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  1. Ok, I solved the problem with the seams(also ported it to unity):
  2. I think I'm joining this: Raw model Edit: Making some progress: Does someone know how to get rid of these f*cki'n seams on the uv map in blender? Edit again: I found it out, for those who don't know, apply uv island margin
  3. I've got another question: Would it be possible to add the option how far the volumetric clouds are rendered in the distance?
  4. Oh please please please do a normal pod, after you finished the alcor! It's so great
  5. @Proot would it also be possible to change the sunrise/sunset effects?
  6. Can't wait to see it, pics maybe? That would be great.
  7. Thats cool! Is it also possible to let the black sky start a bit higher? Let's say at 20km?
  8. Another question, is there any way to change the horizon gradient/color, because the slighty turquoise horizon really annoys me. Great mod, though. greetings again, Themorris
  9. So, as Honeyfox has contacted me, i'm back in business. Now that I have plenty of time, since i passed my finals a week ago, i'm starting to work on a new silo right now. greetings, Themorris
  10. Yeah, I think it would be better. Raz was back for a day some weeks ago, but as long as kerbtown doesn't work, it makes no sense, to develop mods, which need it's features. I still have my mod files, I will create a new thread, as soon as kerbtown gets updated or someone developes a similar mod. But thanks for the support when it was still working. greetings, Themorris
  11. I have an idea: Split the abort button into two parts, the cover, which animates without triggering the abort, and the abort button itself, which triggers the abort. Maybe it would prevent you from clicking it by accident. greetings, Themorris
  12. Just for the open ports between the two vessels, this coud be archieved, by animating the hatch and set its size to zero to make it invisible(kind of), when two vessels are docked together.
  13. Would it be possible add the information how they died to dead kerbals? For example: "burned by engine exhaust". greetings Themorris
  14. Yes, it's based on one of your models, but it's completely remodeled. The reason I used your model was, that I couldn't find any fitting proportions or size measurements. But I modeled it completely new, no vertex remains on the same position . I usually wanted to do something in realtime with it, so I remodeled it in a lowpoly version, I did also model completely new hands new eyes. In the time I remodeled it, I wasn't really experienced, so the mesh isn't as clean as yours was(I'm still a bit angry about that:)). I UV unwrapped the new model, textured it, gave it specular maps and baked AO onto the texture. I rigged it completely with a biped rig, also full facial control. I did this as a training for me. Anyways, I hope that you don't take it amiss that I used your model as a reference, they do indeed look similar. Also, I didn't do a Cycles setup yet, it was rendered with the normal blender renderer, which does also support environment lightning and indirect lightning, because I'm still struggeling a bit with cycles, too. greetings, Themorris
  15. I found raw kerbal model on the forums, which I used as reference. Then I remodeled it myself, rigged it, modeled some cool mission control center clothes and textured the model. it has full facial control and is rigged biped with leg and arm IK. I'm using Blender, btw. greetings, Themorris PS: This is a lowpoly model, it has a total of 2749 verts, 2890 faces or 5326 tris. Texture res is 1024x1024 EDIT: @vic you can have mine, if you want...
  16. Yes, but I think the Space Center Scene doesn't equal the flight scene 100%... You also can't see any debris or Spacecraft. Doesn't matter.
  17. Locate and remove all copies of RasterPropMonitor.dll outside GameData/JSI/RasterPropMonitor/Plugins.
  18. Would it be possible to include the other props from the ALCOR pod? Like all the switches and indicators? I don't know if alexustas made them or you. It would be great. greetings, Themorris PS: I'm not using the alcor capsule right now, because then my external cameras don't seem to work anymore. But maybe thats just me, because I used the alcor mfd in the past to patch the other vessels and it has speficic camera transforms, which the other pods don't have.
  19. Ok thank you! I was really in thoughts about that...
  20. Hi, I've just read in my physics book, that the speed of light can't be seen relative to objects, so no matter from where I look at the light, it has lightspeed. Now my question is: Lets say if I emit some photons in a direction and move with half the speed of light into the opposite direction? Have the photons 1.5x times the speed of light? greetings, Themorris
  21. Nice to have you back, raz ! @AtilaElari There is a list of the mods in the OP... Also, I've got a question to raz: Is it possible to make the kerbtown buildings visible in the space center scene? Also, kerbtown would solve the KMP problem completely, if they could use a single launchpad for every player, so there would be no need for the safety bubble/cone. greetings, Themorris
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