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  1. Im almost positive the props are sorted alphabetically by the name of the /GameData/<this folder> folder... So, I guess if you *had* to... you could maybe fudge the folder names while working in Unity to resort the props... but that would play heck when/if you want to start KSP just to check them ingame and yeah... I have spawned the incorrect prop sooooo many dang times cuz its hard to tell how the buttons/names are lined up >:( :roll_eyes: Also doesnt help, that Squad seems to have duplicates of stock props for some reason... vOv But anyway, this thread, altho really about SSPXr at this point, the NF Props are well named, (with a mod prefix) and luckily grouped together... (actually ASET, JSI(RPM), and IIRC your TD Ind. Props are too... so that helps ) Oh! another annoying thing, is Unity doesnt open .dds files (Nertea told me its a licensing thing, that has been going on since 2010, so i dont expect unity to change *that* any time soon ) So if you arent familiar with the props (unless you dev'd them ), it can make it a bit more difficult to tell the difference between similar props, or even which way they are facing when you try to place them, because there are no textures... For NF Props, i ended up converting all the textures to png, saving a copy of the NF Props folder containing the converted textures, outside the gamdata folder... I then delete ALL the files EXCEPT the pngs, keeping the proper folder structure. Then install NF Props as normal, and then overwrite the Gamedata/NFProps folder with a copy of my png folder... (mainly cause I have been working with the dev version of the mod, and it updates quite frequently...) Sorry for diverting your thread more toward NF Props, Nertea So i suggest any further discussion be taken to the NF Props mod, or similar... maybe your TD Props thread, Tik...
  2. Actually, while large IVAs may need a higher number of props, depending on IVA design itself, I've generally found large, open IVA spaces much easier and less tedious to populate, than small cramped spaces... yeah... and you have to have the prop selection window soooo wide to see the name and the spawn button... would be much better to be able to just click the name itself... also, props seem to be listed alphabetically, by folder name, rather than by propname... not sure i like that either
  3. give dis one a try, mebbe?
  4. (Mod Hosting Site)

    dont know if it might help, but i had the same question... it depends on yours, and the user viewing the image, screen res... so no real hard definition... tho i came up with a ratio that seemed to work for me over a couple different screen resolutions: (few posts after mine are relevant)
  5. @Ari While I'm sure your enthusiasm for the mod is MUCH appreciated, its usually bad forum etiquette to copy/include whole posts, or non-relevant sections of posts, and images, unless those sections of said posts, or images, are directly relevant to *your* post... Easy edit is just to delete the quote... you can always tag a specific person, if you want to direct your post to them... ie @Galileo would probably have worked in this case, instead of quoting/copying the *whole* OP Also, might want to watch the language... theres forum rules inplace for that, as there are many teenage minors on the forum... ie as young as 13yrs old.
  6. Same reason for the KSP game folders: people may have mods installed that do not allow redistribution, except from thier respective "official" download links its a licensing issue thats why sometimes you'll see people ask for not only logs, but just a *screenshot* of contents of gamedata folder... basically gives a list of installed mods, without actually "sharing" the mods
  7. @whale_2 hmmm... perhaps touch base with Tokamak? Incidentally, he just posted this thread a few days ago
  8. (Mod Hosting Site)

    yeah... i have it on good authority that Vitas has been contacted immediately after it happened, thru other means, as well as me tagging him in my post... I'm sure it will get fixed as soon as possible... give the site people some time... it IS the middle of most peoples weekend and time off to relax with family and things other than KSP... I just hit the "Create Exception" button on the warning page I got, and the site works fine for me for manual downloads... you CKAN people, may have to wait tho... but i guess thats the price of easy convenience: sometimes you just got to deal with temporary outages... vOv
  9. (Mod Hosting Site)

    @VITAS Sorry to interrupt the middle of your weekend... but it looks like maybe the site's security certificate just expired today? vOv
  10. Kerbinside Ships Not in game?

    Yeah, the KKVLA and Oceania packs seem to have had their links removed from the OP, sometime around KSP 1.0.0 to 1.0.5, IIRC... And werent merged into the re-arranged Core release, or other "packs"... vOv And, unfortunately, IIRC, all the KerbinSide stuff is ARR... IIRC, AlphaAsh had some of the most restrictive licenses I've seen... so there is probably slim chance they will rise again... Altho I know Oceania was primarily a work by Eskandare...
  11. [1.1.2] Orbital Utility Vehicle v1.2.4

    Relatively.... I'm working on some tweaks and updates for it... also implementing B9 and WBT texture switching for it
  12. [1.2] Active Heat Management System 0.3.1

    there seems to be one old version on Curse: I would expect you'ld prolly be on your own for support, tho, if theres issues... I have all the extremely old versions, but unfortunately, i cant share them... no one can, except Randazzo himself... You should really check the OP for a mod for licensing, before asking someone to cough up old copies of mods, if theres no longer working links... This one is ARR... All Rights Reserved EDIT: Ok then... it actually looks like the previous versions had their own seperate thread, and the license for *THAT* version does allow for redistribution... But again, its clearly unsupported... THIS is the thread you want:
  13. @Ger_space any chance of getting some of the older KerbinSide packs re-released?... specifically Oceania?
  14. so would I, since I did just that, 7 posts up...
  15. Just wondering, is this an issue for MAS, as well?