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Raptor Aerospace Industries

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Welcome to Raptor Aerospace Industries.
My name is Raptor22, President and CEO of Raptor Industries.
Please, enjoy your stay.


Here at Raptor Industries, we are dedicated to bringing you reliable aircraft, spacecraft, and other aerospace systems that will serve you throughout multiple missions. From cargo planes to faster-than-light starships, we will ensure that our systems are versatile and affordable.

We are not to be confused with Raptor Aerospace Concepts and Solutions. If you mistakenly came here, go here:



View our products on KerbalX:

Visit Raptor Industries!

While in the past, Raptor Industries (or, as it once was called, Raptor Aviation and Aerospace Technologies) mainly created aircraft, in recent times the company has shifted to creating ships for interstellar travel. Our Star Fleet division (inspired by but not affiliated with CBS’s Star Trek) specializes in creating the finest star ships, star bases, and shuttlecraft for the United Kerbin Defense Force, along with other contractors.

In addition, we still serve the KAF (Kerbal Air Force), and have many military systems, alongside the civilian market. Our defense systems are among the best on Kerbin. As such, victory is almost always assured.

We often incorporate military technology into civilian projects to provide the best safety systems that you can hope for. All modded aircraft will be incorporated with aviation lights for safety. If you have even more concerns, we may grant special requests to outfit certain civilian aircraft with electronic warfare jamming systems, flares, and chaff, to provide the utmost defense against enemy attacks.

We will always do our best to provide as much information as we can about our systems. We shall ensure that each vessel in our catalog has the following statistics listed clearly:
  • All action groups
  • Resource values (i.e. maximum fuel load, electrical charge, etc.)
  • Maximum Proven Altitude (unburden, or without a payload or weapons)
  • Maximum Proven Airspeed (criteria for determining such shall be determined later)
  • Maximum number of passengers and crew

Other statistics, such as maximum payload, range, and endurance, are hard to obtain, and may vary from user to user as a result of different handling of the systems. While some may be aiming to squeeze every last drop out of a system, others may simply be aiming to get there quickly, regardless of fuel usage. We do not dictate how our customers operate our systems, but we will provide suggestions in order to make sure all of our customers are satisfied.

Stock Market

Civilian Market


(Under Construction)

Military Market


(Under Construction)


Modded Market


Civilian Market


C-9 'Titan' Supersonic Heavy Transport

Album wklwQ will appear when post is submitted


The latest aircraft developed by Raptor Aerospace Industries, the C-9 ‘Titan’ is among the finest aircraft when it comes to high speed, heavy lifting, and versatility, with a wide range of applications.

Please read the Important Information section below before downloading this aircraft.

The C-9 Titan weighs a monstrous 165 tons, but is able to take off in under 600 meters without cargo - an impressively short distance for such a *Titan©. It has multiple applications, including, but not limited to:
  • Military bombing - Utilizing the ventral cargo bays
  • Reconnaissance - Despite the Titan’s bulk, it’s extremely high speed will allow it to outrun most surface-to-air missiles, without the need for flares or chaff.
  • Cargo transport
  • Personnel and civilian transport
  • Research
With a steep ascent at full throttle, the C-9 Titan can gain enough speed to nearly escape the atmosphere. Making suborbital hops in and out of the stratosphere may conserve fuel (reports vary). Since the engines will cut out at about 28000m, you can go around 100 kilometers without using any fuel. However, this is not an option with heavy payloads.


  • Maximum Airspeed: Mach 4.25
  • Service Ceiling*: 23500m
  • Capacity for 16 Passengers
  • 77 tons (16040 units) of fuel, including 1 ton (200 units) of fuel in reserve, which is stored in the tail section
  • Standard suite of navigation lights
  • Four AE-4 ‘Valkyrie’ Turbo Ramjet engines

Important Information

In order to conserve fuel, it is highly recommended to reduce the throttle. At cruising altitude (10,000-20,000m), the aircraft can make mach 2 at only 1/3-½ throttle, so going full throttle throughout the entire journey is not only unecessary, but highly inefficient. While the four engines are enormously powerful, they also have an enormous fuel consumption. With careful control of the throttle, you can make it half way around Kerbin without needing to refuel

Action Groups:

[1] Toggle Engines
[3] Toggle Ladder
[4] Toggle Ventral Doors
[5] Toggle Rear Ramp
[9] Deploy Drogue Chutes
[10] Toggle Navigation Lights

*The C-9 ‘Titan’ is not actually copyrighted. The copyright symbol was there simply for comedic effect. However, we request that you do not re-post our craft without our permission.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.2.


