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  1. Stone Blue

    Old Mods

    Just to add what SM said, it looks like SciFi Shipyards would be a ARR (All Rights Reserved license), which means you cant do ANYTHING with it publicly...even rehosting it somewhere. you *might* be able to get away with modifying it to work *FOR YOUR OWN USE*... but that would be a lot of work to put into it, to then not be able to share it. The LCARS mod looks like it has a very permissible license, so you might be able to publicly share that if you got it working. But make sure you read the specific license, and ask questions about it on the forums, if there is anything you are unsure of, about the CC-BY license. And even tho others have supposedly tried to contact the authors, and gotten no response, you should still try to do so. I *always* attempt contact, to ask, even on fully open licenses... I dont *have* to, but I still think its the *right* thing to do, to try to get an authors blessing, or to at least let them kno I'm planning to mess with their mod. And, besides, if I *do* manage to make contact, even on an open licensed mod, it can possibly open up an ongoing channel between you, so you can ask questions, or even get help/direction from the original author.
  2. DDS4KSP works Get it here: (you dont need to grab the DDS Loader component any longer)
  3. After doing your modelling in Blender, just save or copy the .blend file in your Unity assets folder. No need to export as fbx from Blender for Unity. Also, since you are just starting out, its best to use the same version of Unity as KSP is done in. For 1.4.x, thats 2017.1.3p4... For 1.3.1, you should be using 5.4.<something>.... Also, the new PartTools listed in the thread you linked is for 1.4.x.... there was a Parttools specifically for 1.3.x... I'm not sure where you could get that version from... I have a copy, but not sure if it can be redistributed, due to licensing and the new EULA that came with takeTwo's ownership. I would just go with Unity 2017.1.3p4 and the 1.4.x PartTools, and make a seperate KSP dev install of 1.4.3 to make your parts/mod in. Then you can copy them to your 1.3.1 install for playing and testing in 1.3.1. Anything you make "should" work in 1.3.1, unless you're doing some plugin thats needed for your stuff. Unity 2017.1.3p4 can be found on the Patch Releases page on the Unity site... for some reason, the patch releases are on a different page than the main Releases page. vOv Oh, and .mbm format is a holdover from earlier KSP... you shouldnt need to mess with .mbm... use png, or tga during development, then convert all textures to .dds for public releases. for the issue of your model not being found, make sure the filename and URL is correct in the .cfg. Also, i would use the "new" model parameters, (MODEL {}, and *not* mesh = ), as defined here:
  4. Yeah, I've felt the pain of this one... I spent a good 6 or 7 hours poking around the scripting, to see if I could get it to resize. Good to know... I generally mess with existing mods, and I convert the DDS textures to png before working in Unity, due to some issues with Unity not reading DDS... I usually export from Unity in png, but looks like maybe a change to tga may be better vOv
  5. Stone Blue

    [WIP][RSS/RO] Alternate Apollo

    Do I smell a new candidate for an IVA to be packaged in MAS? lol ;)
  6. I have a GTX 630M Yeah... even if there is *no* issue and things are working 100% for other peeps running Win7 and forcing Dx11, it would still be nice to hear from them... ( at the very least, I know *I'm* not just crazy... )
  7. Stone Blue

