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  1. You can exclude parts from the KerbalKrashSystem by adding this code to the cfg's. MODULE { name = ModuleKerbalKrashSystem_Exclude _toleranceScaling = 2.0 _malleability = 2.0 }
  2. I won't make tutorials, I'm sorry. SeaRam? Maybe in the future. LORDPrometheus did some tutorials, though.
  3. New release: [R02] -added Oto Melara 76mm Compact -added RIM-67B Standard Missile 2(without Booster) -fixed some issues with the MK.41 VLS have fun with it! EDIT: Did another little silent update. Now the missiles have the standard smoke, but the trails last much longer
  4. Hey guys, you'll probably like this: You mean like a hangar door? Maybe... I'll see and for the color of the tubecaps, this is just a quick AO-bake, not a final texture.
  5. You could as well do a track list, next to the radar where you can select the tracks and choose to lock on them. That's how the real thing works.
  6. You can launch a wide variety of weapons from this systems, I made a few examples with some of Prometheu's missiles and one of mine(the RIM-67B without booster coming in the next update) the new RIM-67B: a and yes, it deploys it's fins
  7. Presenting to you, an addon for BDArmory: Some more Pictures: I think this is really useful for everyone who enjoys building warships. I will take requests, but I make no promises, that this mod stays up to date. But this time I created project files, so in the case I can't develop it any longer, It should be no problem for other modders tocontinue it, when I give them the files. Parts: Changelog: Requirements: -BDArmory v0.11.0.1+ DOWNLOAD: Spacedock: http://spacedock.info/mod/203/MalFunc%20Weaponry License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/
  8. Hey Prometheus, I've done my own RIM-116...+MK-49 Launcher Works with tubecaps and looks quite cool. The only thing missing now are the emitter effects, but I can't get them to work. greetz, Themorris
  9. Hey LORDPrometheus, this is what I got so far: I managed to get everything going. Also reworked the model a bit. I will do my own RIM-116, because I want to add some tubecaps. Therefore I will use the boostermodule, so the tubecaps get seperated on launch automatically. Also it is possible to use empties as attachnodes. It makes everything much easier. For that you have to use the code: NODE { name = missile1 transform = missile1 // Or whatever your transform name is. size = 1.0 // Will always be 0 until fixed. method = FIXED_JOINT // will always be FIXED_JOINT until fixed. } cheers, Themorris
  10. Hey LORDPrometheus, just one Question. Can I use your RIM-116 Model and modify it? If you want to know for what: By the way, I'm having some problems with the orientation, somehow something is always 90°f*ckedup. And is there a way you could use empties as attach-points? I haven't worked with the parttools for like one or two years now. keep it up, Themorris
  11. Would it be possible to see shell casing collision? Just a colliderbox, no convex hull or something. Maybe even with settings how long they gonna stay on the ground? That would be really cool. By the way, I LOVE the new radartrack function for the TGP
  12. Jupp, that would be good, i thought about something like the data link, just that all radars are sharing their data on the same vessel. Also, the missiles really need to be trackable, otherwise it's really hard for a ciws to shoot them down, because you have to aim manually. Also, just a request, the next step could be active phased array radars, which are basically just a plate which has a "field of view" and is able to track multiple targets inside it.
  13. Will it be possible to track radar targets with the targeting pod? Also airborne ones? It's possible in real life.
  14. Hey, what is Com Track on the camera? And could you also make it possible to slave the camera to the radar? Really nice update by the way, I'm really enjoying it!
  15. I've got a problem with the shell ejection, they don't fly away, theay simply wiggle towards the ground. Also, I think it would be good to have the tracking radar and the detection radar seperated, so you can have multiple tracking radars and one detection radar
  16. yes, but it's still some kind of turret http://cdn4.spiegel.de/images/image-427007-galleryV9-wxwa.jpg it would be more important for the RAM because of it's heat-seaking field of view, which has to be turned into the direction of an incoming missile and it turn's damn quick
  17. Just some questions: Will the new turrets be able to shoot missiles? So it would be possible to create a RAM launcher for example, or the Patriot system etc.? And will the targeting pod be able to track radar targets? Will you do tracking radars like the STIR for target illumination, since turning ADT's can't really track or illuminate a target. which leads me to the last question: phased array radars. Probably the easyiest thing to do since they won't have to be animated, just a panel which covers a direction and(in newer systems like the SPY-1 or the APAR) can track and illuminate targets, but isn't so good in finding at first.
  18. No, I'm happy that someone picks it up and does something useful with it. As I said, I will be away for 1,5 Years. I'm happy I could help you with your carrier(I bet it was the animated cover, you used as an example to create your carrier lifts?)if you write me a pm, I can send you the unfinished bigger silo, too. I created this silo in like 2 days and also 2 days after Raz created kerbtown, so it was some early stuff that is more something like a prototype and not very polished. well, time to say goodbye best wishes, Themorris
  19. Sooo, I've found my old silo mod sourcefiles(luckily, i thought they were lost), and I will give them away. Maybe you wanna integrate it into Kerbin-Side. Well, I will be away for a year and a half, so I don't have time for that. Everyone is allowed to do whatever he wants with the files(just mention me in the credits). Have fun with it and merry christmas. greetings, Themorris Sourcefiles: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e4dexy7ls3ae4kv/Launchsilo%20Sourcefiles.rar?dl=0
  20. Sooo, you won't belive me what I found in one of the last corners of my harddrive... It's the old sourcefile of my model, that I thought, I lost. Unfortunately I'm away for one and a half years from January on, but I will give the source files to you, so maybe someone can patch it into Kerbinside or so. I'll post them here and in the Kerbinside thread. greetings, Themorris Sourcefiles: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e4dexy7ls3ae4kv/Launchsilo%20Sourcefiles.rar?dl=0
  21. WOW! Thats amazing! This should definitly be stock RPM, also the NavUtils Landing Guidance should be.
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