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Kommunity Guidance Bureau - Moderator Recruitment Open


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Glorious Kommunity!

We are in need of new members to help with growing Kommunity.

Will you help build Glorious Kommunity Comrade?

First Rule of KGB

There is no KGB! Glorious Leader, Comrade Harvester, has made Magnificent Kerbal Kommunity! KGB Must have Feather hand!

Second Rule of KGB

All KGB Comrade's must be willing to dedicate time and energy to helping Glorious Kerbal Kommunity grow and remain safe place for all!

Third Rule of KGB

All Members of KGB must be Adult Comrades (18 and up).

Will you Join KGB and help Magnificent Kommunity grow?

Will you Join KGB for Glorious Leader?

If so,

Please contact Comrade Damion Rayne with application!

All hail Glorious Leader!




Note: Poster created by Sordid and used with Permission. Copyright Sordid 2012

Edited by Damion Rayne
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You are quite right, there are some remarkably mature 14-year-olds around. (And I have known some remarkably immature 24-year-olds!)

However, it is extremely hard to distinguish the genuinely mature ones from those who have only a superficial maturity, and if a superficially mature youngster is put in a position of authority AND STRESS then they can become extremely immature very quickly, to their own detriment and that of others. It is best for them (and for the community) if they are protected from that possibility.

Unfortunately, that means the truly mature young adults are forced to demonstrate their maturity by waiting.

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