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Found 9 results

  1. Here's my must have mods for v0.1.2.1 Includes: -How to install mods -Compatibility check -Must have mods
  2. This is an AI's "honest" review of KSP. It was generated in the InfoKit web demo. (https://app.inferkit.com/demo) So here it is! Kerbal Space Program Review Robot space games are becoming something of a specialty. I loved RimWorld, which was very much a simpler, more agile take on this same genre. This year we’ve seen Stellaris and Kerbal Space Program, both more complex, but also genuinely enjoyable. We set out to play Kerbal Space Program, a fresh take on a very familiar formula, but we also expected it to be different. What we didn’t expect was how thoroughly enjoyable it’d be to play. What we did expect was how uninteresting it’d be to play. I mean, have you played Kerbal Space Program before? Didn’t think so. This is still more space sim than other space sims, but it’s different enough to give it a fresh take. It also happens to be very charming. Sitting at a desk, with two computers and my feet up, I’m not the most mobile man in the world. But I can still imagine myself floating in space, punching buttons with a realistic frustration at trying to get control of a tiny rocket. Our in-depth review of Kerbal Space Program will tell you more about its mechanics, but the easiest way to understand Kerbal Space Program is by seeing it from the perspective of a game jam over the weekend. You can probably guess what sort of jam that was, given how many brilliant indie games crop up. On the first day, we ended up with a space game and the beginning of a story. It was something that felt like the sort of thing I’d want to play as a kid, and not have to fight with crummy controls, crummy difficulty, or terrible politics. It was set in the Kerbal universe, with a persistent world where you can build ships, launch them into space and maybe become a space pirate or something. But the design team didn’t want to stick to a sci-fi trope and came up with a hero with the voice of Darth Vader. They wanted someone who was… well, more relatable. As I played through the weekend, more and more elements of the game started to present themselves. Character creation is as easy as opening the character creation window. You choose your name, and all the fields are treated with the sort of care you expect from small development teams. Your name can be anything you want, and it's fully customizable. I chose Aeroblaze since it sounded like an alien name. At this point, the game boots up and loads some asteroids, and you can either do some outpost building or play around in the planet-building or factory sim or rocket sim. However, when you create an asteroid, you can launch a spaceship and launch a rocket in space. It is this surreal moment that, as KSP’s raison d’etre is purely for exploring, has the potential to encourage exploration through experimentation and discovery. All of which help foster a community. KSP is free to play – it’s all there for you, from the moment you download the game. There are no DLCs or even map packs. There’s an activity park to work out how many hits of floating bananas you can get your KSP pilot to churn off before they turn into a deadly sugar crash. There’s a competitive community where players achieve high scores on various orbital exploits. The creators have attempted to keep a level of community spirit alive despite its many flaws. They made a message board, and people dedicated their time to keeping people’s ships in working order so that they can do it all again another time. This is the sort of community that has been built around its two most popular maps – Vacant_1, a vast science base now being developed by other fans, and Farstar_2, a slightly less mysterious, more populated corner of space. It has, however, in the past (see: a clash with the military) been difficult to be a Kerbal on these maps. For a while, you needed a license to play and got banned if there was anything non-standard in the writing. Hopefully more to follow! (Just a note, I did tweak the settings a little to get it a bit more realistic. I had "Start at beginning" on, and I also had "Nucleus sampling top p" all the way up.)
  3. Hi everyone! My name is Rachel and I'm a PhD student in geology. I'm taking a class entitled Games for Learning and Simulation. We need to review an education game for class, and I chose KerbalEDU. Happy to be here, meet some new folks, and maybe get some input from long-time Kerbal players who has been using this in a classroom setting. Have a great day!
  4. I tried something new for me yesterday, a stream going over the most popular stock craft of the week on KerbalX @Kronus_Aerospace Kronus Antonov AN-225 "Mriya" an absolute behemoth of a plane. It is a building masterpiece at 979 parts . Unfortunately the strain was too much for my computer. I then tested Anders Dunacraft MkIV SSTO with mining and rovers. Even with my driving it made orbit with 2200ms of dV to spare. Lastly I tested 2 of @BadPilot's craft The Whisp Interplanetary explorer and the Snowflare SSTO VTOL, both excellent craft. There were teething problems, and I am new at this so please forgive my dorkishness https://www.twitch.tv/videos/227191241
  5. this is just a review of the airplanes plus mod. Hope you like.
  6. Have an awesome, amazing and cool new ship you want to show off or impress your friends with? Want to increase the number of downloads it has? Can't find a good solid person to review and publicize it? Look no further! CMAU Incorporated is very proud to present our newly sponsored streamer, Kryrano! For the months of December 2016 through February 2017, we are live streaming reviews and cool crafts every Tuesday and Thursday from your very own family friendly site, KerbalX.com! Visit https://www.twitch.tv/kryrano to catch YOUR craft being reviewed! People of all ages are encouraged to submit their craft before time runs out! Submissions abound, so you are wise to get your craft submitted as soon as possible! How to submit a craft: 1. Post it on www.kerbalx.com 2. Provide a link to download any unrecognized mods in your craft. 3. Post the link to the craft on this thread, and 4. Wait for it to be reviewed! Note: once it has been reviewed, it's KerbalX link will be added to this post here: The craft must be in KSP versions 1.1.3 or later to qualify for review. Want to increase the chances that your craft will be reviewed? Here's a couple tips for the low price of only ten thousand funds: Try including a description of your craft's functions and features! Try including cool screenshots of it in action! Tell us why it is a great craft for its purpose! Submit your craft as soon as possible to give it the best possible chance of being reviewed! And the final, most important tip for an extra two thousand funds: Include a guide, where necessary, of how it works! None of these tips are required, but they will greatly improve your craft's chances of review! IMPORTANT NOTE: Also please attempt to be present for your craft review on the days it is showing. If you do not intend to be there, but still want your craft looked at, then please let a CMAU representative know beforehand. Here is the current schedule of the stream for December: Be the envy of your family and friends! Get a 30% discount on any single CMAU Incorporated vessel for each craft submitted! Supplies limited! Get your craft publicized and included in our special VIP KerbalX hangar! Be sure to check out our official sales page at https://kerbalx.com/Mycroft_33, and don't forget to check out Kryrano's channel TODAY!
  7. Research Bodies Mod Review For Kerbal Space Program!
  8. Hello Kerbalnaughts! I've just finished a new mod spotlight on the "Kerbal Krash System" by EnzoMeertens. Check it out on YouTube! Grab the Mod: http://www.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/240493-kerbal-krash-system https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nROc_SERBHs
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