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  1. Wot. I seriously need to pay more attention. If it weren't for this I'd have missed another SpaceX launch. And that's just terrible.
  2. It's going on a test stand, so weight doesn't matter.
  3. You were pretty much spot on with your explanation of what Max-Q is, but in KSP it varies wildly between rockets.
  4. Is anyone going to talk about the fact that all of this was over a drop of less than 0.6km per hour? With a responsibly high orbit it would take hours to make any noticable difference.
  5. Nah, this was added on top of the interstage after it landed. Unless they want to measure MaxQ during the sub-10m/s transport... @Nibb31Looks like the boxes might be for some sort of telemetry? There's an antenna sticking out to the right of the frame. Couldn't be anything high power as the boxes are topped with solar panels. Edit: Whoa, 5000th post in this thread.
  6. Maybe just animate the flame moving and not the bell? (Or not animate it at all)
  7. The N1 used throttling to steer... obviously you'd have to fudge in some gimbal range at the cost of clipping engine bells together.
  8. What's in these boxes though? My curiosity is reaching critical mass
  9. About Challenger: Their suits weren't actually sealed during the launch. At that point NASA had lots of confidence in the Shuttle so some of them had their visors open or a glove unattached.
  10. I'm glad they're taking a break. I would honestly feel guilty asking them for anything after they've been working full steam for so long.
  11. The official working-our-arses-off-to-finish-this-update day.
  12. So that's why ships blow up with no warning.... they stray into the hypersonic-pea-layer and get bombarded with what are essentially meteorites.
  13. KSP Version: 1.1.2 (latest version as of March 16) OS: Windows 8.1 TrackIR Version 4 camera with version 5 software. I saw that KSP is in the supported game list for TrackIR (Which is one of many reasons I got it) and read a reddit post saying support was added in 1.0... but I can't find anything related to TrackIR in any of the settings menus. I tried seeing if I could map the axis to the "Camera Horizontal/Vertical" inputs but no dice. (In case anyone's curious: TrackIR is basically a purpose built webcam that tracks reflectors or LED's that you attach to a hat or headphones. It amplifies your head movements so that looking at the edge of your screen is equal to looking behind you in game. Sounds terrible, but it works fantastically)
  14. Multiplayer is something that's way off right now. I think after we get past the rocket part revamp/antenna range updates and their respective bugs, then Multiplayer should become a priority. Squad taking a significant amount of time to develop multiplayer right now would be like a pilot making tea after his right engine explodes.
  15. It's referred to by Kerbol only in the community. According to the game's internal code it's called "Sun".
  16. Before 1.1 was released it looked like the rocket part revamp and antenna system would be added in 1.2. It's best to assume that, because 1.1 isn't going to plan, 1.2 won't either. Let's wait until we get a new set of devnotes and hope they mention it.
  17. Seeing quite a few teething issues in this thread... I'm gonna wait a bit before getting back into KSP, but I definitely don't plan on leaving any time Soon(TM).
  18. @Fearless Son You just made the 350,000th post in KSP discussion
  19. Btw, a lot of real aircraft don't use the same steering controls during taxi and takeoff. Typically something like an airliner can steer it's nose wheel a few degrees with the rudder and has a separate lever for large steering motions. I think I'm gonna set it up so my pedals control the rudder and twisting the stick does wheel steering. But seeing as most people don't have such a control setup, the best solution IMO is to have an action group to disable the steering during takeoff.
  20. I've been out of the loop for a while and haven't played KSP since the pre-release ended. Would somebody be so kind as to brief me on what's still broken? Or, more optimistically, what has been fixed/improved since then? Sorry for the request but I'm kinda lazy short on time at the moment.
  21. @captinjoehenry You know this is designed for real solar system right? ....athough using it in the stock system sounds pretty interesting
  22. They'll make the wings thicker than they are in game, probably.
  23. Once you have the test stand working, you should weigh the tanks full and empty and add the engine/plumbing weight to the tanks dry weight. I wanna know how much delta V it has What about TWR?
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