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  1. Whoops!... Looks like the release package .zip didnt make it to the releases page... Only the two Source .zips are there. vOv
  2. NEVER just ass-u-me a bundled dependency is up to date. I manually install mods, and I *always* disregard bundled dependencies, and manually install those seperately. There *are* times when a certain version of a (outdated) bundled mod is specifically needed for a certain mod, but those cases are actually very rare.
  3. usually just copy paste the link in the post will work... for imgur specifically, for single images, you need to rght-click on the pic on imgur, "Copy image location*, *NOT* "Copy link*, and paste that in the post. Albums are handled differently.
  4. @Manwith Noname I havent dug into this yet, but I'm wondering if it would now be possible to use the latest version of B9PartSwitch, to tweak the material properties of the *original* base textures included in each mod, rather than redistributing modifed textures in *this* mod?? Latest B9PS added the ability to tweak a bunch of material properties, on existing textures. I know this would cut down your OPT pack *A LOT*... IIRC, youre pack is ~93MB... OPT has some HUGE base textures, I would rather not have to replce or duplicate, just for color switching, if B9 can do it vOv
  5. Anyone testing this, make sure the Solar Cycle Simulator is also getting installed as a required dependency. And also note that forum user @kalmor did a 1.6.1 recompile of both Orbital Decay and Solar Sycle Simulator, to maybe try.
  6. @Manwith Noname Thanx for making all these. Have you ever thought about making a repo for everything all in one place, on Github or the like? I know it would make it easier for people to grab the different packs, and especially older releases, from a single page like you can do with Github releases, rather than having two seperate tabs open, and clicking and closing each, just to grab each release... vOv or mebbe even SpaceDock... vOv Anyway, THANX AGAIN for the mod!
  7. Weellllll... Since you mention *NOT* Blender... ...then I *won't* mention, that the only way I currently know of to do it is... well, with Taniwha's Blender Import Tool
  8. @Klapaucius new location has been updated in this thread:
  9. gotcha If you didnt, you should add a comment to the issue... the moar peeps reporting it, might make it moar of a priority... vOv
  10. Hmm.. that *is* weird. vOv ... And who knows?... LGG may see this or get enuff reports, that it might get looked into on his end. However, i still hold that, since its when you are *typing 'c' in the kOS terminal*, that does it, rather than a normal use of the 'c' key bind to actually interact with KSP itself, its happening *inside* the kOS UI, so IMHO, its really an issue they should really be looking into... vOv I know you're not the first, but one of several, that I have heard report this exact same issue. vOv
  11. @Avera9eJoe So I have been working on a huge modification of OPT Legacy. I've resized, renamed, deleted, and moved OPTL textures all over the place. I see in the WS ModPack, that the included textures are the same (file) size as the original diffuse textures, Unfortunately, some are ~21MB I've read your post a ways back explaining how to add WS support to a mod. My question is, why does everything *not* to be shiny, need remain in the tetxure, @ 1% opacity? Are the existing mod textures being *replaced* with these WS textures, and the 1% opacity stuff needs to remain, to fully texture the part, or are these textures used *in addition* to the original mod textures, and the 1% opacity stuff in these textures just doesnt get used... or??... vOv Also, can I assume WS will work with *either* TRR, *or* TR, now that shaw has updated the original TR for 1.9.1? vOv
  12. There has already been discussion about this on page 5. I'm not the dev for this mod, so i cant speak for LGG whether he wants to look into this or not, but IMHO, this seems most defiantely a problem with kOS, rather than this mod. The "C" key is default for switching between IVA views, which this mod basically *is*... So I would say this mod is working as intended. I would raise the issue on the kOS thread.
  13. Yeah, its also been working fine for me too, with the exception of the bug Rodger posted above.
  14. Absolutely shameless plug below: (I use Stylus, and NOT Stylish plugin. All the themes to also work with Stylus) If you dont like mine above, you can search "kerbal" or "KSP" to find several others. Also, forum user @flart has a nice one in this thread: