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  1. This is a known issue with those parts. Its being looked into. Except the aerospike. thats a new one. The Humpback Cargo Tail Ramp also causes it. The issue seems to be related to animated meshes having wacky origins, that end up intersecting with either their own part colliders, and/or the ground colliders. JadeOfMaar mentioned there is a stock bug with docking ports, that causes a 1km vessel spawn issue, that seems to be related. And yes, the WorldStabiliser mod seems to help. Hopefully moar info on the issue coming Soon™.
  2. Stone Blue

    Omega's Stockalike Utility Vehicles: OSUV [1.5.1]

    Dont forget people, these are not exact copies of Squads stock vehicles... Altho these are very close to stock, Omega had to model these basically from scratch, since Squad stock assets are not redistributable... So there will most likely be small things (like tire width), that wont match perfectly.
  3. Stone Blue

    Omega's Stockalike Utility Vehicles: OSUV [1.5.1]

    I think the advantage of Omega's pack, is that its super small resource-wise. Also, I guess his wheels work... and without having to have KSPWheels or Kerbal Foundries as a dependency OH, and I dont think you can get much moar *stock-alike*
  4. Stone Blue

    Omega's Stockalike Utility Vehicles: OSUV [1.5.1]

    KSOS also has a ground vehicle pack... not sure if it still worx tho vOv
  5. Stone Blue

    Omega's Stockalike Utility Vehicles: OSUV [1.5.1]

    IVAs *when*? Just kidding... IVAs are a difficult proposition, so anyone thinking about asking... Just *DONT*... This is awesome... Looks like a very kewl mod. Hopefully, too, this may lead to moar mods using the AdvancedTextures mod, and exploiting the use of stock assets.
  6. THANK YOU, Both, NavyFish and @micha :thumbs_up:
  7. Hi @raidernick First, Thanx for all the work that you do, on ALL of the mods that you do One question tho, about this from the OP: I'm just wondering if these packages are just straight up, unmodified copies of each dependency, put together for lazy people, or if there are *actual* modifications/extra files in these, that are specific to your mods? vOv Again, THANK YOU for all that you do.
  8. Stone Blue

    [1.5.x] Kronkus -A Kopernicus Planet Pack-

    Does it not work in 1.5? Do you have the latest dependencies for 1.5 installed?
  9. Not stoopid question... Only stoopid question is the one *not* asked but, uhh, this is the original mechjeb release thread, since Sarbian took it over... and yes, its where you can find the latest release for KSP 1.4.5 and 1.5.1... and yes, v2.8.1.0 is the updated (latest for 1.5.1)... and yes, it still includes the AR202 and Pod parts... If you want to go partless, and add MJ to all command parts, LGG has this mod you can also install:
  10. Stone Blue

    Universal Storage II

    @Daishi that is frickin *GORGEOUS*...
  11. Stone Blue

    Show All Fuels Continued

    EDIT: nvm... didnt realise this is ust an MM patch
  12. Stone Blue

    [1.4.x, 1.5.x] Kerbal Changelog v1.1.1 (10/27/18)

    ya... i understand... if it was in any other scene, where it competes for screen space, I totally agree... but not too many things on the main SpaceCenter screen usually, so i say, go as big as you want... There will *always* be someone who will complain its annoying... :looks at MiniAVC:... but if it annoys people, then maybe they shouldnt havve it installed in the first place? Oh... that brings an idea... maybe have a settings.cfg, so peoplpe could turn *off* your mod, after the first time they see it? Since this is really meant to be a packaged dependency, and not really a stand-alone mod, some people might *not* like having this, even tho they want to have the mod it was packaged with? vOv EDIT: Hmmmm... nevermind... that would pretty much zero out the purpose of the mod, which is to *make* people read changelogs that modders *REALLY* want them to read, when installing their mods... :thinking?:
  13. Stone Blue

    [1.4.x, 1.5.x] Kerbal Changelog v1.1.1 (10/27/18)

    nice... i assumed so, but you know how "ass-u-me"-ing goes
  14. Stone Blue

    [1.4.x, 1.5.x] Kerbal Changelog v1.1.1 (10/27/18)

    Excellent... I also vote vor another line break or two between versions... However, since its on the Space Center screen, and not much else ever is, maybe make the UI, maybe twice as wide... so the wordwrap isnt as bad? Also, I assume this only loads once, when KSP first detects a new mod? or does it display *every time* you load KSP? vOv
  15. I think theres usually an (American) football in the mix too