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Found 13 results

  1. It would be a benefit if a player could also set SAS to maintain a ROLL attitude not just Pitch and Yaw. And/or to set SAS to Track a Target in a ROLL attitude, not just Pitch/Yaw. This would aid in rendezvous maneuvers, keeping Solar Arrays pointed to the Sun, or Comm Antennas pointed to Kerbin. Finally having the game maintaining SAS ON and the attitude last set when switching control between multiple craft.
  2. This post is a copy from the Discord server: (1078874827047313488) StormFury07: In airplanes, when the pitch controls are inverted. Roll control also becomes inverted. So if "S" is pitch up, and "W" is pitch down. "E" is roll left, and "Q" is roll right. In a plane pulling back on the stick is pitch up "S", and pushing on the stick is pitch down "W". Left on the stick "Q" is roll left, and right on the stick "E" is roll right. In the image below I am rolling to the right but I am pressing the "Q" key. Immabed: Were you inverting the controls so that pitch up would be 'S' and pitch down would be 'W'? Because if so, that indicates the wing part made a mistake in picking the default pitch direction. I found the same thing, in some positions, wings pitch incorrectly by default. I believe this is when the wing attachment point is ahead of the center of mass, but the control surface is behind the center of mass. I believe that is the bug. What should be done for part config is individual inversion for pitch, roll, and yaw, as well as individual authority limits for pitch, roll, and yaw. As it is now, especially with the pitch direction glitch, some planes are unflyable due to inverted pitch, and in general aircraft are much harder to tune than KSP 1. Stormfury07: Yes, I was selecting inverted controls so that 'S' would be pitch up, and down 'W'. So the pitch direction on the wing is wrong. That doesn't excuse the fact that even if I wanted 'W' as up and 'S' as down, that the roll should also be inverted. Mech: SAS also messes up and causes your aircraft to continually do a barrel roll. StormFury07: This as well, it SAS can't handle the fact that it's in a positive feedback loop. If it rolls left lets say, SAS will roll right ('E' Key) but that just makes it roll left harder! Immabed: That's always to be expected when the control input moves the craft the wrong way. I agree that each axis should have its own inversion controls, since inversion only exists to fix incorrect auto-detection anyways.
  3. What's the best way of getting science from celestial body? The answer is DRIVE! What's the best way of delivering ore or supplies from distant location to your base? The answer is make your wheels rolling! But did you try to drive for 110 km for two hours, avoiding obstacles (screw you Mun Highlands) and keeping your speed in sane limits? Well I did! And that was boooooooring! And who wants to be bored by super crazy explosion simulator called KSP? I guess no one! Well, no more boredom! Bon Voyage is here and it will drive your rovers in background! Kerbal stories Chapter 1: Fast and Furious Chapter 2: Around the Mun in one munar day Legal Information: Superb "Bon Voyage Pathfinder" model was created by @Enceos and is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 Cool and colorized app launcher icon made by Madebyoliver and licensed under Creative Commons BY 3.0 Source code is licensed under GPLv3 How it works: I don't know.... I honestly don't.... OK OK, just kidding. Rover must be landed It has to have BonVoyage controller aboard, seek in Control tab or use some cool rover mod (listed below) All rover wheels must be intact At least three of rover's operable wheels must be on the ground Rover must be landed Rover will move with average speed varying from 50% to 70% of wheels max speed (can be boosted up to 95% by skilled pilot ) To start moving your power production must be at least 35% of wheels max consumption Rover can be solar powered Rover must be landed Rover can have alternative power source(RTGs, Nuclear Reactors, Fission Reactors, Antimatter Reactors, whole bunch of reactors is supported, if it has "reactor" in it's name than it will definitely work) If rover cannot move without solar power it will idle until Sun is 0 degrees above the horizon There must be a clear straight path to target not anymore...heheheee (just try not to overload pathfinding) ROVER MUST BE LANDED!!! How to: Add BonVoyage module to your rover (seek in Control tab) If you have MM installed, then Malemute, Karibou, Buffalo, ARES, Puma