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  1. EDIT: nvm... seems I myself got my mods mixed up in my reply to Lo Var Lachland :face_palm:
  2. Not to speak for pizzaoverhead, but I'm pretty sure modelling IVA meshes to match up to the external part meshes, (even colliders, especially since KSP only does convex colliders), is quite tedious and time consuming... 95% of the part modders I know of that make crewed/crew possible parts, simply wont touch IVAs, since they are so much work, for so few people that use them. (I say few, relatively speaking, as even tho people who DO use IVAs are plentiful, and quite vocal in the community, they are *still* most likely a vast minority)
  3. Hopefully with a newer than 2017.1.3 Unity version, KSP 2 will also get multi-monitor support... Altho, I dont even know why I'm hopeful... My old, potato computer probably wont even be able to run KSP 2
  4. Actually, this was included right into the Telemachus release packages quite some time ago, IIRC. SO you shouldnt have to download this seperately... Just install Telemachus and its in there. *And*, IIRC, it mostly works
  5. Yes, its from Kopernicus Expansion Continued mod. and yes, so far it only has footprints.... GrandProtectorDark includes the Kop Expansion Cont. mod in the Event Horizon release package. Kopernicus Expansion Continued can be installed seperately, and *should* work with any planet mod that uses Kopernicus itself. And unfortunately, it doesnt look like they are persistent... they *do* disappear, I guess vOv
  6. Theres at least two that I know of... one is this: There is another that basically records any flight you do the first time you do it manually, then you can have it "automagically" repeat the flight... Darned if I can rememeber the name right nao, tho... Darn CRS EDIT: nvm... found it: EDIT2: oh shoot... looks like that only works fro things launched from KSC, and only ending within Kerbin's SOI ... EDIT3: nvm... looks like you can modify some cfgs to change which planet SOIs it works in :thumbs_up:
  7. Sorry, @CobaltWolf .. taking *first* Man, this looks awesomesauce, Beik! Only one problem: nao all the UI mods out there will have to update to match lol
  8. Wait...what?... the JSI mod is *just* a plugin with *no* parts, that can make existing pods transparent (with modification)... The mod that Zer0 is reviving, has actual *parts* in it, with *no* plugin... So how much duplicate/overlap is there?... other than in the titles?
  9. @Cassin that *is* weird... it would help if you could post your logs. Read this to see how to do that:
  10. Luckily, in this case, the compiled .dlls are included in the source package's GameData folder. (Not all mods do this).. So that means you can download the release using the second link, " Source code (zip) "... Then extract the contents of *just* the /GameData folder to your install's /GameData folder, then extract the /KerbalFoundries-Patches/Stock folder, to the /GameData/KerbalFoundries folder, and profit...
  11. @alexustas I would have been surprised if you *didnt* know this... but thought i would mention it if you didnt, and I clumsily did qualify it by adding the "i dont know if you know this, but.." ... And, yeah, i can see your reasoning behind showing it In ANY case, tiny inconsequential details aside.... AGAIN, THANK YOU for the update...
  12. Noice yeah... the ground indicator meshes for the wheels is a nifty idea... @alexustas, i dont know if you know this, but if you use the Icon_Hidden tag on the ground indicator mesh in Unity, you can have just the ground mesh, *not* visible in the Part Icons... loving the Universal Storage mounts, too
  13. Very nice... Just thought I would mention there is already another very similar mod with almost the same name:
  14. I can see this pack looking and fitting in better for launching and use with any of the USI mods, rather than BDB.
  15. Uhhmmm... forget to include something? vOv