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Cannot Transfer Fuel

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Hey there! 

I am able to Alt Transfer pretty much (that I can see) every resource, from food to monopro, except liquid fuel/oxy. When I select the tanks with Alt click, the in/out option doesn't show. I've tested this in many different situations, from docking intra-ship transfer to inter-ship transfer, but all for naught. 

Do you know what it might be? I'm sure you want some kind of info from my game. What do you need and how do I get it? I can't find general instructions anywhere.


Thank you!

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I will try the suggested, thank you. Here are the screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/w6AIhB7

You will see examples of the ability to transfer inter/intra and examples of my inability to transfer liq/oxy.


Hot tooty fruity! I love you guys. The selection was enabled. Never understood what it meant and I always try to play hard/custom settings without paying attention to that.


Thank you and thanks for being so fast!!!

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