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  1. Honestly? I don't think that was the reason. RaiderNick didn't have the new model, and Jovzin is going to be making it for Dragon01's version anyway. So he saw no reason in maintaining this if someone else was going to do it and it would be better.
  2. Right now, I'm just waiting on further news from the others. Can't really do much without the new model
  3. They'd rather focus on actually finishing the core game before adding a few more planets. Luckily the modders in the community take that planet job for them
  4. Is it just me, or are the lights ALWAYS on? Even if they're set to off, they still glow. It's getting really annoying. If you need a Picture of what I'm talking about: (The actual lamp is behind the camera, don't wanna spoil my vehicle yet.)
  5. Inside the KSP_Data or the KSP_x64_Data. I've also finally decided to leave this mod, and I've let Erona have all control over what happens to this mod. It was fun, but I think it's time to move on from the mod. Thanks everyone for supporting me in my time working n this mod, and I hope whatever Erona decides to do with it is for the good of the mod! Thank you, and good-bye!
  6. Awesome! As long as the internal is lined up with the cabin everything should be fine! That was my only other issue! Also, would people like the Cockpit to use ASET props? I could spend a lot of time fixing up the cockpit to be more useful with the props. If so I'll check in and see if I'm allowed to use them.
  7. Yeah, I'm probably not coming back to BA. I don't have any interest in continuing it. You have all control over what happens to Better Atmospheres.
  8. I have some experience with JSI, I could learn more, work on the internal props and see if I can do the see-able kerbals/cockpit from the outside. If I am able to do it I'll send it over to you.
  9. It's because Dragon was banned. A ban lasts a LONG time. We don't want this mod to die.
  10. Your models are still your models, no? They haven't been used yet IIRC, and If someone takes up the job of re-making the config files and you continue your work on your models, you could just make a new mod entirely, right? Or is that not okay?
  11. Asset file for 0.90! http://www./download/767nraop7ducy1f/ASSETFILE+90.zip
  12. The asset file is indeed incompatible. The sunflare is now located in SharedAssets9 I believe.
  13. EVE should work, I'll try my own install of it later. But I know EVE alone worked. PS: Mangle is love, Mangle is life.
  14. The E.V.E/Texture Replacer portions should work, though the other's I'm not so sure of.
  15. Yeah, I doubt that will happen. There hasn't been enough progress to be close to a V6 release. Maybe when the next E.V.E version is out.
  16. I too would like to know why he was banned. These mods were great and they shall be missed. Thanks for all your work Dragon01!
  17. Upload your screenshot to an image website(The best IMO is Imgur.com), and then copy the Image URL by right-clicking the image, and then when posting, click the little tree icon with the black border and paste the url.
  18. It's not stock though. This allows you to make custom biomes, and you can't do that in .90.
  19. They aren't that fast, as far as I know. EDIT: They actually are. Wow..
  20. I don't remember the exact hotkey to configure it, I think it was Alt-D? If that doesn't work you may wanna ask in the RSS thread.
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