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  1. Thank You!...Youre a Gentleman and a Scholar... I kinda figured it might be something where if you didnt "use" all objects in the model, that would be whats causing it... Also, I'm not using it with fuel tanks, hence why I didnt bother to pay too close attention to the "fuel" modules in the documentation, or I might have realised what exactly the fuelTankSetups does... :oops: Especially after i discovered the same behaviour from B9 Part Switcher... Now to figure out how to fix THAT... EDIT2: Hmmm... Doesnt seem to be completely working for me... The selectedObjects node works, but the tank setups doesnt...I still get ALL the textures switchable...None "hidden"... I must be missing something simple-stoopid...
  2. Hoping someone can help me with the IFS mesh switcher... i have an MM patch I wrote, to apply two mesh switching modules to 7 parts. For testing, I wrote a "master" patch, that included all available objects, and applied to all 7 parts using a wildcard in the PART node. Everything works perfectly. The issue is when I apply only certain objects, to certain parts, using seperate PART nodes, assigned by actual part name, rather than wildcard. The issue is that several (not all) meshes, are visible at once, and Z-fighting... Here's my configs. first is the "master", applied to all parts, with ALL objects... 2nd & 3rd are exapmles of the specific part-named patches, using only SOME of the objects... EDIT: this is happening with version 2.6.3 AND 2.7.1
  3. So, thats basically an additional button, that opens a sort of "drop-down menu", consisting of buttons for each available switch.... So you dont have to toggle thru everything to, say, get to the last choice in a long list, using the current "toggle" switching? If so, YES, PLEASE...
  4. @NermNermNerm IIRC, yes, this mod used to also turn off the hangar wall lights, but IIRC, something changed in Unity so that, since, they stay on...
  5. The models for the science instruments ARE identical...EXCEPT for one little detail: each has a small difference in the UV map, covering the "identification "decal"" in the texture which visually identifies each instrument... The models "could" be trimmed down to just one, by using a texture switching mod as a dependency... As there are probably more models & textures that could use a little optimization...But then you're introducing mod dependencies that many people may argue against, as well as possibly breaking craft- (& possibly game-) saves...One benefit might be shrinking the size of the mod down from ~235MB... But no way to determine how much of a gain that might be (and if its even worth it), until AFTER the work is all done... Maybe it might be worth considering making a "lo-res" version for those of us on potato computers, by shrinking the texture sizes??... Most seem to be 1024x1024... 512x512 might not be too much of a hit on graphics quality, if it can be balanced by a big enough performance gain... vOv
  6. I like to build high part count stations, but I'm on a mid-level laptop, so anything that cuts down part counts is awesome sauce. Plus, if you did this, I think it would be a huge plus for aesthetics...especially since youre going over the top with the textures, not having to "jerry-rig" in stock or mismatching parts that will make things look wonky... but then i KNOW how much effort and work is involved... I know if you DO it, it will definately be appreciated by many...
  7. No biggy for a lot of people, anyway, as with only 6GB of RAM, I still cant run EVE or Scatterer on a STOCK game, much less moderately modded...
  8. #first Uhh... download link?...
  9. Possible to get more details on how to use this? Or quick example of a written MODULE?
  10. Yes, this is possible... Here's the switcher file I'm building for a mod. It switches two seperate aspects of a part: the "housing" texture and a "lens" texture. Theres two housing choices, and currently only three lens choices. i wanted the mod to be able to use Firespitter, OR IFS, OR B9 switching, depending on which someone may have installed. The way it is written, if FS is the ONLY one installed, it will use FS. if FS and IFS (or IFS only) is installed, it will use IFS. if FS and/or IFS, AND B9 (or B9 only) is installed, it will use B9. You DO need to know the exact objectnames (objects = ) from the model(s) you are working with, tho. @PART[DSAL.*]:NEEDS[Firespitter|InterstellarFuelSwitch]:AFTER[DeadSkins] { MODULE { name:NEEDS[!InterstellarFuelSwitch] = FSmeshSwitch name:NEEDS[InterstellarFuelSwitch] = InterstellarMeshSwitch //name= FSmeshSwitch moduleID = 0 buttonName = Next Housing switcherDescription = Housing objectDisplayNames = Graphite;Steel showPreviousButton = false objects = housing_Graphite; housing_Steel updateSymmetry = true showInfo = true } MODULE { name:NEEDS[!InterstellarFuelSwitch] = FSmeshSwitch name:NEEDS[InterstellarFuelSwitch] = InterstellarMeshSwitch //name= FSmeshSwitch moduleID = 1 buttonName = Next Lens switcherDescription = Lens objectDisplayNames = Clear;Glass;Glass-Amber showPreviousButton = false objects = lens_Clear;lens_Glass;lens_Glass_amber updateSymmetry = true showInfo = true } } @PART[DSAL.*]:NEEDS[B9PartSwitch&!Firespitter&!InterstellarFuelSwitch]:AFTER[DeadSkins] { MODULE { name = ModuleB9PartSwitch description = :NEEDS[B9PartSwitch] moduleID = housing switcherDescription = Housing switcherDescriptionPlural = Housing colors: affectDragCubes = false affectFARVoxels = false SUBTYPE { name = dark title = Graphite transform = housing_Graphite } SUBTYPE { name = light title = Steel transform = housing_Steel } } MODULE { name = ModuleB9PartSwitch description = :NEEDS[B9PartSwitch] moduleID = lens switcherDescription = Lens switcherDescriptionPlural = Lens Types: affectDragCubes = false affectFARVoxels = false SUBTYPE { name = clear title = Clear transform = lens_Clear } SUBTYPE { name = glass title = Glass transform = lens_Glass } SUBTYPE { name = glassAmber title = Glass-Amber transform = lens_Glass_amber } } }
  11. Heres another hacked-edit I did, of @Lokaltog's texture: And in case people didnt know, you can use these textures to replace the monitor navball in RPM... Its been awhile since I made this one, so i dont remember exactly how to do it, tho... )
  12. ... Thanx...Sorry, my bad... CRAFT-breaking ... lol I dont ever play career, and all my save games are disposable, so i forget the distinction...
  13. Fair warning, next update, (coming in the next couple days), will be craft-breaking.... I'll probably package both the old (legacy) version and the new together, for at least this one, new version, to give people a chance to switch over... So if you dont have this installed YET, I'd wait a couple days... Sorry, but the new update will be better...
  14. @snkiz, this is back up on SpaceDock now, if yer interested...Just make sure you have the required mod dependencies installed... DeadSkins for Aviationlights Re-Lit And if theres anyone else who likes these, I'm still looking for feedback and input for an update on the mod, in this post: