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  1. I used bahamutos mk82 model, changed the texture(well, not really, just replaced the mk82 with gbu28 and scratched the unguided from the description) and added the agm homing mode. Seems to work pretty well, doesn't seem to be overpowered. Maybe you wanna try it: just place the content of the archive in the bdarmory/parts folder. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pl59oqqgj3an3c5/gbu38Bomb.rar?dl=0 greetings, Themorris
  2. Ehm, another question: Can you make it possible to make the target tracking of guns toggleable by a tweakable? That yould be cool and would help me a lot, because I am creating a target tracking camera.(for RPM) I'm building it up on the turret template.
  3. Will they record the reentry with external cams?
  4. Yeah maybe you are right, but the ustream stream was stuttering the whole time before, so i went with nasatv. But look on twitter, there are many many other cases where this happened. Such a thing shouldn't happen in such a moment. But hey it launched successfully, so everything is fine. Congrats, NASA!
  5. are YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME!!! MY STREAM CRASHED 5 SEC's before launch!!!!!!! AAAAARRRRRGH had to switch to ustream, just to see it already has liftet off!! 2 days of waiting and then this EDIT: jup everything fine for everyone who crashed too: http://www.ustream.tv/nasahdtv
  6. The more I think about it, the more I have the feeling, that the LES was real. It hast to jettison the upper fairing, once it's in space. Also I can't imagine that the LES is that expensive (compared to the rest of the vessel).
  7. hmm, okay, thats bad. then let's just wait for the "safe" launch
  8. they should launch anyways, so they can test the launch excape tower if the launch fails^^ Everyone knows, that a Delta IV can carry heavy stuff into space
  9. that would be the last one I would be able to watch, afterwards I have to go to work... wish luck ot me and the nasa
  10. well, there is a mod for that: https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/262/Kerbal%20Weather%20Systems!
  11. something with the vents, i hope nothing too bad... @Camacha http://www.iflscience.com/space/watch-test-flight-launch-deep-space-orion-spacecraft
  12. yup, looks like old vhs... nice to hear, i have to go to work in three hours anyways
  13. There is also a hold because of the second stage i think, so it isn't only the boat. But he said only a short hold, i don't think it'll be a whole day. Do they have a launch window?
  14. These parts look really nice, downloading... Could you add a bomb-bay? Since the parts are not symetrical? That would be cool and useful!
  15. Just post your ideas here, I'm sure you will be heard I mean any feature I've requested in the last 5 days has been implemented one or 2 days after the request. ^^
  16. I made a follow terrain program yesterday evening, it works quite well. the only problem is, that when you are near the coast, the altitude over ground doesn't use the water surface, it used the ocean floor. So I had to make another part of the program, where the program decides which altitude value to use
  17. I just noticed that... I feel dumb now Well, that is what happens when you write before trying. Also, I love the new GUI and the action buttons are great! i've also found a bug, when you click an output to connect the node and you delete the node afterwards, the connection gets red and just stays where the node was. You can't delete it. Then you can't connect any other nodes.
  18. I was just about to ask for that... now the only thing left for perfect handling is scaling Edit: I think I misunderstood, I thougt it was panning around on the program.(like with mmb) But dragging the content is also nice!
  19. The screen/game window. I don't know what causes it, but it doesn't seem to come from your mod.But it's annoying as hell. Everything reappears when I move the mouse. I shall investigate...
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