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  1. Hi, @Greys You're totally right, I did find a hole between the hillsa few kilometers away from KSC, but all af the silo(exepct a bit of the custom grass pale) is above the ground @LORDPrometheus I will take a look at this, when I get home today and try to reproduce it greetz Themorris
  2. @Dragon01 I think I will do so, but tomorrow. for now i finished the raw modeling
  3. I found something about the start sequence: I also think I found something about the second stage: And the warhead/the fairings:
  4. This is low priority for now... But for now you get new textures have fun greetings Themorris
  5. Yes, this might be the problem here. But if we don't know how it really looks like, we don't notice, if it's a bit wrong:wink:
  6. So the second stage has two engines? Did you find something about the warhead? greetz THemorris
  7. I don't know much about creating modules, but I think I will take a look at this... Maybe a modified version of mechjeb and a good autom8 script can help here, so you would just have to enter the coordinates... But that's all far in the future.
  8. So, I think I will be starting to work on a new silo at the weekend, so this will fit in It's an soviet R-36M (NATO: SS-18). But I think I will be able to texture the old silo today or tomorrow. greetings Themorris
  9. Thats the opening style I wanted to use for my SS-18 silo. Right now I work on the model for my SS-18. The silocover of the Minuteman III silo opens similar to mine. greetings Themorris
  10. Perhaps... my first aim is to finish the ss-18 to get a workflow, so I can create a rocket silo for it. The rest depends on my mood and my free time. But right now I have a bit of freetime and continue modeling the first rocket. I was unable to find pictures of the engine of the second stage, so I had to improvise. I also couldn't find any blueprints of the warhead. WIP: greetings Themorris
  11. Hi, this is the WIP thread for my ICBM Pack BETA Release: Little advice: -full thrust on launch -sas enabled on launch -first staging when the kickstage has flameout -second staging 1 sec after the first to ignite the main engine the rest of the flight should be easy New Version: -added normalmaps -fixed inverted controls -it doesn't matter if you have mechjeb or not, if you have mechjeb, the control part will have mechjeb -blanced engines and fuel -fixed whobbling -changed some meshes BETA: -added textures -changed some parameters Downloadlink for R-36M testers: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74618963/R-36M.zip Result of launch(hopefully): Upcoming: -the (often requested) Dnepr version -engine heat animation -more balancing greetings Themorris
  12. Hello, thank you for the quick reaction. Is it anyhow possible to restore the OP? It is still missing. EDIT: Sorry for the missing Link https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74618963/ICBM%20Silo.rar greetings Themorris
  13. I don't know if it is normal, that every single post of me has to be unlocked by a mod, but yeah, I edited the OP so it has the imgur pictures from The Destroyer, and it got locked again and a mod has to take a look on it to unlock it again. I hope that I can post without this restriction in the near future.
  14. This should be possible by clicking on the silo-cover I think I will also add doors between launchtube and corridor and on the entrance.
  15. First of all, thank you for your responds. @raz The first time I tried to do it like you write it in the documentation, but then the animation stopped working. Please don't mid me if I changed the "select launchpad" button. It's now the launch button with another color. But I don't even know how thankful I am for the tools you made. I waited like a year for that:). @sirkut If you could help me with the texturing in blender, that would be great. I did texture some models before, but the UV unwrapping is still very hard to do. @DarthVader Yes, I planned to do so. Earlier I didn't have the motivation to do so, because I wasen't able to launch them from a silo:wink:. But another problem that I have is, that I am not able to create particle systems with the part tools. If anyone knows, how to archive that, it would be great if you tell me how. greetings Themorris PS: Thanks to The Destroyer for uploading the images to imgur. I think I will have to create an account there. So now I know: Dropbox photos do not work...
  16. I'm interested in joining this project, as soon as new construction sites are available. I've tested Kerbcity today and it's amazing. I've made a little ICBM silo for testing. I've also got the animation to work. (silocover) I didn't texture it yet, because it was only for testing, but ot works
  17. ICBM Launch Silo This little mod adds a ICBM Silo a few kilometers away from the KSC. You can choose between the launchpad and the silo in the VAB Your rocket has to have a maximum height of 17 meters and a maximum diameter of 2,5 meter, but I have also planned to add an bigger launch silo, maybe also a dock/harbor for spawning ships. You can also enter the silo with your kerbals through the stairs, there is an control room with a window to the start tube and a balcony on which you can go around the rocket. You can open the silocover by clicking it. It is closed before every new launch. I have to thank Ranzcheck for his amazing Kerbtown Tools and the good documentation. Without him this wouldn't be possible. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/40374-WIP-KerbTown-v0-12-3-Beta-Place-static-buildings-cities-launch-sites-more! I always wanted to create a historical ICBM and MRBM pack, but I didn't even start to model the parts, because I thought it would be pretty boring to launch them from the launchpad. IMPORTANT There is one known Bug: Sometimes the launch stabilizers aren't deleted and the next rocket you try to launch crashes the whole game, so make sure through the tracking station, that you have all debris removed from the silo. Happy Launching! Changes: 21.08.2013 - v0.1: first release 22.08.2013 - v0.1.1: fixed a bug which caused the "select launchpad" button to disappear (thanks to raz) 22.08.2013 - v0.1.2: added new textures Cheers Themorris DOWNLOAD: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74618963/ICBM%20Silo%20v0.1.2.rar KerbTown Tool: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/40374-WIP-KerbTown-v0-12-3-Beta-Place-static-buildings-cities-launch-sites-more! LICENSE: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/ (I don't have a Spaceport account yet, but I think I will create one next week)
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