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  1. Good day, all. I am facing a challenge with the fuel feed system and am hoping to receive some expert advice! This link is to an unmodded .craft file for KSP 1.3.1. The craft is the B payload for Operation Beach Head loaded atop a standard Aquila launcher/transit vehicle. Problem Statement: The lowest 3 engines ignite during the lift-off stage and are intended to burn out together. To make this work in KSP versions 1.0.5 (which it did), fuel lines had to be run from the lower tanks to the next-level higher *engines*, rather than the tanks above. (This was due to one of the peculiarities/flaws of the original KSP fuel feed system.) Since 1.2.1, 1 tank on the lower deck runs out before the other two. I investigated this in 1.3.1 with the fuel feed overlay system and verified that the fuel lines are all correctly attached and everything seems fine. In addition, I can see no way with the new fuel priority system to prioritize this any differently. Any advice, insight, expertise will be greatly appreciated and acknowledged! [And yes, I did promise that Aquila is the ugliest ship in the Kerbal universe. If anyone has created an uglier Gorgon, I'm sure we'd all enjoy seeing it!!]
  2. NOTE: THIS PACK IS HEAVILY W.I.P. AND NEEDS YOUR HELP! The idea of Kerbol Genesis is a alteration of the stock system along with adding new stars, planets and moons that can be customized like a set of Lego bricks to make your own Galactic Neighborhood. @TheJangleMan has given me permission to use K.G.R. assets, so as such, I will use ALL of the assets, essentially creating K.G.R. Volume 2. Here is the current list of bodies. All bodies have names and descriptions, though these are subject to change. NOTE - When it comes to K.G.R. planets, I don't exactly know the orbits of the bodies, so bare with me if they aren't correct! Kerbol (Sun, New Texture and Corona) Eternium - Eternium is anything but eternal, as this hot Jool is literally evaporationg away due to Kerbol's Solar wind. Supprisingly, there is a surface of Black Diamond with lakes of liquid hydrogen here - that is, if you can make it to the surface. Moho (Updated Textures and HeightMap) - Moho is a small rock slightly larger than our Mun that is in a binary orbit with Grorth. It is hot here and, frankly, quite uninteresting. SilicaMoon1 "Grorth" (In Binary orbit with Moho) - Grorth is cooler than Moho, but that doesn't mean its not hot here. Still as uninteresting as its brother, Moho. Asteroid1 "Asluaphus" (Orbiting LaGrange Point) - Asluaphus is like the other bodies in the Moho System - BORING. Eve (New Maps and Description) - An Kerbin-like planet with an atmosphere that is not breathable to Kerbals due to low oxygen levels and unusually large amounts of argon. A long mountain range snakes its way around the planet, forming the backbone of several continents. There are Lakes of what is presumed to be Rocket Fuel here. OceaniaMoon1 "Shamun" (%80 Water with craters, similar to Kerbol Star System's Laythe) - A small Kerbin-like satellite with a rich oxygen atmosphere. The moon is dotted with countless tiny islands made from impact craters. The plant-like organisms on Shamun are almost exclusively types of grass. They can reach incredible heights due to the strength of some species, while others would be barely noticeable in a microscope, if not for their spectacular colors. Shrubs, bushes and flowers are also fairly prominent, but fungi and trees are nearly non-existent. While their colors, shapes and in some cases their scents may be wonderful, none of these organisms have developed beyond a more basic form. Gilly (New Maps and description) - Gilly is a tiny asteroid orbiting Eve. Gilly has the smallest gravity of any body in the entire Kerbol System. SuperOceaniaPlanet1 "Wioter" (%100 water) - Wioter has no landmasses to speak of, just barren, empty and cruel oceans. This planet isn't the most ideal place for life, but there are plenty of examples similar to this planet which do sustain life. Only time will tell if Wioter is a future home to new lifeforms. DesertMoon1 "Skruwioter" (Similar to Tatooine from Star Wars: Episode 4) - When scientists realized that a proper landing in Water with a traditional lander wasn't possible, an intern shouted, "Screw Water!" A writer misinterpreted the exclamation as the name of Water yet in-named moon and wrote it down. It has stuck ever since. Sustaining life on its own isn't something this moon will be capable of in the near future, but the conditions are good enough to allow terra forming and the planet is rich in resources, which could make it perfect for a mining colony. Kerbin (Same as Stock, No Changes Here) SpacePotato1 "Tromia E3LF" (Captured Asteroid that threatened Kerbin, but now resides at approx. 