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  1. Well, in my case, 50% faster loading time means cutting it to about 2.5 minutes versus 5 minutes, which is actually A LOT! The game is currently installed on SATA SSD. I've tried to put it to M.2 PCIe-3 x4 SSD (my system disk), but haven't noticed any difference. My current rig is i7-8086K, 32GB RAM, RTX 4070. Did you use the same disk in your case?
  2. I'm planning to upgrade my gaming rig soon - to aforementioned CPU and 64 GB RAM. So the question - is that oversized L3 cache gives any notable buffs to heavily modded KSP? I'm not talking about FPS, but about loading times. Obviously, KSP isn't the reason for upgrade (except 64 GB RAM, lol) - I'm just wondering. (For those of you who don't know: AMD X3D CPUs feature oversized L3 memory cache - 96 MB in case of 7800 X3D - which helps them to achieve high performance in memory-dependent games.)
  3. Welcome to the forums! I had noticeable lag with some BDB parts (mainly Saturn V) when I used DangIt mod. If you use it, try to uninstall it.
  4. Looks beautiful! Are there any craft files? There are none on Github.
  5. I recommend getting JNSQ instead - it's natively scaled up to 2.66x, so you won't need any extra mods. More importantly, planet textures in this mod are made from scratch, so they won't look blurry. If you want even more challenge, get KSRSS Reborn instead - a 2.66x rescale of RSS. You can use KSCSwitcher mod to move KSC to various IRL locations. Since said locations are all at different latitudes, some launches become more challenging (like GEO, for example - you'll have to factor in inclination change).
  6. Dude got into it too early, IMO. Modern AAA games have one quite peculiar thing - they are unplayable at release. They're basically early access sold at full price. Want good experience? Wait at least 6 months. That's what I'm doing with BG3 - and rightly so, according to internet.
  7. Funny thing: some crafts I've made kitbashes of were eventually made for BDB. Syncom 3, Little Joe 2, upcoming Viking - that's what I can remember. So go kitbash funny stuff, people - you never know when inspiration may strike the BDB team.
  8. One small request for Atlas V revamp: hardware for Atlas V Heavy - decouplers and side attach nodes, just like on Delta IV Heavy. Unfortunately, I have no idea if any blueprints for those are open to the public, or even exist.
  9. IRL most SRBs don't have these. The closest thing to a "shutdown assembly" would be blowout ports on Minuteman III's third stage. IIRC there was a plan to add similar feature on UA-1207s for Titan IIIM MOL flights.
  10. MJ's ascent guidance doesn't work very well with solid-fuel rockets (not only BDB, but in general). You get best results flying them manually or at least semi-manually.
  11. Absolutely nothing. I use 1.12.3, because I'm too lazy to update. 1.12.4 and 1.12.5 didn't change anything that affect mods.
  12. IIRC there was some discussion about it several years ago. Highly unlikely, since such vehicle would need a ton of hacks and probably a plugin to function.
  13. YAY YAY YAY PSRE! I love these all-in-one packages - they are ideal for contract sats. (Still dreaming of BDB IABS, but that's for BDB2, I guess) Now, that would be stretching, but... M57 (I and II 3rd stage) and corresponding guidance section? Pretty please?
  14. Thanks for clarification! So my first assumption of skirts being related to launch base was at least partially correct @CobaltWolf Any chance for the rest of Minuteman? I mean: 3rd stage SRM, PSRE, guidance section, warhead base (to use as payload adapter), and most importantly, the one-piece shroud which was jettisoned LES-style.
  15. Okay, there's something Seems that early II (and presumably I) had a flared skirt, but it was changed to a shorter, straight one at some point. Not sure what "Wing II" means - most likely it's analogous to "block", and most certainly not a "missile wing".
  16. Most diagrams I've seen so far show a straight skirt on III. Photos are inconsistent, as they show both variants on what appears to be Minuteman III. I wonder if it may have something to do with launch platforms. The "flared skirt" might be just a part of launch stand that is left inside the silo on launch.
  17. A badly configured Sigma Dimensions, maybe? It's been a while since I've used it, but I do remember that you may accidentally change not just atmosphere height, but also density - which would lead to aforementioned problems.
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