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  1. People do love using that argument of "they're not humans" (yeah, we know) while forgetting that most all the parts in the game are based off real world versions.
  2. So, why not just have KSP be kerbin and the mun and nothing else?
  3. OPM changes where Eeloo is located @rjbvre - Cause yeah, it wouldn't make sense for it to stay where it is. Also, I suggest trying OPM in KSP 1 with nothing but stock parts and see if the whole "there's no extra challenge or considerations" sentiment from others is correct or not
  4. I mean, sorry for being a bit snippy here... but that whole "they're barren rocks with nothing on them" argument just really grinds me up because it's a non argument for space flight games like KSP, etc. It's also used to shut down space flight IRL. "Why go there? It's barren and empty." Nasa estimates there's something like 290 celestials around most major planets and dwarf planets in our solar system, 95 around Jupiter 146 at Saturn 27 at Uranus 14 at Neptune 5 orbitals around dwarf planet pluto This type of argument means, we never go to any of them. Because there's just, "no reason, they're all barren rocks" There's nothing to learn, nothing to do, no advancements to be made and that's the same thing here in KSP... I don't play Stock KSP 1 without OPM, because going out past Jool, out in to the deep solar system, requires even more engineering in terms of mission planning, vehicle design, etc. For me personally, tho I suppose someone else will just jump in here and go "I play OPM stock and can get to pluto with nothing but 1 engine you're a noob" to shut me down on that, but oh well.
  5. So, why have interstellar at all then? Because that's just more "barren planets" to go visit for, I dunno, no reason what so ever? If we're going by that logic then every planet is a boring barren rock with no reason to go to it, so why have a space game about going to those places, there's nothing there yeah? No resources, no science, no mission and vehicle design challenges, no discoverable to explore, no landscapes and amazing vistas to see, no reason really to go to space or do things in space because it's all barren planets. Ya know, IRL, there's 95 celestial objects around Jupiter (That we know of), I'm sure there's no reason for us to go to any of them. Uninteresting barren lifeless rocks that they are. *shrug*
  6. So, umm, where does one actually download KSRSS these days? The gitlab? Because the "releases" just say source code... so confused if we're supposed to compile something or that's just the naming of the folders..
  7. I simply don't agree, not even remotely. We're talking about teaching the player how to set up and prepare true deep space missions before leaving the local solar system as missions to outer gas giants and pluto analogs are even harder to plan in modded KSP1 using KSRSS/OPM/RSS, than Jupiter/Jool and it's moons are. Have you ever even given it any consideration at all?
  8. Some of you, might remember, a very very long time ago when I was a part of the KSP 1 team as a community manager that I spoke about and petitioned my co-workers to add analogs to Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as a means of creating deep space challenges that Jool and its moons simply couldn't support. Now, I was shut down for a multitude of reasons, mostly that adding analogs to the outer planets and some of their most well known moons would have the following impacts, Memory Issues (KSP was 32 bit at the time) We'd need to rebalance stock parts and create new parts Extended Tech tree requirements These among a few other issues were why I was shut down, but for those of you here back in the day you might remember one @NovaSilisko talking about new planets.. Such as, https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Gas_planet_2 And a proposed Gas Planet 3 , with moons and changes to the kerbolar system. So, why bring this up now with KSP 2? Because I feel that KSP 2 could really benefit from having a true Solar System full planet catalog of analogs to explore and conquer before deep space and interstellar travel. That and lets be honest, OPM is one of the most popular planet mods ever made for KSP1. With a 64bit game, engine updates, etc, adding in analogs for the big 3 and pluto and some new moons could prepare players for true deep space missions before finally reaching out in to the great beyond. So please, at least, consider it?
  9. "Appear" is not "Fact" it may appear that they have ,but until an official statement comes out, "Everything in motions stays in motion." Anyway, great job team! Looking forward to what comes next!
  10. Ohhh, I thought it was across all systems generated, that's on me then, ty.
  11. I set 7 planets and 3 moons, which I thought meant, 7 planets per system max and 3 moons per planet max... and then I thought the min moon and min planets setting set the min for the overall generation of all systems put together?
  12. Gotta take care of you first and foremost, I'm sure everyone will understand.
  13. You say that like, 1. I don't know that vid is modded, of course I do. So what? 2. It some how just invalidates my statement about the game being about exploration, community, creativity, and imagination. It doesn't. 3. It somehow means that stock KSP 1 never had any of this "vibe" and that's just not even remotely accurate.
  14. There is a long life left ahead for KSP 1. A long, and happy left before the rot you talk about hits. Tho, I have some small measure of faith that if it needed it, that IG would put out some sort of 1.12.6+ update to maintain KSP 1 and keep it from dying out entirely.
  15. Actually, when I think of the "Soul" of KSP I think of this video by @Entropian, Imagination. Exploration. Creativity. Community. These things are all parts of the "Soul" of Kerbal Space Program, to me, personally anyway. We look up to the stars and dream, and we ask that big question, "What's out there?" and KSP... gave us a small taste of the dream of answering that big question.
  16. I tried building a new modded loadout with over a 100 mods to have a ew grand adventure and I think I failed lol Back to the drawing board I guess....
  17. To me? Just as much as the first game. The real foundation of building space craft and flinging them out in to the great unknown is still there. Does it need a lot of work? Yup, sure does it's not even remotely perfect, but KSP 1 wasn't either. It was a decade long grand adventure to build KSP in to what 1.12.5 became. It was a long hard road full of challenges and set backs but KSP 1 became one of the single greatest space games ever made and I believe KSP 2 can and is shooting for the stars in the same way and doing just fine after the last update. If they can hit the next milestones (reasonably quick, that being once a quarter or so) then I think in a year after several major updates where we're building colonies and slinging ships in to interstellar space without the smack in the face that is broken modded builds... it'll become even more captivating than KSP 1.
  18. As someone who was there in the earlier days of KSP1 alongside the talented and wonderful people that built KSP 1 and started this franchise, I always find these types of posts kind of funny.
  19. Is anyone else having issues with the Min Planets and Min Moons settings not working and throwing out errors?
  20. Welcome back to it and happy new year, please take your time and focus on your own health and well being first. I wont speak for everyone, but I am glad to have you back at it @Angelo Kerman Thanks for the best FTL mod in KSP. <3
  21. Question: Do I need persistent thrust as well as this to enable long burns?
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