3-5 million meters above sea level) - Tromia E3LF made everyone scream a couple years back when it came barreling towards Kerbin. Now it resides in orbit, serving as a potential refueling base for KSC's Missions in the Kerbol System and Beyond. Mun (New Text. and Height.) - The Mun has always been a presence both in Kerbin's sky and Kerbal's minds. However, when Kerbonauts arrived here, their dreams of a world filled with canals of cookies and cream ice cream were swiftly crushed. Bummer Minmus (New Text. and Height.) - Minmus is also called, "That green thing you can see if you squint really hard." Minmus is mint colored, but doesn't taste like Mint ice cream at all. TidallyLockedTerra1 "Huobos" (Rotation slowed by 2 moons, Hurricane at equator with temperate twilight zones and frozen night side) - Huobos's two moons slow down it's rotation so much that although it is millions of miles away from Kerbol, it is essentially tidally locked. One large continent stretches from the north pole to the south pole. Ecosystems range from tropical rain forest to arid grassland and frozen tundra. A large Hurricane is ever-present on it's Kerbol-Facing Side. SilicaMoon2 "Frayalea" (Like Kerbins Mun, 180 degrees away in rotation from SilicaMoon3) - A lifeless rock with no atmosphere, about the size of Kerbin's mun. A few uranium deposits are the only sites of interest here, and there are only a dozen or so of them. SilicaMoon3 "Strov" (Like Kerbins Mun, 180 degrees away in rotation from SilicaMoon2) - Similar to Frayalea, Strov is fairly uninteresting. Unfortunately, it doesn't even have deposits of Uranium to support interest here. Katney ([AKA Duna] Suffered Comet impact, now more temperate and more Kerbin-esque) - Katney, formerly known as Duna, recently suffered an impact from a comet, and has been transformed by it. What used to be a cold red planet is, well, slightly less so. Katney, named after Mark Katney (a famous Kerbonaut who survived being stranded on Duna for over a year), has a moderately-thick atmosphere with oxygen and water present at the surface due to a comfortable temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. While Katney currently holds no lifeforms, it may very well do so in the future. The conditions are near perfect, all it takes now is the right trigger and plenty of time. Perhaps an advanced species could help set things in motion with a failed lander with microbes accidentally spared from cleaning on board. Ike (New Texture and heightmap) - Ike is a cold satellite of Katney that has no satellite's on or near it. Until you go there (wink-wink)! SpacePotato2 "Brora 237" (Like Phobos) - Brora 237 is an uninteresting space potato orbiting Katney. SpacePotato3 "Brora 238" (Like Demos) - Brora 238is an uninteresting space potato orbiting Katney. Dres (More Interesting with new maps) - Dres is a dwarf planet orbiting in Kerbol's Asteroid belt. There is no atmosphere here, but large canyons dot the surface. Resources are pretty much the only thing Dres is known and good for. Comet1 "Gleshan 893" (Captured Icy Comet) - This blue comet is forever suspended over Dres. It saddens scientists that more people Know about Gleshan than Dres. Jool (Now a Green Dwarf Star due to an event similar to that which occur in 2010: Odyssey 2) - Jool used to be a Gas Giant until the Krakening. Millions of Monoliths swarmed Jools Atmosphere, increasing its denity enough until it began Nuclear Fusion. Oddly enough, Jool has retained its green color, and as such is the only known Green Star in existence. Asteroid2 "Lah" (Large Captured Asteroid) - Lah is a tiny metallic rock orbiting in what used to be Jool's Asteroid belt. It is now the only asteroid left from before the Krakening. Pol (Now more like Io, with volcanoes lava) - Pol used to be a calm moon until Jool began Nuclear Fusion. Pol heated up from the combination of Tidal forces and Jool's light. Pol is heavily volcanic, so although beautiful as this moon may be, life will of course never be possible here. But in terms of research, this moon has plenty of secrets and answers ready to be discovered. If nothing else, Pol at least makes for a gorgeous sight in the night skies of the planets around it. Laythe (Less Water, More Land, Higher temp) - A oceanic moon with an oxygen-rich atmosphere, Laythe has warmed and dried up quite a bit. A layer of single-celled photosynthetic organisms covers the entire surface of the planet, giving it a uniform appearance and a vivid green color. These unicellular plants are so successful that the evolutionary process has largely stalled, however several more complex species of photosynthetic plant have also developed. Tylo (Now more like 2nd Eve with thick atmo. AND high G-force ASL) - Tylo is every Kerbonaut's Nightmare, and Jedidiah's Dream Moon. While life will