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  1. I could be wrong, but IIRC, its more complicated than that. I would look at UbioZur to see how that deals with what you want to do, and the limits & pitfalls of doing something like this.
  2. @MOARdV So, I'm looking at the MAS Wiki, and I see the Prop Config Tool section mentions that multiple models can be combined, in specific instance of a prop? (If I'm understanding that correctly). So, if thats the case, say for this seat prop, could I have several .mu's, that only contain a single, uniquely named empty seat transform (kerbal spawn point, basically), and specify in each instance of a seat prop, which .mu to "combine" with the basic seat prop, so that each instance gets its own uniquiely named seat transform? It seems like, for IVAs that would have multiple seats, that would get around the issue of needing to have uniquely named seat transforms for each instance of matching a kerbal to a seat..??
  3. Do you have RPM Adopted & ModuleManager properly installed? You should have a JSI folder in your GameData (thats for RPM Adopted, amongst a couple other seperate mods)
  4. Yes exactly... It would be no problem to put a slew of transforms (uniquely named), right into the single model. I've done it, so did Alex. The issue is that there is no way to rename them via MM patch. This would sort of be along the lines of being able to index, or have unique 'moduleID =' type of keys, to target/pinpoint, specific instances of a prop, and not *all* instances of the same prop? ....or another, would be to at least allow transformName keys, both types/instances should allow targeting by MM patches? I was thinking it would be nice (and probably the best way(s) ) to have either, to provide an easy, & flexible way for peeps to interact with/edit/target specific props, as one way to address the issue vOv I imagine if you could get something working for the seat example, it could be used for a ton moar use-cases? vOv It would be no problem to put a slew of transforms (uniquely named), right into the single model. I've done it, so did Alex. The issue is that there is no way to rename them via MM patch. The patch would have to target Also, I should be able to get everything I have for the power seat as a test release, up on either github or my googledrive, today or tomorrow, if you want to use it to test your suggestion above, with, @MOARdV vOv I expanded its movements, with a couple more buttons: Rotate *Left*, as well as *Tilt Back*.. ... initially set for 5° tilt back, which pivots kerbal view upward... Also, another thing I'ld likke to ask... is there currently a way to have animations *partially* play... say only while a button is "held down"... ??
  5. Exactly... this is the problem. And so far I've tried adding up to 4 uniquely named transforms to the model, but it just stacks 4 kerbals in the first seat. I've thought about this, and I mostly understand what is going on, what *needs* to happen... but every way I can thin to address it is a no-go. This is most likely the issue AlexUsatas ran into, and why the seat is embedded right in the ALCOR IVA model, instead of being a seperate prop. Yup... thought of that too. That would be the *easy* way... but would mean many different different models, cfgs & or MM patches, with the only difference being a single digit in the seat transform name. I'm trying to avoid that, but that may have to be what happens... We'll see... I'm still poking the issue.
  6. IMHO Gotmachine nailed it... I know it would never happen, but I'ld add, that i would lie to have seen customization options to show/hide certain PAW items, ability to re-organize them, and custom grouping. Another *huge* thing, IMHO, that should have been implemented, is the ability to resize the PAW independently from the overall UI.
  7. LMAO... I have been guilty myself... *many...many* times... especially early in the AM before that first cup of cofveve
  8. Hmmm.. @adsii1970 mebbe I didnt make the first post clear... This would be for mods that *dont already* have any RPM/MAS support.... also, this wouldnt be for including in a *specific* IVA that I would be making... This would be for added *RPM/MAS* support, itself... vOv But thanx for the comment... It shows I really should see *just* how integrated SCANsat *is*...
  9. Hmmm.. yes... i hadnt thought of ScanSAT... but mainly because I know it already has some integration with RPM & MAS :thinking: Let me ask some *People*, before I add that one. Thanks for pointing it out
  10. @MOARdV So I've successfully made a seperate model of the ALCOR power seat. It all works in-game, *except* I cant figure out how (or if its even possible), to tie *different* kerbals to different seat props... ?? vOv Please PM if you get a chance
  11. MechJeb is pretty modular... Its not a mandatory do-everything-for-you thing... you can select different parts of waht it does, or not, to suit your level of laziness
  12. A part-scaling mod can be a sure way to ruin your gaming experience
  13. @ColdJ when you say: "Except for the problem that a .blend file will remember everything and load it up fine each time you work on it, but once you export as a .mu and you load it into your game to test, only to find nothing there, you will then try loading it back in BForArtists to see what is wrong. " You are NOT re-importing the mu into your *working* blend, are you? .... you should open a seperate *blank* file/blend, and re-import into *that*, to see whats wrong... and do *no* edits in that file... that blend should just be for *looking*.... if you want to make edits, then you do those in your *working* blend, export the changes from *there*... The blank blend you imported to, as I said, is just to see how it re-imports... it's *disposable*...once you are done looking... close it *without* saving it There are times where I need to make *major* changes to my working blend, and if I think there may be a chance new changes may destructively set me bac, I save my working blend *before* maing the changes, and usually append a number suffix, or shorthand description of that last major change i made.... AFTER saving it, i immediatly save again, but rename it with a higher number suffix, or shorthand description of the major chnge(s) I am *about* to make... Basically, i am making a seperate backup .blend, i can go bac to, without having to start all over. I know Blender/BFA can be set for periodic, *automatic* backups... (which i also have set), but these end up not usually being very useful, except in the case of a Blender/BFA crash, or my actual blend gets corrupted. i also make *extensive* use of the History buttons, as I am working, to step bacwards when immediate edits need to be reset. i also have the "steps to remember" number in the History setting, set to maximum... (256, IIRC)
  14. Yeah.. the wiki is really good reference...... I have a few more, detailed things I promised Taniwha I would add... I *really* need to do that Soon(TM)
  15. What ColdJ said above, *except* for the "import it back in after export", part.... you shouldnt be re-importing the mu
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