and FUR cabs get BV automatically, no need to use additional part. Launch your rover If you're just playing with BV and launch a rover at KSC, then at start your rover state will be "Prelaunch", BV won't work at that state. Move your rover a little so that MET starts ticking and then BV is ready to be activated Right click on BonVoyage module (or rover cab if you use some cool rover mod listed above) Click "Pick target on map" or "Set to active target" or "Set to active waypoint" Path finding may take some time, be patient (C# is not the power horse ). You can go to map mode and see built route for inspection If path was not found in ten seconds it will break, try some closer point Click "Poehali!!!" Go to tracking station...or launch a new vessel...or do whatever you want... ?????? PROFIT!!!!!111oneoneone Some math: Power requirements calculations are really simple. Let's say you've built a rover on Malemute chassis with six Malemute Modular Wheels, each of 'em has max power consumption equal to 3.5. This means overall max consumption is 3.5 * 6 = 21. BV "requires" that your max power production is equal to 35% of max wheels' consumption 21/100*35 = 7.35 EC/s. So if your solar panels and/or RTGs provide 7.35 electric charge per second, then you're good to go. Your rover average speed will be 70% of wheels' max speed. In case of Malemute Modular Wheels it will be 35/100*70 = 24.5 m/s. Of course 7.35 charge per second is not really easy to achieve in case of rovers. What other options do you have? The answer is pretty easy: shutdown motor on two of your wheels. This will reduce power requirement to 3.5*4/100*35 = 4.9 EC/s. But beware that your rover average speed will fall to 60% - 35/100*60 = 21 m/s. If you disable two more wheels, then you power requirement will be just 3.5*2/100*35 = 2.45 EC/s, but average speed will fall to 50% - 35/100*50 = 17.5 m/s. There few things to note: Pilots, USI Scouts and crew members with Autopilot skill can increase average speed dramatically, train your crew Low on power? Your rover will be sloooow Night rides are slooooooooow Unmanned rovers are sloooooooooooooooooow There is a plan for average speed to vary according to gravity of celestial body and mass of rover. If you can propose some better math, then do it Hey man! That's too complicated! How do I build rover that just rides??? Build your rover as usual Add solar panels Add moar solar panels Grab some RTGs Don't forget couple of nuclear reactors KSPI antimatter reactors are pretty powerful, add at least one. Now for wheels: more wheels = better. Add a dozen of 'em, it does not even matter if your wheels point in different directions, just have a lot of 'em. Take your most skilled pilot and send him on vacation, he already got mental trauma while you were building the rover described above. Add probe core to your rover. Don't forget to add some powerful radiators to dissipate heat from probe core overloaded with the mess you've done building the rover described above. Done! Your rover will be able to deal with any slope and any crater in The Universe....if pathfinding algorithm won't fail first... Wanna wanna wanna: Bonus: Victims of the alpha test. Not for the faint of heart. Sponsored by HyperEdit(R) http://imgur.com/a/Zq28v Changelog: Known issues:
  4. Everytime I try to roll a Space Shuttle in liftoff, it just yaws and pitches out of control making me to do a crew bailout. Yes, the SSME have no roll gimbal Yes, the elevons are configured correctly. And, this is bad, because when I use launchpads like the Alpha Mensae Modular Launchpads, I need to flip it over and makes no sense, even the stock Dynawing is pointed heads-down to not roll. How can I make this happen?
  5. I've been trying to launch my rocket to my space station, only to have my rocket to start spinning uncontrollably in Kerbin's lower atmosphere. I know it does this because my center of mass is to close to my center of thrust, but what can I add to my rocket to make it more... top heavy. Are there weights? I'd prefer to avoid mods at this moment. Thanks for your help in advance.
  6. I've been trying to find if anyone else has this bug but no luck. My MEM pod seems to have it's axis inverted so when I want to pitch down it pitches up and viceversa, same on the other controls. Any clue?
  7. Anyone else noticed a hyperactive roll on their ships? It's like the SAS can't find a sweet spot or dead zone and goes too far and has to correct over and over. My kerbals have all made claims for sea sickness and sold all their rocking chairs.