never be possible on Tylo, it does offer a unique sight in the night sky of the rest of Jool's nearby moons. Its colors and violent weather here occasionally makes the night quite magical on those planets, especially those with an atmosphere. TerraMoon2 "Flov" (Like Kerbin but colder and more land) - Flov is essentially a smaller Kerbin. It has the same land to water ratio, but has no life present at the surface. DesertSub-Moon1 "Meylia" (Like Duna but brown, more atmo and water) - Meylia has huge sandstorms that cover its surface. Although extremely violent, this sub-moon holds many resources which could be of the utmost importance to Kerbalkind. With the right technology, battling the elements on Meylia shouldn't be too much of a challenge. Vall (Now like a melted Europa but with land and red plant life) - A small Kerbin-like moon with an oxygen-rich atmosphere. The entire planet is covered by one enormous ocean. There are only a few small islands where forests of red fungus-like organisms grow. SilicaSub-Moon1 "Crufater" (Like Kerbin's Mun but much smaller and Minmus gravity ASL) - A small lifeless rock with an extremely thin nitrogen atmosphere. Its surface is pitted with large impact craters. No indigenous lifeforms exist here, and the only interest in Crufater is its Metalic Crust. SilicaMoon5 "Rarus" (Like Smaller Tylo) - This Silicate based moon is cratered on all sides. It's obvious life on Rarus is impossible, but this moon does hold the key to whether or not life will exist on the other Joolian moons around it. Rarus shields some of the other moons from an asteroid field which Jool comes into contact with every few decades. When this happens, small pieces are scattered through the Jool system, but the vast majority are caught by Rarus. Those pieces that do get scattered are usually not big enough to destroy the other moons, while at the same time potentially holding the right materials or even lifeforms to begin the process of life on those other Joolian moons IceGiant1 "Cryria" (Purple and Yellow Uranus with 4 separate rings) - Cryria is a Highly Tilted Ice Giant orbiting past Jool. A large storm resides at the equator here, and a septagon cloud formation present at both the north and south poles. SpacePotato4 "Trion" (Ring Herder) - Trion is a small red space potato that herds Cryria's 1st and 2nd rings. FormingTerra/SilicaMoon1 "Protonus" (Hot planet with primordial soup being fromed from 2nd and 3rd Rings No life yet, but the materials are there.) - Protonus is a warm moon forming in-between Cryria's second and third rings. It is kept relatively warm by its atmosphere, which is mostly composed of carbon dioxide, and bombardment from the rings above. This is a damp, boggy world, prone to excessive rain and seasonal flooding. A relatively flat surface prevents water from pooling into large oceans and instead keeps the water table high. There are a number of small seas however, which are fed by wide, shallow rivers - a product of the planet's active weather system. It is possible that these sea's have a mixture of Primordial compounds in them, but no scientist knows for sure. Space Potato5 "Kepard" (Ring Herder) - Kepard is a yellow space potato herding Cryria's 3rd and 4th rings. IceDesertMoon1 "Drars" (Colder than Duna, Blue sand) - A cold, blue desert moon with a nitrogen atmosphere. While oxygen levels are too low for Kerbal respiration, the availability of precious metals at or near the surface makes it an ideal candidate for mining operations. Comet2 "Kaprilles 923" (Captured Icy Comet that could deliver IceDesertMoon1 Water) - This small white comet is mostly flat and is made of about 90% water. It is slowly falling back down to Drars's surface. SilicaMoon6 "Fregatis" (Like Ike/Dres) - Fregatis has what KSC scientists call, "Dresitis" - the sickness of being a boring body surrounded by interesting bodies. IceGiant2 "Brao" (Like Saturn but Blue and Orange [I'm an Auburn fan, War Eagle!], and 2 rings) - Brao may look calm due to it's colors, but it is anything but. Brao has the most ferocious winds in the entire Kerbol System, and has Hurricanes larger than Kerbin, Eve, and Katney combined. FormingSilicaMoon2 "Kunia"(Like Stock Pol, but HOT) - Kunia is a forming volcanic world. Obviously this moon cannot sustain life, as the conditions here are far too violent and change too often. Perhaps when things have calmed down in a few million years life will begin to appear, but right now we can only study Kunia for more information about how moons-and planets-are formed. Methania/SulphuriaMoon1 "Eynope" (Like Titan, but Blue surface and Purple Atmosphere) - This odd Moon was all a scientist said when it was first viewed. Eynope has Gail-force winds and a surface with liquid Sulphur. Life is obviously impossible on this planet and