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Found 8 results

  1. Version: 1.12.4 Windows Problem: When attempting to load any active vessel for the first time after starting the game, the craft violently shakes with an "approaching G Limits" warning and explodes. Reloading the last quicksave returns the vessel to normal, at the cost of any progress since then. However, for some craft, the game just crashes upon attempting to load (again, only after first starting up the game). Mods installed: https://imgur.com/a/xKlpEMW Reproduction steps: Start up game, Enter tracking station, Switch to any active vessel Crash Logs: https://file.io/V2qIHycgCWtu
  2. It resets immediately after using F9, even when its turnt of in the settings... This is very frustrating, when you are for example in the VAB, and all you have done is gone, bcs you accidentally hit F9
  3. This has happened to me every time I load a save and go to the tracking center. I had Kerbals launched from the Mun surface when I tried to rescue them. It only seems to happen when the Target is not in focus and only when controlling something else or being at KSC
  4. I performed a quick load while I was exiting the Mun sphere of influence with Kerbal as my target and the Space Center also loaded in the foreground. Performing a Quick Load returns the same result.
  5. Hey, I don't know if I am posting this on the right place, just singed in and not really in the system. So I got a question, since a few days I got a really weird problem in KSP, from a certain point I just can't quicksave anymore while playing. I can quickload but I can't quicksave and its extremely annoying. In addition to this I also can't leave the flight, meaning I can't go back to the KSC or the tracking center. I don't know what triggers this but I can after I start flying I can normally make a quicksave, then I fly a probe to the Mun to land it and while flying there I can also quicksave, but as soon as I get a bit closer to the surface I just can't save anymore or leave to the KSP. It's really annoying and I don't know what to to about it. Has anyone experience with a situation like this or does anyone know what to do about this? I really just want to finish build my Mun Base
  6. Having recorded events on the timeline allows players to rewind instead of using F5-F9. Of course this works best when on-rails. Doing it during a physics simulation means having reversible physics.. which is harder to do. But it's doable.
  7. So, here's the scenario: I'm flying a passenger jet and just coming in to land... thinking that it'd be a good idea to quicksave in case of a failed landing. After a dangerous approach and hitting the ground too hard, I quickloaded only to find that both wings detach from the airframe as soon as it is fully loaded in, and the jet comes crashing down just short of the runway. I tried pausing the game before this happens, timewarping to try and avoid it, even quicksaving and making sure that I didn't hold down any of the control keys. Nothing worked, so I started wondering if there's an effective way to counter this unfortunate occurrence. Any ideas on this? I'd be more than happy to provide evidence should anyone request it.
  8. Greetings. I've encountered a peculiar bug which appears rather consistently when certain conditions are met: 1. A vessel must be in orbit 2. It must have a manned EAS-1 command seat When I load a save file created in flight under these conditions, some of the vessel's parts are misaligned. Usually it's the wheels, the landing gear, the command seat or the kerbal manning it. I'm using a number of mods: KIS, KAS, KER, Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, Throttle Controlled Avionics, RCS Build Aid, Atomic Age, QuizTechAero, a bunch of other part packs. But the first time I encountered this bug I was flying a spaceplane only made of stock parts. Vessel mass matters a lot for a spaceplane, especially if you only have panther engines. So a command seat stowed into a 1,25m service bay seemed the best solution for a rescue mission. Naturally I saved the game when the stranded kerbal got aboard. Can't remember what made me load it, but when I was about to land at Kerbin I noticed that the fore gear is skewed about 30 degrees aside. A similar thing happened to a flying rover when I decided to take an engineer along for an orbital mission - the wheels got all screwed up. Both the spaceplane and the rover are included in the following footage. The bug conditions are simulated 2 times for each vessel. If anyone has an idea what might have caused this, please tell. UPD: The parts get back to normal after going to space center and then back to the vessel. Which makes this bug a lot less critical
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