  8. Hi all, I got some problem about guidance and control with the vector. After nearly two years of gaming I decided it should be time to finally make a first trip outside of Kerbin sphere of influence and due to a closest launch window have chosen Duna. Here is the launcher : It's full stock and got a total of 12 Vectors with 4 at the main core and 8 in side boosters. Now here is the problem, the launcher use to be uncontrolable once it reach approx 100 m/s, it start to lean on pitch or roll without any inputs from me and with the SAS on and staying on manual (with a smooth less than 2g acceleration at 60% of thrust). I've read many other topics before where it was wrote to limit the engines gimbal to 5 or less, I tried it but she still was flipping quickly after 100 m/s, I even deactivate the gimbling on the boosters and just keep 5 fore the core vector, same results. So I've tried another version of it with 4 Mainsails and 8 Kickbacks to confirm if it was a design fault, in that configuration she flies pretty well and is stable, just a bit underpowered. It's enough for a Duna ride but for the next flight I would like to go to Moho and here will need the Vectors again. What can do that ? It's not an unique case for me, each other craft made with KS-25 used to be uncontrolables in any configuration tried, 1 central, 2 to 8 on sides. I use these mods : - AB_Launchers - AtomicAge - B9_Aerospace - BahaSP - BobCatind (the Soviet engines pack) - BoulderCo - CactEye - Chatterer - CommunityResourcePack - CrossFeedEnabler - CryoEngines - EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements - ETC - FASA - Firespitter - FuelTanksPlus - HGR - HGR_Redux - HorizonAeronautics - InterstellarFuelSwitch - JarDev - JSI - KAS - KAX - KerbalJointReinforcement - Kerbaltek - KIS - Klockheed_Martian_Gimbal - Klockheed_Martian_SSE - Kopernicus - KWRocketry - MechJeb2 - Mk3MiniExpansion - ModuleAnimateEmissive - ModuleRCSFX - MP_Nazari - NASA (it contains the Shuttle by Mike-NZ) - OPM - OPT - PersistentThrust - PortraitStats - ProceduralFairings - QuizTechAero - SmokeScreen - SolarSailNavigator - StockPlugins - SXT - Tantares - TantaresLV - TextureReplacer - Trajectories - TweakScale - UmbraSpaceIndustries (SrvPack) - WaypointManager Thank you in advance.
  9. Not sure if this has been asked before but what should I do if my plane is mostly flyable, but when I roll, it turns rapidly (also causes nose to pitch down).
  10. I love the rocket physics, but airplane are still unrealistic. Real airplanes should recover the roll and pitching moments, with a decent design of the center of mass and lift, and use the engine thrust to increase or reduce the altitude. Right now it is more like an arcade game to struggle with the controls while the airplane spins uncontrollable.
  11. I've noticed that when i use the stock Kerbal X rocket, asparagus staging seems to work perfectly fine with no trouble, but when I build my own asparagus-staged rocket, it rolls uncontrollably until the last of the radially attached boosters are jettisoned, and only then can I correct the persistent rolling. Has anyone besides myself noticed this problem, and has anyone found a way to correct it?
  12. Hi, so i made this plane, i dont know what is wrong with it but it is realy unstable, at take-off it just starts to roll+ it strafes right when taking off. Can you please give me any suggestion on what to change as i realy like the design.. thanks
  13. I've just started using the Farram Aerospace mod since the 1.05 patch. I'd gotten very used to the stock aerodynamics so I'm having a hard time adjusting. One particular thing is the ability to set control surfaces to only control pitch, or only control roll or yaw etc. Right click on the control surface in stock, and you'd have a simple ENABLE/DISABLE button next to each ROLL/PITCH/YAW axis. Now, there appears to be a 0-100% slider where each button used to be. I presume this is to offer more fine grained control, but for example, setting ROLL to 100% and PITCH and YAW to 0% on my ailerons appears to have no effect. They still attempt to move in response to pitch commands, indeed, when i pull back on the yoke, the animation shows both ailerons drooping together and the F12 aerodynamic forces overlay shows increased lift coming from both parts. Which is odd, because they are behind the centre of gravity and centre of lift, therefore by drooping they are actually generating a pitch down moment, in opposition to the canards?
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