will always be impossible. The conditions are too violent and anything that reaches the planet's surface is destroyed in its violence. A violence that is strangely beautiful, yet eerily frightening. Eeloo (New Texture and Heightmap, Binary, Like Europa) - Eeloo is one of the most Distant bodies in the Kerbol System. There are large underground reservoirs of liquid water, heated by geothermal vents here. Occasionally this water erupts onto the surface and freezes in the cold vacuum, covering the planet with tiny ice crystals. IceBallMoon1 "Ulia" (%70 of Eeloo, like Pluto) - Ulia is an ice-ball in a binary orbit with Eeloo. Although Ulia's surface is almost entirely covered in ice, it is so far away from Kerbol it could never naturally heat up. With conditions as extreme as these, the chances of sustaining life on this planet are virtually none-existent. Even if Ulia has calmed down after millions of years, it would probably still take terraforming to introduce any form of life. Abbandon - A small yellow-white star, Abbadon is relatively similar to Kerbol. Aphrodite - Aphrodite is a Valentina's favorite planet. Because she very like pink color. Violetta - When scientists has discovered this planet, they thought that it is more one analog of planet Eve, which they find near other stars every day. But later spectral analyzing has shown that on the this planet there is oxygen. And the purple color is likely to cause single-celled purple algae floating in the atmosphere of this planet. Nix - This dry planet has no signs of life. But its atmosphere contains oxygen! That is really strange... Icy - Aptly named, Icy is the coldest body in the Abbandon System. Although there is a thick Carbon Dioxide Atmosphere here, Icy remains just that. GasDwarf1 "Evis" (Tiny Jool, but Red) - A tiny gas giant orbiting just inside Abbandon's habitable zone, Evis is designated a "Gas Dwarf" due to it's odd mixture of composition and size. It has two large moons; one is essentially just a lifeless rock, but the other is similar in many ways to our home planet, Kerbin. SilicaMoon4 "Glapanides" (Like Kerbin's Mun) - Glapanides is a rocky moon of Evis. Unfortunately the conditions on this moon make it impossible to sustain life, which is a shame as it's in a good enough position to do so. TerraMoon1 "Taonov" (%50/50 water and land) - A large rocky moon with high gravity and a thin atmosphere. The atmosphere only extends about 2 miles above sea level, and many mountain tops are exposed to the vacuum of space. Native flora live in the deep valleys between mountain ranges. Many of these valleys are isolated, causing an interest amount of biodiversity. Erevate - A relatively large red dwarf star, Erevate allows planets to sustain life much closer to it than Kerbol. Eden - Eden is a green dry planet without oxygen in its atmosphere. But when scientists tried to find life on it, they miraculously discovered unicellular life under ice caps of this planet. Helios - This Moon is covered In seas filled with green algae. Perhaps the microbial life from Eden is not unique to that world? Scientists at KSC seem to think so. Sehera - Sehera is a very hot and dry planet named after the Kerbal god of the Sun. Its yellow soil contrasts with its green atmosphere. IceGiant3 "Aurilia" (Green and Yellow, Smaller than Jool but bigger than GasDwarf1) - Aurilia is a Calm and serene Ice giant at the farthest reaches of the Kerbol System. Its Green and Yellow atmosphere reminds Kerbals of the once gas giant Jool. IcyTerraMoon1 "Luspadus" (Tidally Heated, VERY cold) - A moon with a nitrogen and chlorine atmosphere, Luspadus is tidally heated by Aurilia and has a small ocean around it's Equator. This moon is currently devoid of life, but there's an abundance of resources, many of which are usually quite rare on Kerbin. Life is certainly possible on Luspadus, as the conditions are right, so this moon is a prime destination for any Kerbal colonization in the future. SilicaMoon7 "Cloebos" (Like Dres) - Cloebos is another moon suffering from "Dresitis" IceDesertMoon3 "Suspore" (Like Duna but Brown) - Suspore is a Katney-like moon orbiting Aurilia that is extremely cold. Comet4 "VL-624" (Captured Comet) - VL-624 is rarely shown or talked about, but it's surface is truly - alien. Gargantua - Gargantua is a massive, rapidly spinning black hole and the largest black hole in the Kerbal Galaxy. Pantagruel - A tiny white dwarf star orbiting Gargantua. Miller's Planet - Miller's Planet is a water world with extreme tides; Troughs measure mere inches, whereas Peaks can be miles high. Mann's Planet - Mann's planet is a icy world with multible layers - one of which has life. Unfortunately this data is a lie, and this planet is barren. Edmund's Planet - Edmund's planet is a dry but hospitable world that could be Kerbalkind's