    [WIP] Mk1-3 Pod IVA by APL

    At least its not a hard choice between one or the other: RPM and MAS can be installed and used together. You can require both, and still have a working release of your IVA, while you slowly replace RPM elements with those in MAS, and phase out RPM... This is likely the best scenario for people converting existing IVAs.... Rather than doing a seperate, slow, development build of a full replacement MAS IVA all at once. And the only reason anybody still uses RPM, is because not all of the good current RPM IVAs have been converted. The more peeps that can get started on MAS, and helping MOARdV get all the MAS stuff configged up, the sooner IVA creators can get IVAs done fully using MAS, and RPM can get left in the dust and given a proper burial.
  8. I musta missed that... In the posts I did read on the inversion issue, the way people were talking, i was under the impression that it was, like, ALL the screens, or at least just about *everything* on a screen. I thought it was more than ust what I'm seeing... Sorry MOARdV, I thought I had ust a small remnant of a bug, that squeaked thru your fixes, and was due to some weird circumstances on just *my* computer... And thanks for the clear explanation of what happened.
  9. I agree. If someone else could confirm, that would be great. Again, i wouldnt want you to spend much time on the issue. i would rather see you get moar progress done on MAS. i really just brought it up, because LGG was seemingly considering dropping support of Probe Control Room, due to any issues with inverted screens in RPM. I'm biased against that, because i have been working on a new PCR control room IVA. When I start working on it again, I'll be starting to incorporate MAS, and only have RPM as "filler", till MAS props get fully completed, then it will be a MAS-only IVA. Luckily, it seems you've pretty much got the issue resolved except for my edge case. I kept mentioning it, and offered logs, only in the case of, if it may help you spot something obvious concerning the issue, in case you spend time on RPM dealing with bigger issues, and possibly stumble on a fix for this minor issue, as well. Again, what I'm seeing is NOT RPM-breaking, and is just a minor issue. These three images show the only layers in RPM that I'm seeing an issue with. This first image is 100% working with AA *off*: In this second image, you can see there seems to only be one layer that gets inverted with AA *on*. The navball screen, and the "connection message", seem to be the only screens affected. All other screens seem to work 100% whether AA is on, or off, for me. And then this third image just shows the "connection message" layer inverted with AA *on*. (Its right side up with AA *off*)
  10. As always, Thanx for putting time into RPM. Just to be clear tho, the screens work for me 100%, with AA *off*... If I turn on AA (no matter the settings/level), thats when I see certain screen elements invert. LMK if logs would help at all.
  11. Its a licensing issue, that has been going on since 2010. I guess Unity and Microsoft (creators of the DDS format), cant or wont come to terms... Yes, its a PIA for Unity users. @MOARdV can i ask what method you are using to batch convert DDS to png? I've been doing it manually, file by file, and its a PIA... When I was helping to propulate IVAs for a certain station parts pack, NF Props was updating fast and furiously... So instead of having to convert for every update, I saved a seperate folder of all the converted pngs, (added new ones as needed), and then just copied the folder of pngs into gamedata, anytime the mod updated... I still have the folders of pngs for NF Props, TD Industries Props, RPM, MAS, ASET Props and Avionics, and a few other things... Now, anytime i need to work with them in Unity, its usually a quick copy/pasta instead of a day-long dds conversion session... @Temeter latest 2017.1.3 patch is here (its listed seperately from the main releases for some reason): nice tht this came up... I didnt realise patch 4 had released (I'm on 3)...
  12. Stone Blue

    [1.3.1] Probe Control Room Recontrolled

    Per a couple of the latest posts on the RPM thread, it seems AntiAliasing settings affect a couple small sections of a couple of the RPM screens. For the relative posts, start here: (I linked a couple pics of the issue, there) I would *not* say that the issue i brought, up makes RPM and Probe Control Room unusable... If it *does* bug people enuff, I found that turning off AA in-game, as well as making sure all 5 of the AA settings in the Nvidia Control Panel are turned off for KSP, fixes this (IMHO), minor issue... If anyone comes up with more details or fixes, please post... (at least on the RPM thread)
  13. Ahhh... that may be it... i typically run KSP with AA disabled, forced Dx11, -popupwindow, and resolution set to one setting below my screen size... (so not full screen) i usually turn down or off most KSP graphics settings. I do run no less than half or full res on texture quality, tho. It seems I can make the MFD textures act up, by changing the AA settings for KSP, in the Nvidia Control panel... I'll post back in a bit after I test run different settings to see if i can nail down specifics. EDIT: Ok... seems I have to have all 5 of the AA related settings "off" in Nvidia Control panel, AND, AA disabled in KSP, to get the MFDs 100% working... vOv Weird how it only seems to be two specific layers that comprise the MFD displays, that flip on me... vOv I'd bet my computer/game setup is an edge case, and why no one else has reported issues. vOv SO, yeah, i guess hold off on investigating further with this, unless someone else reports issues.
  14. @MOARdV thanx for putting in the time on the latest fixes for RPM. Unfortunately, with 0.30.2, I'm still seeing a couple minor issues when forcing Dx11. Dx9 seems to be fixed. This is with the Probe Control Room mod installed. Fresh 1.4.3 install, on Win7. Mods installed are: RPM v0.30.2 Probe Control Room v MM 3.0.7 Toolbar v1.7.17.11 Toolbar Controller v0.1.6.7 All are latest versions for 1.4.x I'm going to try installing a couple other IVAs that support RPM, just to make sure its not specific to Probe Control Room. The Navball page is the only one that seems to have the text issues, and then there is the issue of the signal connection on all pages that display it. Again, this seems to only be on Dx11... I'm on Win7, so i cant test on forcing Dx12
  15. Stone Blue

    [1.3.1] Probe Control Room Recontrolled

    Actually, I jjust tried it with forcing Dx11, and some of the RPM screens are still upside down/backwards. Seems like there is one or more layers that make up the displays that are displaying that way. It all seems to work for Dx9... I guess MOARdV has seemingly "half" fixed the issue, as Dx9 seems ok, but Dx11 is still having the issue. I'll go post on the RPM thread now, and I also want to install one or more other RPM IVAs and try them, just to make sure its not something somehow specific to Probe Control Room.