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  1. @Krazy1 yes, "SyncModuleControlSurface" is a module from Atmosphere Autopilot. IIRC, there *always* may have been a conflict when having AA *and* MJ installed at the same time? I cant remember, but I wouldnt be surprised.
  2. ...*OR*... some other mod, could have patched in MJ modules, or "cloned" a part using them
  3. What version of RPM and DE_IVA are you running? I would double check them, as I seem to remember this issue (or at least one regarding DE_IVA & ResearchBodies Telescope part), being fixed in a very recent update of either RPM or DE_IVA. If after verifying you have the latest updates of all three mods (ResearchBodies included), you still have an issue, come bac and post links to your *full* KSP.log Instructions on how to do that, here:
  4. Hi! Welcome They were under an ARR license, if I remember, & the dev decided to leave the community & took his mods with him. Forget they ever existed. End of story. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but thats the way it happens sometimes, and this has also been asked *many* times before.
  5. IMHO, KSP 1 does not need anything *new*. The ONLY thing I would want to see as an update, is **BUGFIXES**.... Let me say it again: **BUGFIXES** There is a *plethora* of bugs, many from wayyyyy back, & very old, and *moar* than enuff to keep the KSP1 Team busy, for as long as PD is willing to keep their lights on. If they *were* to put the $$ & effort into this, which I *highly* doubt at this point, IMHO, I would advise them to select the bugs they would consider fixing, and *before* they go and start doing their own thing to address them, i would behoove them to search for mods that have already addressed/worked-around/*fixed* said bugs, and poke those mods' solutions, & incorporate said solutions. And, no, I am not talking about just *copy/pasting* said solutions. That would raise a *WHOLE* slew of copyright/licensing issues. However, in many cases, there *are* only so many ways to code things. Anyway, this is all a moot point, as I said, it's soooooo highly unlikely that PD will invest the $$ into *any* moar work on KSP1, unless theres a way to do it, that *they think*, will sell moar copies of **KSP 2**. (ie, the last 1.12.5 update, with adding the Launcher & Mun Arch & all the fluff, that was *pure* marketing, solely targeted to selling moar copies of KSP 2)
  6. Excellent!... i didnt want to discourage you And if you find out about things that *do* or do *not* work with any of the kOS MFDs/Terminals, pleeze!, document & let me know.. either here, or post an Issue on the Github repo. It could help us all figure out what is/is not working, and why Also, in case you do Discord, kOS Team has a pretty helpful/knowledgable Discord server
  7. uhh.. *possibly*... In some recent investigations into *other* stuff, it appears there might be some issues with the kOSTerminal even fully working. I already have several other "irons in the fire", so I dont know how much/when I can help with this prop, if there *really* are issues with it. On a side note, i just found at least a couple of older mods, that seem to be doing, or close to doing, what you are talking about, with having an interactive kOS autopilot... i dont kknow if you kknow of them, so: EDIT: just saw *your* edit while I was posting.. lol yeah.. thats part of what I was talking about... there are seperate PAGE definition files that go along with the kOS Terminal and the kOS MFDs... There may be some ModuleManager patching issues, that may be affecting whether the MFDs work or not... also, as I noted before, if you're trying to use the *big* kOSTerminal, that has a full alpha-numeric kkeyboard on it, I guess most of the 85 keys/buttons on it arent hooked up for use, so do nothing when clicked? vOv from what I understand without poking it closer, I gather neither RPM nor MAS, have *their* code finished to fully utilize the prop vOv, so it would be on the RPM & MAS devs to take care of that part of it.
  8. Thanx for the logs... they verified what I've been hunting for all day, today... And good news... I found the issue and fixed it. Its a missing MASFlightComputer patch in a Reviva patch. I'll get a PR submitted, but it it will be up to @610yesnolovely to eventually get it out in a release EDIT: so I've been informed by a very smart mod dev , that my fix *only* fixes everything, if Reviva is installed... It seems its all still broken, if that mod is *not* installed... But... he clued me in, how to fix *that*... it also requires a patch fix in MAS itself... so I will submit a PR there, too.
  9. @Hippodingo Wow... very kewl! Ahh.. for kOS interaction, you might want to try the kOSTerminal MFD: I'm not sure if the keyboard keys work or not tho Funnily, that prop was one of the first new Issues logged on the github repo but if you want to add comments there, I'm sure JonnyOThan & MOARdV would lie to hear them https://github.com/StoneBlue/ASET-Consolidated-Props/issues/3 There is also this old mod, which I believe still works.
  10. @KGE can you pleeze post a KSP.log instead? as well as ModuleManager.ConfigCache? Your issue is most liely just a simple patching issue somewhere... I just need to find which mod is stepping on someone else's toes
  11. *NOT* that hard to find, even with the crappy search on Curse itself https://www.curseforge.com/kerbal/ksp-mods/gingercorp-stock-alike-station-hubs Altho, they *do* have a point, @Starwaster SpaceDock would be a nice option to have.. the site is a lot better than it used to be, and far surpasses Curse on the amount of mods hosted.... *just sayin* @Space_Coyote suggesting a mod needs an adoption solely because a hosting link is broken, and before checking with/contacting the owner/dev... is kinda... meh, IMHO Especially when that person is *still/currently*, a very active member in the community.
  12. @Hippodingo I doubt it... as far as I know, MAS or RPM for that matter, dont have anything close to an autopilot support, beyond current MechJeb of kOS support. I kknow there are a couple autopilot mods out there for KSP, but i dont believe any MAS/RPM support has been written for them... I have a feeling it would be a pretty big endeavor
  13. Idk if it ever did either... I also usually had KURS & HullCam installed whenever I actually *played*... idk if those could be factors... Also, hmm... i may have to retest.. i think i may have forgotten to mae sure those were removed in my test install yesterday :thinking: I *did* try to test with only MAS installed (no RPM)... but I couldnt find a MAS-only IVA, that had the 40x20 MFD in it. As advanced as MAS is, with even MOAR props available to it than RPM... I was *very* surprised to find that... *There is a SAD lack of MAS-only IVAs out there, that mae good use of the huge amount of props available.* Seemingly. NOTHING, even *close* to ALCOR, or even the ASET Consolidated Mk1-2.3 Pod...
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