future home. BrownDwarf1 "Faetis" (Like Wolf 359, Replaces Nim) - Faetis is a brown dwarf - a mix between gas giant and star. It has bands of Nuclear fusion in its atmosphere, but it is not a star. It is the largest planet in the Abbandon System. OceaniaMoon2 "Ailiv" (%70 water, %30 Land) - Ailiv is a oceanic moon with huge storms. Extreme weather conditions and violent tectonic plate movement make this planet unsuitable for any life. But this planet is still fairly young, so perhaps once it has aged and calmed down a bit, life might find its way to this world. Super-TerraMoon1 "Theobos" (3-5x Kerbin size and GeeASL) - A large rocky moon that is about 4 times larger than Kerbin with high gravity and an atmosphere of mostly Carbon Dioxide. The planet is known for its many active volcanoes, crushing atmosphere, and a surface temperature enough to melt some probes, and certainly Jedidiah. Supercomputers at KSC were fed data from Theobos to calculate possible missions for brave Kerbonauts. After a few seconds, they all said, "Do not land here." IceDesertMoon2 "Athion" (Colder than Duna, Yellow/Orange) - Athion is a tidally heated desert moon with water. Surprisingly, life hasn't managed to find its way on this moon. The conditions are perfect however, so all it takes now is time and the right trigger. Asteroid3 "Oblars 738" (Captured Asteroid) - Oblars 738 is another uninteresting red asteroid. Comet3 "Smiri"(Large Captured Comet) - Smiri is a blue-green comet orbiting Faetis. There might be frozen microbes underneath the surface of the ice here. Oblok - One of the largest stars known, Oblok is a beautiful blue giant star. Lava/DesertPlanet1 "Krush" (Binary Planet with Clone that share atmosphere, new maps and orbits) - Scosucury is a tiny ball of rock in a binary orbit with Scadulea. Scosucury's surface is practically equivalent to Kerbin's Mantle, both in temperature and geological makeup. Lava/DesertPlanet2 "Krush-B" (Binary Planet with Clone that share atmosphere, new maps and orbits) - Scadulea is made of the same materials as Scosucury, but Scadulea is slightly smaller. Aelion - A large gas giant that very similar to Pre-Krakening Jool, except for its color. Phoenix - The main feature on this scorched world is the large lakes of molten rock. Phoenix is a world dominated by volcanic and tectonic activity. Volcanoes regularly dot the surface and erupt constantly. Sunflower - Sunflower is very close to it's neighbor moon - Phoenix. Due to gravitational stress from it, the surface of this strange world tends to crack and split. Opete - Opete is a medium sized star. Poseidon - A large blue gas giant, Poseidon is a calm planet orbiting Opete. Hypat - Hypat is a large desert moon orbiting Poseidon. Osiris - Osiris is a Neutron Star. Neutron stars are the densest and smallest stars known to exist in the universe; with a radius of only about 30 km, they can have a mass of about two times that of Kerbol. Ida - Ida is a small rocky planet orbiting Osirus. Isus - Isus is a large blue ice giant bombarded by its rings and Osiris. Rocko - This moon is being ripped apart by Isus. Volco - Volco is a small silicate moon orbiting Isus. Polaris - A hot, bright star nearing the end of it's life. Rumors abound that it was once very much like Kerbol before it flared up and began to die. Pandora - A very hostile planet with acidic seas and atmosphere consisting of nitrogen, the thick atmosphere of Pandora hides most of its ground. Ryla - A large gas giant that is primarily composed of hydrogen with a substantial amount of helium. It is believed to have a rocky core roughly 2000 km in diameter but otherwise has no defined surface. Surrounding the planet is a thick planetary ring system that orbits around the equator, likely as a result of two large moons colliding with each other. Hoth - Small moon of Ryla. Hoth can provide one of the most beautiful views in the whole galaxy! Cite - Cite is a young rocky planet with a diameter around the size of Eve. It is a heavily cratered world with many impact sites over 100 km in diameter. Smaller impact sites were probably much more numerous in the past but they have since eroded away. Water covers roughly a quarter of the surface, with most of it located in craters, thereby retaining the majority of Cite's habitation near them. Life is quite abundant on Cite, only the vast expanses of desert seem devoid of fauna. If you would like to help code or texture, please comment here and I will PM you a Discord Server link and we can talk. Now working with me: Nansuchao, Artyomka15, TheCanineCraver Thanks to @TheJangleMan for giving permission to me to use K.G.R. assets in this pack. Thanks to the creator of fantasynamegenerators.com for an AMAZING Online R.N.G. (Random Name Generator) and R.D.G. (Random Description Generator).
