its ready!!
  7. WOW, you've made good use of Frizz's nice rocket & parts~!!!!! \o/
  8. Yeah, that's YOU. If you want it that badly, DO IT YOURSELF or gtfo&stfu.
  9. Hey Frizz, you have you played eve online? I would be very delighted to fly some eveo super caps in KSP lulz. Yep, a joyful break is definitly needed after this long dev of this brilliant mod. Thank you. http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20070412043833/egamia/images/2/2b/Eve_chart.jpg
  10. becoz ur out of fuel, head to gas station now! LUlz, sorry, im abit drunk now. are you using ksp 0.23.5? those engine effect use the new effects that's new from .23.5, so ur most likely using old ksp.
  11. Arr ok, bookmarked. Thank you. and managed to get part cloning works (only for the first load, too bad db reload will break it).
  12. I know all these and actually doing the exactly same, i almost stripped all liquid fuel in CSM. My problem is S-IB ran out of fuel way too early, leaving S-IV doing 99% of the gravity turn which it just can't do that.... Saturn V doing just fine.
  13. so, that mm patches will apply to saved crafts as well? which will be really great feature if that works.
  14. How to do that with the S-IB though? Been trying different ascent profile but none valid yet, me$ucks. S-IB seems bit short of fuel....
  15. errr, i think we really need a thread for a collection of code sample.... now i want to try to clone the mk1-2 pod as a boilerplate, with new texture.... how can mm to the part clone, then change mesh definition to use model{} stuff and change texture????
  16. ^ pheewwwww ^ that rockz!!
  17. Yes, that's denny's stuffs. Only the S-IB, interstage and H-1s are from FASA. I modified the interstage (simply move down the top attach node abit) so it can fit into denny's S-IVB
  18. Finally get the new ksp fx works on the H-1s 8-) Edit: the trick to get the smoke works is changing transformName from "smokepoint" to "thrustTransform", because there is no smokepoint defined in the H-1 model.
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