RH-3 'Sparrow' Search and Rescue Biplane

Album UWKGK will appear when post is submitted

Based on one of the earliest aircraft manufactured by Raptor Aerospace Industries, the RH-3 ‘Sparrow’ has been refurbished for modern operations.

Download here: https://kerbalx.com/RaptorIndustries/RH-3-Sparrow



Designed as an early flight solution for fledgling space programs, the RH-3 has a low part count, low tech requirements, a low cost of only 17,018 funds, and able to perform a wide variety of missions, the RH-3 is perfect for beginners.

Designated as a reconnaissance and search and rescue (RH) aircraft, it can fulfill almost any task an early player needs their aircraft to fulfill. This includes exploration, research, training, airshows, and crew transport.


  • Maximum Airspeed: 58 m/s
  • Maximum Altitude: 10,000m
  • Crew capacity: one (1) pilot and one (1) passenger
  • Fuel amount: 90 units
  • Parts: 27
  • Weight: 3.762 tons

Action groups:

[1] Toggle engines

While the Sparrow is not incredibly fast, that is simply a limitation of the engine technology. It can provide enough thrust to carry the plane up to extremely high altitudes, and it has a rather impressive range for such a small aircraft. In addition, it is rather maneuverable.

In order to cut down on technology requirements, we decided to not include ladders. You’ll either have to get a stool or jump and press F to climb up onto the wing. With a capacity for one passenger, it is a perfect solution to rescuing downed pilots.

Note: Customers are encouraged to repaint their aircraft before attempting any reconnaissance missions.



Military Market


(Under Construction)



If you wish to become one of our corporate partners, we shall be sure to include information about your company (profile) here.
Here is a list of our Corporate partners:
  • WaffleTech Military Technologies, Lead by Joseph Kerman. Visit them here: 


We thank all of our corporate partners for their support

If you have any suggestions or complaints, please contact us at [email protected]

Please bear with the current lack of craft for the time being. I'm still making the first iteration of aircraft and designing their pages, so it will be a little empty for now. But please, stay tuned. I'll be uploading my craft very soon.

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Coming soon:

C-9B "Titan II" -  An extended body iteration of the original C-9 Titan, with a few more features.


C-9C "Sea Titan" - A seaplane version of the C-9B. Even with the added weight of the floats, it can still easily make mach 3 or even mach 4.


An (as of yet) unnamed experimental aircraft, with a new airframe design.


And finally the **CLASSIFIED**, a ████ and the first iteration of **REDACTED**, a revolutionary breakthrough in defense systems.


New craft coming very soon!

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  • 6 months later...

I apologize for the long delay since the last post.

However, there have been MANY things in the works:


Album a/LMX3X will appear when post is submitted


We have begun to reach for the stars, creating a new line of star ships. As a result, Raptor Aviation and Aerospace Technologies is re-branding as Raptor Aerospace Industries.


Many of the designs have to be updated to new versions of KSP. The first star ship to be released will be the NX-Class star ship, recreated from the one featured in Star Trek: Enterprise.

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I will download your planes this evening. They are kinda cool and I need some inspiration for my designs as well, since I'd like to adapt the C-9B Titan II to a SSTO exploration aeroship.

I may buy you the patent hahaha

Very nice planes, I will give you feedback as soon as I fly them! Cheers!

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I'm having a lot of trouble updating to 1.3.1 (I honestly don't care for 1.4, and most of the mods haven't been updated yet), and once I do I'll have to check to see if it messes with any of the physics of my new starships

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