  3. I recently got a new PC and finally got around to installing KSP 1.2.1, however it doesn't seem that any versions of MechJeb currently work on the new version. Is there a version of MechJeb that is supported by 1.2.1 or something relatively similar to it that I can install? I don't typically use it, but it is helpful when I want to demonstrate circularization and load distribution to my little brother so I can explain the math and maneuvers without having to focus on flight.
  4. Hey, Have have a spaceplane with fueltanks next to each other, but i want one engine to use one tank and another to use a different tank Plane seen from the side ----< ----< Right now both engines (represented by '<') use the fuel from both tanks (represented by '----') and i was wondering if it was possible to disable the link. between the two tanks, since one consists of liquid fuel and oxidizer while the other dont. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey, I have kerbal on steam, and want to update my save file to the newest version, without having to start a new career in the game if possible. I really dont want to start over and right now it aint showing the signal strength next the the fast forward bar as it should en the new update. If possible plz help, thanks!
  6. I'm not really sure where to put this, so if this is the wrong forum, someone can move it. Beginning at 1.2s initial release, I have been plagued with issues preventing me from actually playing it. I'm on OSX and i haven't even gotten to the issues some people have has with it getting stuck at asset bundle definitions, i haven't even been able to open the game! To begin with, every time i tried to download KSP from the store it failed. Be it installer or no, the download has either failed directly, predicted a downloading time of over 2 days, downloaded at roughly 2 kb per second or shown a "server maintenance" screen. And this was just on the iMac. Then, i decided to try downloading it on my small laptop to see if it was an internet problem. The windows version downloaded on that computer in less than an hour and a half. That is, of course, no use to me as it isn't worth playing on that computer in the first place. Instead I devised a plan to download the OSX version on that computer, then transfer it with a USB to the iMac. Turns out when downloading the OSX version I had all the same problems as before. Something must be wrong with the OSX download, i thought. I then had a brilliant idea, since lots of people have evidently been able to download the OSX version elsewhere, i would get Ben to download it at his place, put it on a USB and give it to me. This worked. Ben managed to download it just fine (!!!) and he gave the USB to me today. Maybe half an hour ago, I sat down at the iMac, very excited as i would be able to play 1.2 for the first time. I transferred the file over to my Applications folder (like i always do), dragged the icon down to the dock to create a shortcut, clicked it and... ...It crashed almost immediately. I tried again and it did the same thing. And again. Even if i clicked the "don't reopen" button when the computer warned me that the application had crashed unexpectedly when i opened it last, it would still open... and crash immediately. I tried moving the KSP package out of the KSP directory and back in... didn't work. Then i tried moving KSP.exe out of the KSP package and back in... still didn't work. On thing i did notice however, is that the KSP package is now 1.41gb, instead of 1.98gb, but this is probably unrelated. The thing that confused me most about this is that every other version of KSP has downloaded and opened like a charm. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (me venting my frustration) -T
  7. CURRENT VERSION : I always liked the idea of box sat or the cube mods, but, for me, those two were not the thing I was looking for. Basically, what I wanted was an easier system to make cube walls for a satellite. Not only that, but having internal nodes to attach different parts to it would be nice. Unfortunately, no one did it, that the case until I saw a video on youtube and the person (Felborn aka bob fitch) had done something amazing and that was, adding few nodes to an existing stock part! That was when I decided to go for this idea, now, here you have it, a mod that adds only two parts, one as the satellite frame with built in electric charge and SAS, and one as the wall to cover it up and make it a real cube. The frame has 26 sets of internal nodes that are attachable on every 6 directions. Using B9 Part Switch as an optional mod side by side this mod, you will get a nice little addition in your GUI's menu to toggle those nodes on/off for ease of access. Also, the wall is designed so that when it snap attached to a node, it would still have another stack node toward the outside, making it easier to attach engines to the wall if need to. License : Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License DOWNLOAD the MOD from SPACEDOCK B9PartSwitch change Log :
  8. I played 1.2.1 for the first time today. when I went to the VAB, there were no parts. I tried the same in spaceplane hangar, with the same results. Then i opened a new game. The same happened. What should I do?
