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  1. So, just some small update(I really don't wanna call it that way) I added the 20mm ammo directly to the phalanx, so you don't have those crossfeed problems with the LBP. Also, everything works fine with the newest version of BDA and 1.1. I mean the Github version, just in case. greetings, Themorris
  2. The VLS works fine. In fact, everything works fine, even in 1.1. I don't know what the matter is with LBP. Investigating. BUT: I can't say this often enough, don't clip them. I'm trying something
  3. The seasparrow launcher might be next, but no promises. Might take some time. Ok, I'm thinking about removing it. If you guys really don't like it... Well, let's see what I can do. I know about that mirror error, it happens in other mods aswell. I don't know what causes it.
  4. You guys seem to look at very small details . Thats cool, because that's how I am often when I play other games and a small detail ruins the whole experience because I can't get it out of my head.
  5. Are you serious? Really? I won't change that model... I'm sorry, but this is a minimal error... But I'm impressed you noticed that.
  6. Can't see the problem with the muzzle, and you might be right with the edges, I'm gonna check that.
  7. 2. Maybe 3. I know about that problem, but for now, I didn't do normalmaps for my models. The rest is phong-shaded, which looks scrappy. Will do that in the future, maybe. 4. It's the right size, so it won't be downscaled. It's modeled after fotos and vector drawings. Also to everyone: The VLS isn't thought to clip it into the deck or the ground or whatever. Right now I'm creating hull parts, which have the right size for the VLS to fit in.
  8. Small Update: [R06] - converted all textures to .dds - made use of the new exhaust system in BDArmory, so all exhausts are changed
  9. Ok look, maybe it can hurt mod authors if you talk about the things they created in hard work like that. Everybody has a different style there and some are more experienced than others. Unless it's constructive criticism, I would'nt write something bad about a mod. If you just don't like a mod, so don't comment it, there might be many people, who do. Don't take this the wrong way, I just want to make it clear to you.
  10. Well, they look alright to me. @Noellen, don't you find it a bit rude, to talk to someone who makes mods and releases them to public, like that? Also, the thing on top of the bridge is not the AN/SPY3. It's integrated into the Hull. The thing on the top could be some kind of SatCom array or something like that. So you can't actually see the radar from the outside.
  11. I think that is a problem with the ship parts. But I may have a solution for that. Just wait some days.
  12. I'm trying to reproduce. have you tried turning off the clearance check? If it works in that case, you may have obstructed the flightpath of the missile somehow.
  13. It is on spacedock, see the first post Wait, you just sunk them into the deck?
  14. I'd have to redo a bit of the model, edit the objects hierarchy, but thats it. But I like the plate personally. Because thats how guns are mounted on ships. I don't think it's too big. And I the whole weapon is too large, you could rescale it with tweakscale, or by yourself in the cfg. Just change the rescalefactor.
  15. The effects will get a rework, but I won't remove the plates. Why do you want me to remove them? Oh by the way... Update: R05 -added Phalanx CIWS -changed SeaRAM texture -fixed some bugs with the collision on the RIM-116 -changed some cfg's The Phalanx has, like the SeaRam, an integrated search- and trackingradar.
  16. No reasons... But maybe the super rapid will follow sometime... But for now, take THAT: Will have it's own radar like the SeaRAM. But before I release, I will fix all textures.
  17. Update: [R04] -added SMART-S Search Radar -added SeaRAM Launcher Have fun!
  18. I won't do the blocks, because I don't think thats neccessary, but what I will do is adding nodes on the sides. (I'm sorry, but thats really much, and yes I know Aegis Cruisers have more than 50) At the moments it's not possible to add inflight-only animantion to bdarmory missiles. For the compact scanning radar I have planned the Smart-S from Thales. Also I'm working on this at the moment, you'll probably like it:
  19. This is not possible, because all tubes would open at the same time when you select the weapon. The weapons shouldn't be the problem with the partcount. Try welding the structural parts.
  20. Alright, another release: This time you get a few radars, and also the ESSM for the quad launcher. The APAR can track 20 targets within it's 120° FOV, but it can't scan for targets, so you have to use a scan radar together with it The STIR can track one target, but is also only a tracking radar, it can't search for targets. If you want to use the radars, you have to enable them AT THE SAME TIME as another search radar on the vessel. Have fun. [R03] -added the RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile -added the APAR -added the STIR -fixed the rotation of the VLS tubes -changed exhaust effects
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