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Parking Brake Toggle Hotkey

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I know about the clickable up at the top, but if there's a hotkey for it, it's eluded my best google fu. I found an old post where Sal makes mention of double tapping B in the same sentence as the parking brake, but that produces no result for me and google suggests that others report it does nothing for them as well (just as well, this would make pumping the brakes impossible). There's certainly no configurable hotkey, so I suspect it doesn't have one.

May we please have one? Even assigning Brakes to a custom action group will produce only half-functionality; your brakes will indeed be locked but no indicators will be flagged (i.e. the brakes indicator at the top that lights up when brake is pushed does not light up, mods that offer "brakes engaged" type feedback register nothing, etc). This makes it impossible to engage parking brake on an all-IVA flight (crucial for a STOL bush plane, no?), besides just being inconvenient. Might I suggest alt-B, which seems to be unused now, reuses the intuitive hotkey, and has been suggested informally in the past?

I'm not going to gripe too loudly though since I've played hundreds of hours and only now thought I should "brake" the habit of clicking the button and use a hotkey instead. :D

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Yes, clicking the brake button isn't nice when for example making a video and wanting to switch focus. But assigning an action group has the same result as clicking that button, plus you have more flexibility in how you assign them (for example left OR right gears for taxiing on the ground).

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On 8/28/2015 at 10:10 PM, MoeslyArmlis said:

The trick to applying the parking brake is to:


  1. press and hold B
  2. tap Esc
  3. releasing B
  4. tap Esc back to the game.


This key sequence can be used or there could be a toggle button for the parking brake. I too would prefer the latter.


Offering some belated appreciation for this tip. Been playing for over 4 years, didn't know that. Useful in IVA, I don't know any other way of engaging parking brake while doing so.

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