  9. I have frequent crashes in the VAB. When it happens it freezes my pc and I have to restart. The VAB and Spaceplane building are the only places I've had this problem so far. I have 8 gigs of RAM and am running the 64 bit version on Windows 10. I can paste whatever logs are needed but I'm not sure where they are located.
  10. Hey guys, I have a question and hope someone is nice and may be able to answer it. Since the update 1.2.1 my game crashes after some minutes of playing, I think it's 20-30 minutes. I have no mods installed and even tried to reinstall KSP, but it keeps crashing. I inserted the crash-report-files from the last crash so you guys can have a look at them and maybe tell me whats the Problem. Also I forgot to mention that this happens in the 32bit Version but also in the 64bit Version. I really hope someone can help me. error file: Unity Player [version: Unity 5.4.0p4_b15b5ae035b7] KSP.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module KSP.exe at 0023:00000004. Error occurred at 2016-11-04_154120. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP.exe, run by User. 58% memory in use. 0 MB physical memory [3403 MB free]. 0 MB paging file [3550 MB free]. 0 MB user address space [1107 MB free]. Write to location 00000004 caused an access violation. Context: EDI: 0x2c0561ac ESI: 0x00000000 EAX: 0x00000004 EBX: 0x00e2f558 ECX: 0x00000001 EDX: 0x2c056040 EIP: 0x00000004 EBP: 0x00e2f548 SegCs: 0x00000023 EFlags: 0x00010202 ESP: 0x00e2f520 SegSs: 0x0000002b Bytes at CS:EIP: ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Stack: 0x00e2f520: 00fcc786 00e2f558 00000001 00e3f7c0 ....X........... 0x00e2f530: 00e2f558 7d355380 0000000d 00e2f558 X....S5}....X... 0x00e2f540: 0000016c 00000001 00e3758c 00fcc858 l........u..X... 0x00e2f550: 00000000 00ff9e2e 2c056040 00000001 ........@`.,.... 0x00e2f560: 00000002 00000002 00000001 01d02f90 ............./.. Output log file: Initialize engine version: 5.4.0p4 (b15b5ae035b7) GfxDevice: creating device client; threaded=1 Direct3D: Version: Direct3D 9.0c [C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nvle.inf_amd64_e6f997b2cb00a90b\nvd3dum.dll] Renderer: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Vendor: NVIDIA VRAM: 2016 MB (via DXGI) Caps: Shader=30 DepthRT=1 NativeDepth=1 NativeShadow=1 DF16=0 INTZ=1 NULL=1 RESZ=0 SlowINTZ=0 ATOC=1 Begin MonoManager ReloadAssembly Platform assembly: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_Data\Managed\UnityEngine.dll (this message is harmless) Loading C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_Data\Managed\UnityEngine.dll into Unity Child Domain Platform assembly: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll (this message is harmless) Loading C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll into Unity Child Domain Platform assembly: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll (this message is harmless) Loading C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll into Unity Child Domain Platform assembly: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_Data\Managed\Assembly-UnityScript-firstpass.dll (this message is harmless) Loading C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_Data\Managed\Assembly-UnityScript-firstpass.dll into Unity Child Domain Platform assembly: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_Data\Managed\Assembly-UnityScript.dll (this message is harmless) Loading C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_Data\Managed\Assembly-UnityScript.dll into Unity Child Domain Platform assembly: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_Data\Managed\UnityEngine.UI.dll (this message is harmless) Loading C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_Data\Managed\UnityEngine.UI.dll into Unity Child Domain Platform assembly: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_Data\Managed\UnityEngine.Networking.dll (this message is harmless) Loading C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_Data\Managed\UnityEngine.Networking.dll into Unity Child Domain Platform assembly: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_Data\Managed\Mono.Cecil.dll (this message is harmless)
  11. I just checked in a freshly unpacked stock install and backspace (to reset focus in map view) doesn't seem to work now. Anyone else seeing this? Happy landings!
