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Found 7 results

  1. Dear KSP team / community, Information for my support request KSP version Detailed explanation of what happened: My save file has only one craft heading to Jool (i cleaned it up for the report). The craft has a maneuver already planned and I want to plan a second maneuver to capture at Jool in a retrograde orbit. Steps to reproduce the issue: Go to the craft (it has an alarm set which is the fastest way to switch to it) Go to the orbital map Focus on Jool and set Bop as target Add a new maneuver at the DN node for Bop Try to pull the retrograde button / marker on the orbit line to circularize Focus starts jumping between Jool / Sun and maybe other bodies Game freeze & crash A screenshot of your craft or any relevant screens: https://imgur.com/a/7pHcscP I can also provide a video if needed / desired. Please let me know if that is helpful. persistent.sfs, player.log, KSP.log, KSP_short.log and buildID64: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ecf5fnwer4y15iu/Fulgora_bug_report_files.zip?dl=0 A detailed list of system specifications System Information - Pastebin.com TLDR version: Win 10 Pro, latest update i7 4790K 32GB Ram and ~ 15 GB available for KSP (unused) but the behavior could also be observed after rebooting the system without any other programs running RTX 2070, also latest driver Game is stored on NVMe SSD Are you running a clean installation, or have you updated and some of your persistence or craft files might be older versions, if so which version(s) I am running a clean install and have verified my KSP files through steam (OK) The persistent file worked fine in KSP 1.11 (I am upgrading my install from 1.11 to 1.12 currently) The behavior observed does not apply to all crafts and I was able to plan the first maneuver that is in the savefile on 1.12 without a game crash. The crash when planning the second maneuver is however 100% reproducible for me. It sometimes crashes already after setting Bop as target. I do not know whether this is an issue with my system so if anyone can not reproduce the bug on their system that feedback would be welcome. If there is anything missing or you need any additional information please let me know and I will happily provide that or run any tests that you'd like me to try!
  2. Introduction This is my attempt to blog a my science mode gameplay with Kerbal Space Program. The game is STOCK with both DLC'S and mods Kerbal Engeneer Redux and Mechjeb 2 for extra help. Chapter 1: The Begin Zarjia 1, Kerbol 1st, Y1 The first mission carried Jebediah in a 14 km-high trip on the " Zarja ", a simple rocket made of a capsule and under that a Flea SRB who pushed Jeb high up in the sky, returning back with a 26 science loot.
  3. Would you like to prove your ability to be the best at career mode? Would you like to earn an awesome badge as well? Then join the Stock Space Race Challenge! This challenge begins on November 14th, 2020, so make sure to sign up fast! To sign up, PM me with the following: Your account name, your faction and faction type (company, country, organization, etc.) name, and any extra info relating to your faction (optional). Each in-game week, an "Operations Summary" will be released by the players, detailing all of the mission progress in that time. The final goal: get as many points as possible. The challenge will end on December 31st, 2020. Please follow a historic-ish flight timeline (probes first to the destination, then Kerbals exploring it, then a permanent base for exploring the location). Rules: The following settings will adjusted made to a new career save: Kerbin time: On Revert Flights: Off Kerbal re-spawns: Off Re-entry heating: 120% Funds rewards: 110% Science rewards: 110% Funds penalties: 50% Science penalties: 50% Kerbal G-Force Limits: On Part G-Force Limits: On Part Temperature Limits: On Part Pressure Limits: On DO NOT EDIT ANYTHING ELSE The following rules are for functionality: No prior achievements that work for the challenge (before Nov. 14th) will be accepted. Pure Stock is defined as no mods except visual mods and DLCs. Must-have mods for extra realism (+10 points): TAC Life Support, Kerbal Construction Time. If you don't have one of these mods, but intend to use mods, YOU WILL NOT BE FEATURED ON THE LEADERBOARD, but under a modded catogory! No cheats No K-Drives, etc. No finding loopholes in rules If two factions reach the same destination at the same (in-game)day, then whoever got there quicker (Hrs, mins, sec) If you break these rules, you will be removed from the leader-board. Pictures and videos are not needed to show proof, however, it is encouraged. Missions: Reach space: +5 pts Reach orbit: +10 pts Probe network (Kerbin): +15 pts Orbit the Mun/Minmus: +15 pts Land on the Mun/Minmus: +20 pts Mun/Minmus Return Mission: +25 pts Escape Kerbin's SOI: +20 pts Dock/Rendevous: +25 pts Asteroid Rendevous: +30 pts Orbit Duna: +45 pts Land on Duna: +50 pts Duna Return Mission: +60 pts Asteroid Redirect: +75 pts Jool flyby: +65 pts Jool orbit: +70 pts Jool 5: +100 pts Kerbol Grand Tour: 150 pts Kerbol Grand Tour (+ Kerbol Escape): +175 pts Kerbol Grand Tour (+Kerbin Return): +200 pts Largest/Smallest (Weight and Size) Spacecraft: + 10 pts, and +10 additional pts for every player you pass Largest Space Base/Station (Size): 15 pts, and +10 additional pts for every player you pass Note: a 25-point bonus will be added if you are the first to do something Note: If you have accomplished something before in the challenge, no points will be added. Current Factions: New Horizon Aerospace Division [NH Aero] (@NH04 's stock aerospace company) APEX Orbital (@Shinikitty 's modded organization) Kerbinational Aeronautics and Space Administration [KASA] (@AeroSky 's stock space program) Modded Leader-Board: APEX Orbital (Shinikitty)- 65 PTS Pure Stock Leader-Board: KASA (AeroSky)- 30 PTS NH Aero (NH04)- 5 PTS
