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  1. Wow that was more complex than thought. With the issue of things heating up inside fairings I assumed they weren't doing anything.
  2. Reported Version: v0.2.1 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 10 | CPU: AMD ryzen 1600x | GPU: AMD RX 580 4gb | RAM: 32gb While looking for a craft file for another report I noticed a whole bunch a png's with no associated meta or JSON files. Mostly auto saves, but also crafts I know I deleted. My main save has over 1600 of these files totalling over 200mb of data. That doesn't sound like much. But it's also only the result of about a dozen or so complete crafts. This is just unacceptable, especially considering your save is located in the hidden by default AppData folder for your windows user. You are not encouraged to look at that folder directly by KSP or windows, ever. What I expect to happen: Deleted crafts remove all the files associated with them. What is happening: All of the PNG thimbnails are being left behind slowly filling my Boot drive with trash. Steps to replicate: naviagte to your workspace folder for a well used save here, C:\Users\youruser\AppData\LocalLow\Intercept Games\Kerbal Space Program 2\Saves\SinglePlayer\yoursave\Workspaces and count up the png's with no corresponding JSON file. Included Attachments: .ipsImage { width: 900px !important; }
  3. I caught a shadow moving over my plane in the VAB. looked out the window and there was the sun, setting. Yup it sure does.
  4. Ran out likes again. That's my que to go to bed.
  5. This isn't the place to discuss that. And yes I've been here a long time. I know the whole story, as far as is publicly available. More than can be discussed on the forum. At the end of the day Intercept is the dev. Private division the inde label T2 created. For reasons best not discussed.
  6. You ever consider that T2 may have a boilerplate EULA, they just swap names in? They run gta after all.
  7. No not exactly, I never expected it to go smoothly. I'm one that understands the state of things. Many of those reviews don't. Even if they do the binary choice doesn't lend itself to that nuance. I believe Intercept is sincere, I have less faith in T2.
  8. Yup kyobashi maru. Can I steal your signature?
  9. I know, it just feels like dogpiling though. I had no intention of reviewing it before I see how progresses for a bit. Not everyone has that kind of reserve though. It wouldn't be good if they did anyway. I swear this EA is turning into a kobayashi maru. ( I can't believe google knows how to spell that.) @regex You don't need to defend your opinion here. It's just as valid as everyone else's.
  10. Just to be clear. I am not hating or complaining, I know what I signed up for. I paid 15 dollars for ksp1 and bought 3 more copies of it for my kids and friends. I'm worried there may end up being conqueneses for this from the higher ups. I never doubted Intercept (Nate.)
  11. There is that. and is your avatar a D6 in orbit? awsome!
  12. I'm copying this here because this is a more appropriate thread title.
  13. To late. and like I said the only reason I'd regret it is if it went on fire sale. Or this all implodes in the hands of T2. That's why I left the discord last week.
  14. Yup right now I'm justifying to myself knowing the price is gonna go up. At this this rate though I'm not so sure any more. Damage control might force their hand, Unless they pull a rabbit out of you know where with a few quick updates. If they drop the price I'm gonna be angry. I'm pretty sure most of us would be. Rock and a hard place. Nostalgia for the early days is not worth 50 (67 Cdn + tax) bucks IMO.
  15. TBH I wouldn't even recommend to fans. They have every right to review it. It's the price you pay for opening up sales. EA, or not. All the reviews are gonna have an EA asterisk. But really does that matter?
  16. The game is getting ratio'd quite hard. sitting a 50% as of now. I'm conflicted. I can't recommend this yet. I'm franky shocked at the amount of jank, and I was expecting quite a bit not quite meeting the min spec. If it was just chugging I'd brush it off happily. But there are sooo many things. I don't blame the reviews at all. At this time I can't in good conscience come up with anything to say that would allow me to Upvote it. But I don't want to downvote it on day 1. The binary choice is just not fitting. What's clear is, it was forced out the door. That makes me sad. It's too early to ra ra the team, but I feel their pain. I hope they get it together before this whole thing implodes.
  17. Please stop using this metric. Years is a meaningless number. How many people were working on it during that time? How much idle time was there? Did they start over after the incident? Years doesn't tell you anything about that. Man hours does. We can possibly make an estimate of that number but we'll never know. All I can say is T2 is marketing this as AAA. It isn't there yet, I'd hesitate to even call it beta yet. But many if not most AAA titles have five plus years in dev. Not counting those yearly games that only get minor tweaks year over year.
  18. The AMD app can do it, it's listed as radeon chill. And depending on card features, upscaling, downscaling, aliasing. A bunch of stuff to try and lessen the workload. I'm sure the NV app has equivents.
  19. It's a feature not a bug. It lights up your controls, shows the countdown on the keys. As you've found you have to use the logi app to disable it, just like every game with logi rgb support. That being said, it does not light up enough controls. I've never tried to make a game reactive RGB profile before. I'm not even sure that's a user facing ability. The countdown is fun but I might just use my KSP1 RGB profile.
  20. Fine controls didn't work, and there was no indication I could find that it was active. that's what did me in.
  21. Hey! Navi is my message chime on my phone.
  22. I don't mind the anchor system, in theory. In practice, it leaves much to be desired. Here are some of the things I've run into, feel free to add on if I jog anyone's memory. first off. The horizontal pan on the VAB camera is non-existent. Fine mostly, for rockets. But building planes with it is an exercise in frustration. You used to be able to hold shift to switch between rotate and pan. Having it on the middle mouse button (wheel) means it messes with the zoom function. Next The move tool is to cluttered. I found it difficult to grab the arrow I wanted and I hated having rotate and translate on the same tool. I miss the rotate globe. Anchors, well the buttons again are to small. When the pan didn't work as expected I thought maybe changing the anchor would recenter the camera on the new anchor. It did not. These problems, and the buttons just not responding sometimes had me pulling out hair. Part manager, again to clutted, and far to large. It was good that it opened on the part I clicked on, but with the dropdowns and long list of parts I still found it difficult to figure out/find what part I was affecting. A highlight would go a long way, maybe break it up by stages? I like the idea of it, but if I just want to mess with the part I clicked on I found myself wishing for the old P.A.W menus. Wings, I'm on the fence. I found the sliders not fine grained enough to use efficiently. The lack of text adjustments didn't make sense. Like the box is there with a number, why can't I click on it and just type what I want? All and all I preferred the way the procedural wings mod did it, via a combination of draggable handles and the box with sliders and text input. And all of this is only when they worked. I often had to exit the VAB and re-enter because I could just not activate the shape tool, could not grab them again after placing them, and could not attach parts to them. Action groups, I haven't really messed with them. But I will say this. I thought it was silly to have that in the same window as the part manager. I don't need the parts list when doing action groups. Just leave where it was, replacing the list. The list, It's much improved, I give them that. There isn't enough categories though. Some of the condensed choices just baffled me. It took a hot min to figure out how to get rid of a part on the mouse. And It frustrated me that when I was trying to drop a part I had to find an empty space to do it without picking up another part at the same time. Could we not do that? The only other issue I have is the part size isn't clear by name only. So it makes it harder to deal with in the part manager. Placing parts, while mostly straightforward. What was missing, and is just default muscle memory for me is holding shift to force it to only connect to nodes. I honestly didn't realize how much I rely on that to be efficient. So that's all I can think of for the moment. This is more not working as expected/user friendly and less this is broken, aside from the wings. I think muscle memory is biasing me. But I don't think that's exactly a me problem. I'm hoping we can meet more in the middle here.
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