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  1. Yeah.. I figured it was just for the props. Unfortunately, the only other plugin I can think of that does propellers, IIRC, is WBI Tools, by @Angel-125. I've tried to remove dependencies on FS for years for mods... Unfortunately, there are a few things in FS (propellers for one), that no other plugins have replicated, so I could completely dump FS
  2. Nice! Too bad it has Firespitter as a dependency, tho
  3. @0vagadµg00 thats seemingly his latest, new IVA I know his other, MX2_Angler IVA touches on RPM, but its mostly MAS-based. I'm currently working on, and in discussions with MOARdV, to get over 100 of Vulkan's custom props integrated into MAS. Vulkan graceously gave me permission to distribute his props for the MX2_Angler... this new IVA of his is *really* new, and I may reach out to him in the future about permission to release anything in it... but we'll see how the current stuff goes first, before I ask. I dont know how hard it is to down-convert MAS stuff to RPM (it usually goes the other way), but when I'm done, I may hit you up JonnyOThan, to see if it would be possible to convert, & mebbe integrate some of these into RPM releases, itself.
  4. Yeah.. hopefully Taniwha will find the time to get back to KK. I know he *plans* to It cant be done with MM patches?
  5. THANK YOU for hosting on SpaceDock I only download mods from SpaceDock & Github. I prefer to see mods on both, as I can grab source & extras from Github, and releases from SpaceDock
  6. IIRC, you *need* the setting to at least be Half Res, just because of this.
  7. Interesting... Just out of curiousity do you have Firespitter or InterstellarFuelSwitch installed?
  8. Might be easier to just have the link directed at the releases *page*, rather than a specific release... that way you never have to update the link for each release... Latest release will always be at the top of the page, and the first one people see ... vOv GREAT job on this! Looks awesome
  9. Soon:TM:, I will have to poke BetterShields, and see if I can make this shield of Vulkan's support the mod
  10. Props from those packs only show up in IVAs that are specifically made for them. ASET Props does not include any IVAs, however RPM does... but only for specific parts... If you go into the /JSI/RPMPodPatches/ folder, you can look at the .cfg files, and they will tell you the cockpits that have IVAs for RPM bundled *in* RPM. For any other IVAs, you have to download/install them seperately. Oh, also mae sure you are installing RPM *Adopted*, and not the original RPM. Other than that, i suggest making sure everything is installed correctly.
  11. Thats fine... I've been busy tying up some other stuff. Also, I'm not quite sure what I did, whether it was removing the comments, or something else, but the MFDs I had issues with on the SUB_Page thing, seems to be fixed. NOW, all I get is some errors on the MFDs, and some other stuff, related to a line of lua in the Astrogator PAGE. I know Vulkan submitted a ton of converted props a couple years ago that you merged. I've scrubbed the "new" ~185 props he converted, which i have permission to release, but I wanna scrub one moar time, just to make sure nothing is duplicated with what may already be converted/included, in MAS, ASET Props, and a couple other things. I was planning on messaging you soon to talk about this pack I'm putting together. anyway, the point is, there are several MFDs converted, with several pages for popular mods already supported by RPM, possibly MAS... vOv Also, of note, there *is* a basic Science MFD he "built"... Might save you a bunch of time, on tossing around the idea of starting one.
  12. Yeah... Parts are usually on Layer 0... Props are on either 16 or 20, depending on whether you want them to show or be hodden in the portrait camera. You can use a hex editor to edit that directly in the .mu file... No 3d modelling program required. Tho there may be other stuff in the mu, that may cause issues, if not edited.
  13. I currently have a working MAS cfg for the kOS 40x20 MFD. RPM not required.. Hopefully Soon to be released in a new props pack.
  14. That sux.. sorry to hear... Another option would be to host on a Github repo or something...periodically push your work... that way theres cloud backups, if go-forbid something happens again
  15. @Frostiken yup..there are other IVAs out there that use, and need those two switches activated
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