  4. Goal: Build a vehicle that is able to explore underwater sites. Try to dive as deep as possible. A badge will be awarded for participation on request (I won't send you one if you don't request it). Rules: No mods, no cheats. No using glitches (K-Drives, ZK-Drives, etc.) The sub must be launched from the KSC runway and into the water off the coast of the KSC. From there, you MUST travel by water to your dive site. Vehicle Classes (Choose 1): Submarine- must carry a crew of at least 1 kerbal (+5 pts) ROV- must be unmanned (+10 pts) MiniSub- must be under 10 tons (+15 pts) DSEV- must be able to exceed 500 m below sea level. (+20 pts) Depth Scores: 100 m: +25 pts 200 m: +30 pts 300 m: +35 pts 400 m: +40 pts 500 m: +45 pts ... and the list continues (by +5 points per 100 m) Submissions: Photos/Video submissions only please. Leaderboard: @ralanboyle mini ROV "Sub 1" reached a depth of 1092m Below sea level- 110 pts @Klapaucius mini-sub "Jacques" reached a depth of 1048m Below sea level -105 pts @dnbattley 5 ton mini-sub "Stratzen-Pellor" reached a depth of 971m Below sea level (claims ability to have infinite depth and range, but photo shows 971m Below sea level)- 95 pts Outliers (Used Glitches for Max Depth, or Below Ocean Floor): @Pds314 unnamed sub, would have been 300050 pts.
  5. Hey all! It's Hebzepbiah here again. The challenge this time is to make an airship or a baloon! It doesn't need any gas or whatsoever. NO AIRSHIP MODS ALLOWED!! Note: You can also just abuse the physics and use a kraken drive Prize: Fame (But not fortune) Just to give you an idea about what I'm talking about, here are some of the ones I made. A baloon An airship Happy flying!
  6. Kerbal kind needs to know how long there sun will last. So they have chosen YOU to build and pilot a craft carrying a M700 Survey Scanner. (Stock, Stock+dlc) Requirements to complete Easy: get a craft into a polar orbit around the sun. Medium: get a craft into a polar orbit around the sun. Then return and recover said craft Hard: get a craft into a polar orbit around the sun. Then return and recover said craft WITHOUT ion or nuclear engines. Pretty much impossible: build a station in the polar orbit. By station i meant 3 separate parts (launched at separate times) docked together in polar orbit around kerbol, and powered through the entire orbit. (requiring you to use either enough batteries to hold you over until you get closer to kerbol or rtgs) with room for at least 5 kerbols. Brownie points to those who impress me. Note: you can NOT use (hyperedit, Alt+12, ect.)
  7. Keeping my US craft replicas in this topic I will only use Stock/DLC parts, no mods when building these _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Boeing AH-64A/D Apache Length: 13.2m Weight: 23.7t Parts: 351 Main throttle: Main rotor and tail rotor torque (set to slightly below 1/3, and use SAS) Translate U/D: Main Rotor pitch collective _________________________________________ McDonnell Douglas F-4B/C/E Phantom II on KerbalX Length: 15.6m Weight: 25.36t Parts: 220 (w/drop tanks) AG1: Toggle afterburners Stage: Drop external fuel tank As a side note, I'd highly recommend you only drop the tanks when not exerting any G's on the craft, since the landing gear on the drop tanks are autostrut-locked to the rest of the plane, it appears to screw up the wing part positioning and somewhat ruins the aerodynamics. _________________________________________ F-15C Eagle on KerbalX Length: 14.9m Weight: 23.7t Parts: 217 AG1: Toggle afterburners _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II on KerbalX Length: 12.2m Weight: 22.07t Parts: 290 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor on KerbalX Length: 15.4m Weight: 33.43t Parts: 233 AG1: Toggle afterburners _________________________________________ F-35A Lightning II on KerbalX Length: 12.73m Weight: 29.21t Parts: 394 AG1: Toggle afterburners Requirements: Making History DLC, Breaking Ground DLC _________________________________________ F-35B Lightning II STOVL on KerbalX Length: 12.75m Weight: 31.93t Parts: 340 Requirements: Making History DLC, Breaking Ground DLC _________________________________________ F-16C Viper Length: 12.5m Weight: 22.5t Parts: 270 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Grumman/Northrop Grumman F-14B Tomcat on KerbalX Length: 14.2m Weight: 29.9t Parts: 277 AG1: Toggle afterburners AG2: Toggle swing wings U/D: Manual swing-wing angle Requirements: Breaking Ground DLC _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bell AH-1Z Viper on Kerbal X Length: 12.6m Weight: 20t Parts: 239 Main throttle: Main rotor and tail rotor torque (set to ~50%) AG1: Toggle Fuel Cell Translate U/D: Main Rotor pitch collective _________________________________________________________ Upcoming crafts: F-18 Hornet / F/A-18 Super Hornet ???
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