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The GIS-Octopus Mapping and Surveying Agency [02/06/2016] - Kerbin]


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The GIS-Octopus Mapping and Surveying Agency presents



ORbital, Biome and Altimetry, Telemetry of the planets in the Kerbol system

GMSA has partnered with DMagic Orbital Science corporation and SCANsat in an effort to map the entire Kerbol system.

The aim of the project is to provide space agencies with high resolution altimetry to aid relevant planetary surface operations.

Progress has been slow due to a lack of funding but a recent donation from the Mario-Foundation has allowed GMSA to serve coffee again to its employees. Moral is better then ever now.

btn_donate_SM.gif Consider donating to the GMSA employees. We need lots of coffee and every little bit helps!


Kerbin Global Surveyor Maps

27420270965_52e01a05cf_z.jpgTopographic Map of Kerbin by Purple Dan, on Flickr


Kerbin-Mun Global Surveyor maps






Kerbin-Minmus Global Surveyor maps






Duna Global Surveyor maps



Duna maps need to be redone, using wrong projection system


Moho Global Surveyor maps






Jool-Laythe Global Surveyor maps





I hope you guys enjoy these maps.

More are on their way :)

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2016 Update
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These are insanely useful, I especially like the biome overlay map to plan science trips. You don't happen to have a minimum size requirement for a biome to count in these, do you? Looking at the biome and landing guide maps I feel like some of them are taking into account a square meter of space that's Duna Craters (for example) and it'd be functionally impossible to find.

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Love the biome focal-stat maps, so handy for planning landings! How did you produce them? I voted for Eve next, purely because it would look cool as hell on a map (and it would help to find a landing spot under dense cloud... yeah, that sounds good :sticktongue: ).

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If you did Laythe I could possibly use it in my up and coming movie... ;)

I voted for Eve to check if the poll is still functional, that means that Laythe is in the lead.

Eeloo is far...

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It was a royal pain in the ass... negative values don't play nicely in arcgis without the right binary encoding. Took me an age to get a proper encoder and to write a proper header for the files to load and display accurately :)

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could you make low-res maps using the RADAR data? It's all that KSA has of Mun and I'd like to formally commission (as in pay) for some area-focused terrain maps to assist with landing planning. Don't know tho if you've considered any work with the low-res results (as opposed to the SAR instrument)

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Hay man sure, You should PM me about what you need. I'd like to know what sort of maps you would need and what areas and at what scale you want them... I can literally customise everything for you :)

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Just an idea for another map if you get time / finish other planets.

Is it possible to see an updated height / inclination like is shown on the Mun wiki page? The idea of this map would be able to show the minimum orbit height for the various airless body for those that like to skim the surface.


Also - how High rez can you get a map? Big enough to print for a poster?

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