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  1. If you don't want the Air Race stuff, delete the Air Race folder from the KerbinSide folder in GameData. I don't know of a way you can toggle it in-game though...
  2. I'm getting the same issue, so I just replaced the forwards landing gear of the Mallard with a tougher variant.
  3. Wow, a reply! No, I know those weird boxes are a separate problem. I was talking about the last photo in the album I posted, where my little buggy went into the ground near the residential buildings. I'm on KSP 1.1 using the version of Kerbinside compatible with 1.1, but I was getting this problem back in 1.0.5 with the 1.0.5 version of Kerbinside as well.
  4. Hallo! I've got an issue. In the KerbinSide Kampus demo video, there are a bunch of signs and whatnot around the town by the KSC, but I can't see any of them in my game. Here are some screenshots of my dire predicament, along with a photo of what I assume to be broken colliders. I really liked the look of those signs in the video, so if anyone could tell me what happened to them, or how to make them appear, that would be awesome!
  5. After watching my airplanes blow out of the sky over and over, and seeing my battle tanks get incapacitated from a single 50mm round, I can't help but wonder if the guns in this mod are a bit too overpowered. A single bullet shouldn't be able to destroy an entire tank, right? One problem is that when oversized single parts like the Stock FAT Wing and the huge Mk3 parts get taken out, they cripple an entire airplane. Currently, I can mount a Millennium Cannon on a box and it'll decimate anything within a two-kilometer radius. Surely real guns can't destroy things this well, but of course, I don't know jack squat, so maybe they do. Maybe a feature like armor might be feasible, like plating or whatever. If I understand BDArmory correctly, it overheats parts, so maybe a reskinned structural panel that has a high heat tolerance and a low heat transmission value might work. I've tried all kinds of things, from radial radiators to structural plating to even more plating, and nothing works. Could a thing like armor be a good suggestion?
  6. Same here, it was just in Spam. Gmail users should check that, I guess. To be fair, the registration email does look suspiciously like some spam emails I get (some plain text and a link).
  7. Hmm, this looks interesting. I love BDArmory, but I'm kind of a noob to this forum. So I just upload a .craft file, and people download it and use the AI Flight part to fight other crafts?
  8. Actually never mind, I deleted a million things and the clouds came back. Now my game is unstable, but at least it looks nice
  9. FInally got this mod to work, looks absolutely stunning. One problem tho: Clouds and City Lights from EVE aren't showing up. I probably borked something, but is there any possible solution to this? I've tried reinstalling EVE and launching the game without the KSPRC modifications to EVE. Thanks!
  10. Apparently most mods don't work on 64-bit, and I run a heavily modded game. Besides, it's unstable (and possibly dangerous to saves, but I wouldn't really know), and I put alot of work into the things I build and do. So I'd rather keep it as stable as possible :/
  11. For whatever reason, these shaders just aren't working. I followed the instructions correctly, I hope :/ It says something about shaders in green text when I start the game, and I assume that means it's installed correctly, but it just doesn't make anything fancy happen. KSP looks more or less the same. I disabled Anistropic FIltering and Antialiasing both in-game and in the NVIDIA Control Panel, but it still does nothing. Help?
  12. I'm putting this in modded support because I AM running a modded game, though I don't know if that'll make a difference. KSP Version: 32-bit Windows 1.0.4 Problem: Landing legs clip through ground on Kerbin Screenshot: http://imgur.com/p0JcpgD Steps for reproduction: 1. Build ship with lander legs. (Due to the design of the ship, my legs were upside down in the VAB. SHould that make a difference?) 2. Put ship into perfectly spherical orbit at 100k using Hyperedit. 3. Land ship somewhere using parachutes at around ~3 m/s 4. Enjoy! Link to Dropbox of output_log.txt: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c5suudqjj7pm2uf/output_log.txt?dl=0 Installed Mods (pulled from CKAN command line): - ActiveTextureManagement-x86-Aggressive 5-0 - AlcubierreStandalone 0.2.1 - BahamutoDynamicsPartsPack v1.2.0 - BDAnimationModules v0.6.2 - BDArmory v0.9.4 - CommunityResourcePack 0.4.4 - CommunityTechTree 2.1 - EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements 7-4 - EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements-HR 7-4 - FirespitterCore v7.1.4 - FirespitterResourcesConfig v7.1.4 - HeatControl 0.1.2 - HeatControl-Core 0.1.2 - HotRockets - HotRocketsCommunityConfigs 7.25 - HyperEdit - KAS 0.5.4 - KerbalAircraftExpansion v2.5.2 - KerbalFlightIndicators R10pre - KerbalFoundries Beta_19.b - KIS 1.2.1 - LandingHeight 1.4 - MechJeb2 2.5.3 - ModuleManager 2.6.7 - NearFutureElectrical 0.5.2 - NearFutureElectrical-Core 0.5.2 - NearFutureProps 0.4.3 - NearFuturePropulsion 0.5.3 - NearFutureSolar 0.5.21 - NearFutureSpacecraft 0.4.3 - RasterPropMonitor v0.21.2 - RasterPropMonitor-Core v0.21.2 - Scatterer v0.0171 - SmokeScreen 2.6.7 - StationPartsExpansion 0.3.3 - Toolbar 1.7.9 - TweakScale v2.2.1 - USI-SRV 0.3.1 - USITools 0.4.2 - VesselView v0.71 - VNG-Parachute 1.2 - VNG-Parachute-EVALoading 1.0 - VNG-Plugin 0.7.2 Sorry if I missed any information. Anyone know what's wrong?
  13. Sorry, I guess. What other information do you need? I'd be more than glad to provide it to you.
  14. It's fine, I guess. I can focus on station building for the mean time
  15. KSP v1.0 (Clean Install) Hyperedit is the only other mod, I removed all my others to see if they were affecting it.
  16. I've gotten past the game load issue, but none of the parts will load :'( The moment I press the "Fly" button in the editor with any warp drive parts attached, the game will try to load, then fail miserably. The logs show everything is normal, usually crashing right after the game attempts to focus on the vessel containing this part. I've even tried this part just by its self, sitting on the launchpad, but the game still crashes. Anyone know any solutions? I have no idea what causes this. I REALLY WANT TO USE THIS MOD IT LOOKS SO COOL D:
  17. I'm quite familiar with mods, so I'm certain I've installed it correctly. Everything is in the same place. I tried manually downloading Regolith instead of the pre-packaged version, but it didn't help. Besides, the error is in CheckBubbleDeployment. A quick look in the source tells me that it outputs the CheckBubbleDeployment error if there's some sort of exception (I think).
  18. For some reason, whenever I try to load the game with the mod installed, it crashes. And just this mod, no other mod does this. The logs show something related to a resource error. Could anyone help? EDIT: Oops, meant Error In CheckBubbleDeployment, not resources. They were next to each other
  19. I have all of 2 other mods installed: BDArmory and Hyperedit (for emergencies).
  20. Hi, I've been using this mod in 0.24.2. When it's installed, I find that it crashes upon save load. When I take out the clouds, however, it works perfectly fine, just no clouds and only city lights. Is there an easy fix for this? I don't really know what's wrong with the clouds... Thanks.
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