  12. Hello, It seems I just updated to 1.2, and I looked back and 1.2.1 came out already! I just got a new machine with a GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 graphics card, and a i5-6600K CPU to go with it, so this computer is no pushover. I can run quite a few mods and with maxed out graphics settings in KSP now. I'm fairly new to modding in KSP, and I'm wondering what are the best visual effect mods to use to make water, terrain, atmosphere, and space more realistic. I know CKAN hasn't been completely updated to 1.2.1 yet, but I can wait. I've tried out a few vismods in the past, but I'd like to know what vismods you guys typically use? Thanks
  13. Hello all, I wish my first post was not an error report, but that's how it goes. Here's what I've got: Running KSP 1.2.1 64-bit, Windows, through Steam. The game crashes a few minutes into the flight scene. The error.log gives this: KSP_x64.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module KSP_x64.exe at 0033:00000086. (The address being accessed changes, but that's about it.) Crash dump with output_log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h5uehaz8xcjuh0q/2016-11-02_212130.zip?dl=0 Most recent crash dump (output_log did not generate): https://www.dropbox.com/s/g2dw1nyea7inhxy/2016-11-02_220508.zip?dl=0 DxDiag dump: https://www.dropbox.com/s/257omhvbnajskys/DxDiag.txt?dl=0 KSP.log, in case it helps: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1owmsbxmru4qpir/KSP.log?dl=0 System specs: Windows 10 64-bit, DirectX 12, AMD FX-4300 processor, Radeon R7 360 with 2 GB dedicated RAM, 8 GB system RAM Crash happened with both long-running and clean installs, no mods.
  14. Hello everyone! Kerbal Space Program 1.2.1 is live! Here's the changelog for this patch: =================================== v1.2.1 ============================================================ +++ Bug Fixes * Fix Maneuver Nodes not showing dV when target changes. * Fix highlighter chewing memory every frame. * Fix CBs being in different places in 1.2 by adjusting GeeASL. * Fix engine glow not originating from engine thrust location. * Fix for non-resettable experiments listing a reset cost. * Fix KSPedia inaccuracy about reentry friction. * Fix for drills shutting down when you approach. * Fix "Mammoth" collider pushing away parts on stage. * Fix for MysteryGoo container having collider too large. * Fix for ModuleRCSFX KSPField. * Fix for contract weights getting messed up in save files. * Fix for Gas bursts on decouplers being in the wrong place. * Fix for EVA orientation on lab hatches. * Removed duplicate "Lowlands" biomes from Mun. * Fix for revert deleting Messages. * Removed writing from Mk3->Mk2 adapter. * Fix for text overflow, etc for flag plaque. * Miscellaneous KSPedia text tweaks. * Fix for Subassembly DropZone tooltip not closing. * Fix for StackGraph not following links across decouplers if one of the decouplers is a root part (Fuel crossfeed issue). * Fix for ladder slide on Mk1 Inline. * Fix for ScientistBonus in ModuleScienceConverter being broken. * Fix loop using wrong iterator in GetModulesImplementingInterface. +++UI Fixes * Fix UI Flickering in Editor when lots of parts loaded. * Fix UI Flickering in MC when lots of Contracts listed. * Fix for Mapnode text not updating when controls locked. * Fix for UIScaling applying incorrectly to the AppLancher and apps. * Fix for asteroid KB Info text wrapping. * Fix for text missing against some Action Menu items for wheel actions. +++Miscellaneous Stuff * Update to Biome Maps for Bop, Gilly and Pol. * Adjust minimum FoV for enhanced mode on Roverbody and NDS to allow more zoom when landed. * Add Reset All Settings option to settings. * Add customizable binding for Editor Scroll Modifier for Zoom - default to left-command for OSX instead of left-shift. * Add new default binding for precision control of "Return" for OSX instead of capslock. * Change default camera reset binding to not clash with Abort Action group. * Change default eva light binding to not clash with translate left. * Allow mods to circumvent contract weight limits Cheers!
  15. Older version video demostration. Video review from KottabosGames (Thanks!) Dev album... Races! It is a Kerbal Space Program mod in which You can build and share air, land and water racetracks and compete to complete them in the shortest possible time. This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin. Download, source, full readme (in spanish) https://github.com/Vloos/Races/releases SpaceDock page http://spacedock.info/mod/721/Races! (my first mod!! woohoo!! ) 1.0.1 release Compiled for Kerbal Space Program 1.2.1 I banished those damn foreach. But they are commented, just in case ... The transliteration and rotation symbols do not work (for some strange reason), so I've put a few buttons, which work fatal, to move and rotate control points and obstacles Read me Translated with google ...
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