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  1. near Koblenz EDIT: or did you mean whaaw? EDIT2: I don't know if it's a bug from this mod, but when I move my mouse to a point in the upper left corner of the screen, not only the flight computer GUI vanishes, but also the toolbar, the vessel name, some buttons change color etc... I'll upload some screenshots, wait a second. EDIT3: here they are: the bad thing is, you can't see where the mouse is, but I hope this explains my problem.
  2. Cool, also it doesn't cause problems to just overwrite the old version, or does it? Because of the saved subroutines.
  3. now, that is strange, when i connect a value to watchvalue+tick->enable the value and the tick node vanish. is this normal?
  4. not if you use the toolbar addon^^ but seriously,in my opinion, that would be a great way to execute (very) specific programs(like autohover for example). Also, where does watchvalue display the value? I have't found the window yet.
  5. WOOHOO, very nice, thank you! here comes the next request(just an idea, but i'd think this would be helpful): Visual button input: So, if you choose this input, you will get a GUI button which can trigger the execution of a program. You are not bound to action groups for user triggered actions. What do you think about this Idea?
  6. also, may I suggest printing values and variables somewere on the flight screen, or even in a seperate window? I'll try, but I have to dig myself deeper into this mod, I don't have that much time at the moment. Any Idea how to get the direction for the start from the coordinates?
  7. When I say "big", I mean with some features, not just bug fixes. Man I love this mod
  8. Would also be cool to see, which "strings" are executed or active at the moment, they could change color or smth. like that. Also, as somebody pointed out before(the thing with Smart A.S.S.) orientations would be nice. Very very cool mod, I love programming with nodes, and this mod has already made me very happy. greetings Themorris
  9. I have a problem, where it stops loading at the 20mmbox part from bdarmory. when i remove bdarmory, it loads just fine...
  10. You can carry the bombs and missiles on a trailer and just click at attach without picking them up. Thats cool!
  11. This is really cool, does it work with all kinds of missiles and Bombs?
  12. For me, Kerbtrack doesn't even get loaded. I don't have settings in the pause menu...
  13. Just a question: What do you think about storing whole individual ships after recovering? So that you can launch them again. Let's say you have build a spaceplane, you are flying it into space and back, and after landing you store it. If there are parts missing, they can be purchased and will be added automatically to the ship. Also there should be the ability to name the ships. greetings, Themorris
  14. Yeah, but he said it was just a little prototype he created while he was playing around in the unity editor. I doubt that he even compiled it. I've made hundreds of such prototypes without compiling them. You can quickly get lost in such editors and it's so much fun.
  15. Someone, whose name reminds me to check, if other planet names are already in the ksp forum...
  16. Jup, just imagine, what could be done with this when the real multiplayer is implemented does anybody know if it works with DMP?
  17. Maybe this is a bit out of scope right now, but shouldn'd it be possible to do a infrared cam? This should be possible using shaders, which are related to the temperature of objects, and since every object has a temperature, why not?
  18. hmmm should be possible in theory... but i don't know if the hatchet would work on an animated object... And again something for Bahamuto: would a cam that points towards the target be possible? Something Similar to the lazor cam, but for RPM? I'm already using my RPM for targeting... I modified my cam 1 screen to show the hud. when you place a cam near the GAU-8, you can aim with it: It shoots pretty accurate at the dot in the middle...
  19. I've also looked towards the iva's sometime ago. Its VERY tricky... I think there is an IVA tutorial by TT. The best way for creating IVA is to model the whole cockpit+ iva into one model, and then seperate them. You can place the cockpit props with unity(it's quite simple). PS: I'm also using Gimp 2 for my textures AAAND@BahamutoD I don't know why, but it seems, that my bomb targeter appears randomly. What is required for it to appear? (was a plane with just one stage)
  20. Learning how to use blender isn't that hard, but it takes time. If you want to learn how to model with blender, I can recommend watching this series: Thats a good way to start. Then give yourself some easy modeling tasks to get familiar with the software, so you can develop a workflow. But note that some of Baha's models are animated, and some of the animations are plugin-driven(which is a completely different story) For myself I found that the hardest part to learn was the UV-unwrapping and texturing. I've been using Blender since 6 years now, and I'm still learning. It does also help to decompile some models with the addon for blender and take a look at the work of other artists: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/43513-Blender-mu-import-export-addon Using Unity just for importing models to ksp isn't that hard. Everything else related to Unity and modding KSP can be found here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/25013-Compilation-of-modding-information-links-for-0-19-20-21-22-23-Last-update-24th-Jan AAAAAND... ...bring patience! greetings, Themorris
  21. dead, sry... I may continue this sometime in the future, but not for sure
  22. Make it optional in the profile settings EDIT: And another question: When will the redesign launch? It looks great and much more useful.
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