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  1. All good, yeah it sounds like they might not've known about the decreased performance. I love the curiosity though it might be fun for you to hear that I spent a lot of time mucking around inside the files of a number of old EVE packs (Better Atmospheres, the original Astronomer's packs, KSPRC, Sci-Fi Visual Enhancements, Stock Visual Enhancements, etc.) to see how they ran things, and to learn tricks that I could implement in Spectra.
  2. Greetings By EVE Boulder Co., could you link me the page that you're getting this info from? If this is what I think you're referring do, that was the name of the old 'default' cloud configs which EVE used a number of years ago, back when it was run by the original creator — those configs probably aren't relevant anymore. Furthermore though, Spectra's configs are actually very well optimized - I spent many long hours figuring out the best settings to improve FPS while keeping the visuals still within acceptable bounds. It's also worth mentioning that by installing both Spectra and Boulder Co., you've actually lowered your performance from using either, since you're effectively loading two completely separate set of cloud configs and textures at the same time.
  3. Thank you for making this! I've been away from KSP for a while so I've not had the chance to update to @blackrack's volumetric clouds yet, thank you for beating me to the chase
  4. Woah, that feature sounds incredibly useful for SSTOs to be able to set a specific angle to hold! I.E. 10 degree incline, hold until orbit
  5. I'd recommend using CKAN for installing things with KerbalKonstructs since it handles a lot of the dependencies - but yes you should have to install both
  6. Greetings You can run both alongside, although Spectra's configs haven't been rewritten to include them yet; if you run both, it will draw the default EVE volumetric clouds (with their own layers), plus all of Spectra's too. So effectively, it will create double the cloud layers. It works, but some planets look suboptimal. I've been away from KSP and so haven't had the time or energy to upkeep with the new changes. Sorry
  7. Hello! Your picture looks normal to me; some of the OP images may be from older versions of the pack
  8. Hm gotcha. Alas I can't do much troubleshooting for bugs with Scatterer and Eve, all I can recommend is trying to reinstall Scatterer/EVE/Spectra from new downloads
  9. It's funny because I made Spectra for strong integration with Scatterer, yet often when I'm playing solo I have it disabled to improve performance. One nice little thing you can do to help performance a lot, is turn off aero effects in settings. It removes the mach lines and reentry "flames" but your craft will still be painted red. REALLY improves performance when in atmosphere
  10. Alas I don't know if a Radion RX 550 will cut it for running EVE Performance comparison to my card: https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-RTX-3070-Ti-vs-AMD-RX-550/4116vs3925
  11. Spectra's configs are actually better performing than the standard Boulder Co configs, if I recall correctly. I did my best to optimize them How many pieces is your craft, and how good would you consider your pc? You could try uninstalling Scatterer perhaps; that's one of the largest performance hits, but it would remove the pretty water and sunset effects.
  12. I actually removed the scaled space body textures sometime back after the base game updated the scaled space textures — and same with the surface scattering textures too. Spectra now only has EVE/Scatterer cloud settings but no more. I think, perhaps you could make a Kopernicus add-on pack to add back the surface textures, and scaled space textures maybe, but I agree with you Pood that the normal EVE features are probably not in need of revival; there's just been so much that's changed in 6 years. So many new features. That said, there's still nothing stopping you if you really want to bring those back too!
  13. KSPRC was the main source of inspiration for much of Spectra — it's incredible to see it working six years later
  14. Glad to hear it's all fixed Spectra is tedious since it depends on two other mods to run, especially when you introduce other mods too.
  15. Odd. Do you not see bioluminescence on Laythe at all too? Or EVE cloud cover? Everything is linked so if you don't see clouds on Kerbin you won't see them elsewhere too. If you see clouds on EVE, then everything is working correct and there's just not any clouds above the KSC at the current moment. In CKAN when you select Spectra, do any of the required components in the box at the bottom right show red text? If you're not seeing clouds it's possible that EVE is marked as out of date for the current KSP version, which means CKAN doesn't install it, which is the reason why you don't see clouds? Also, what other visual mods do you have? If you install only Spectra, does the issue still persist?
  16. Hey there creator of Spectra here, if you're having troubles installing it, I highly recommend using the CKAN mod loader. It greatly simplifies the installation process.
  17. This update is big news. I had a dream around five years ago of creating a feature-length cinematic film using Kerbal Animation Suite and FreeIVA, but fell apart at the seams in planning. The fact that you're working on this for use in VR is... incredible. You rock JonnyO!
  18. It's very minor what the vibrant sunset adds—it overdrives the sunset color values to make them look much more colorful but it comes at the cost of a visible line near the terminator from orbit. Alas I don't have any more pictures of the addons at the moment sorry the names of them should do a pretty good job of explaining them though It is intentional that you have to guess you can use mapping equipment from KSP's science equipment to get more exact locations, or remove the clouds for the moment you land and add them back after
  19. There's something wrong with your installation, possibly Scatterer settings? Definitely some unwanted issues with Scatterer. You can compare to the pictures and videos in the OP to see how the planets are supposed to work. Could you show me a picture of your GameData? All the files from Spectra should be in one folder inside of GameData, so GameData/Spectra/Spectra_Scatterer and the rest
  20. GameData>Spectra>Spectra_Scatterer is correct. You don't need to change the file structure from the download at all, just drop the whole Spectra folder into your GameData. I sadly cannot provide troubleshooting support for Max OSX though sadly, since I've not done any testing with it (I don't have a mac). I wish you luck o7
  21. I've gone from 100+ FPS to under 60 when I've had snow particles installed — or at least it feels like that; I've not done any hard measurements. They turn my 3070Ti into a wind tunnel too.
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