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What is Your Planned 1.1 Modlist?


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On 2/2/2016 at 8:28 PM, Laythe Dweller said:

Share what mods you are planning to get for 1.1, with 64 bit allowing infinite RAM usage!

I don't plan to make many changes.  Most of the mods I use are just instrumentation anyway, to provide basic engineering and flight instrumentation that the stock interface just lacks or does poorly.  I never use many part mods because I'm not a slave to fashion.  If I already have a fuel tank or engine of a certain size or performance, why do I need several others that just look different?  Aesthetics is something I just don't think about :)  So for the most part, I'll just keep on doing what I'm doing.

I do, however, plan on adding several things that I've long wanted but the memory limit kept me from it:

  • EVE in the highest and most glorious resolution available
  • Lots more alternate Kerbal face and clothing packs for Texture Replacer
  • Kerbinside with all options
  • Infernal Robotics (oh, how I've missed you!  Haven't been able to use this since it was Damned Robotics)
  • Smokescreen and/or various other things that give fancier visual effects


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Similar to what I run now, RO/RSS/RP-0, all the `pretty` mods like EVE, scatterer etc

What I am looking forward to is checking otu all the mods I have not had the RAM to check out yet.

Mostly full quality textures for existing mods and part packs.

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On 2/2/2016 at 6:28 PM, Laythe Dweller said:

Share what mods you are planning to get for 1.1, with 64 bit allowing infinite RAM usage!


I went slightly overboard with the mods; my list has exactly 100 mods.

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Astronomers Visual Pack: Interstellar
Community Tech Tree
EVE Overhaul
Texture Replacer
Renaissance Compilation
Engine Lighting
Distant Object Enhancement
Raster Prop Monitor
Collision Effects
Destruction Effects
Stock Clamshell Fairings
Battery Indicator
Skytone Mapper
Water Sounds
Ship Effects
Stock Bug Fix Modules
Navball Docking Alignment Indicator
Modified Explosion Potential
EVA Fuel
WASD Camera Editor Continued
Crowd Sourced Science
Contract Configurator
Portrait Stats
Field Experience
Waypoint Manager
Coherent Contracts
Advanced Progression Contract Pack
Anomaly Surveyor Contract Pack
Kerbin Space Station Contract Pack
Unmanned Contracts
Time Control
Avg's Icons
USI Life Support
Ven's Stock Revamp
USI Alcubierre Drive
Cryogenic Engines
Near Future Solar
Ferram Aerospace Research
Near Future Construction
Near Future Propulsion
Kerbal Engineer Redux
Kerbal Alarm Clock
Dmagic Orbital Science
Saru Planet Pack
Stockalike Station Parts Expansion
Kerbal Inventory System
Kerbal Attachment System
Asteroid Day
Surface Lights
Near Future Tech LV-N Patch
Near Future Tech Decaying RTG Patch
Near Future Spacecraft
Procedural Parts
Kerbal Atomics
Module Manager
Firespitter Core
Mission Based R&D Contract Pack
Rover Contracts
Texture Replacer
Tourism Plus Contract Pack
Base Construction Contract Pack
Field Research Contract Pack
Atmospheric Sound Enhancement
Mechjeb and Engineer For Everyone!
Astronaut Complex Overhaul
Munar Sciences Experiment Package
Procedural Parts Extended
RCS Build Aid
Procedural Fairings
Procedural Fairings Extended
Filter Extensions
Heat Control
Kerbal Krash Systems
Kerbal Construction Time
Stage Recovery
Auto Rove


Uhhhh, how your computer stayin' alive?

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2 minutes ago, Gelix said:

Probably none thanks to SQUAD for shutting KStuff down.

SQUAD did not shut down Kerbalstuff and anyway the community rallied round and very quickly put up the replacement, SpaceDock so your complaint has no substance

sounds a bit whiny if I`m absolutely honest partially due to this really not being the place for that sort of comment.

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I'm wondering whether my planned list is realistic.  I have i7 930 @2.8GHz, 12G RAM, GeForce GTX980, no SSD except for my Win 7 disk.  In particular, I've never run any sort of graphics mods, so I'd like try some things like EVE and Scatterer.  Do environmental mods depend more on RAM, CPU speed, or more on the speed of your video card?  Are there other graphics mods I should consider?

Here's my tentative list:

  • New Horizons
  • Bases & Stations Contract Pack
  • Nertea's space station parts
  • MKS, maybe?
  • Near Future Tech, maybe?
  • A science-related mod (open to suggestions here)
  • Engineering Tech Tree
  • EVE
  • Scatterer
  • ScanSAT
  • AntennaRange
  • Kerbal Alarm Clock
  • Precise Node
  • Kerbal Engineer Redux
  • Maybe Kerbal Construction Time
  • Final Frontier
  • USI Life Support


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