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M700 alternative with ScanSat support


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Is there a mod that provides the same functionality as the M700 with a smaller model, ideally radial attachment?  I'm building some probes and the M700 size and shape is quite restrictive.

If not I guess I can make an MM config for something suitable

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SCANsat's own parts, mebbe? vOv


Tho, they have different types of scans, and have different orbital altitudes for scan operation... so it may require moar probes/launches to get full SCANsat results... I dont remember what results a stock M700 gets with SCANsat... vOv

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@Friznit I've been getting into scaling down the M700 for that reason. It's annoyingly large for its purpose and how close it needs to orbit its target, especially when I disable the stock scanning method.

@Stone Blue I forget if SCANsat has a resource scanner. If it does, it's likely the multispectral one that also reveals the biome and slope maps.

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