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  1. @shanjoo idk, thats weird that everything works in Ult. Shuttle IVA, but not anything else. The only difference is the required MAS dependency of Ult. Shuttle. Are you *positive* you have current version of Raster Prop Monitor installed? OPT also ships with old versions of Firespitter and Module Manager. I would not install those... grab the latest updates for those. If you are good to go with current updates of those three mods, I suggest posting your KSP logs. BOTH the KSP.log, and the output_log You can find info on how to get those here:
  2. Moar details needed. Which cockpits? What trouble?
  3. This *could* be a stock bug... I've seen reports of docking ports causing similar issue, when undocked on landed craft with wheels/legs... A workaround for *whatever* is causing it, might be World Stabilizer? Maybe give it a try? vOv If this *does* "fix" the issue, it might help in diagnosing a permanent fix for SEP? vOv
  4. I know its a mod, anf there are people who refuse to use mods, but have you all considered FilterExtensions? Its also moddifiable by setting up custom cfgs for it vOv I think there may be other mods that enhance/improve part ordering/searching in the editor parts list, too
  5. Stone Blue

    Telemachus Reborn [KSP v1.5.x-1.6.x ]

    yes... Chrome and Firefox for sure telemachus is run in the browser, so it should be OS agnostic... (runs on any OS in browser)
  6. Stone Blue

    [1.5.1] Probe Control Room Recontrolled

    It seems to be working for me in 1.6.1 Both Raster Prop Monitor and ModuleManager have had very recent updates. Make sure you have the leatest versions. ModuleManager v3.1.3 and RPM v0.30.6
  7. Yup.. thats one way to do it, and probably the quickest, simplest. Well, Ven's is a LARGE pack... anyway to optimise folder/file size is welcome... RAM usage is not necessarily equal to folder/filesize in GameData, but trimming things down in folder/filesize *should* equate to *less* RAM usage... leading to *some* amount of performance increase in the game. It may not be an issue for the majority of users who may have Ven's as their only mod, or those who have high-end modern computers... but when you consider there *is* still a good percentage of KSP players who like to use *many* mods with Ven's, and/or are relgated to computers that that are more than a few years old, or laptops, *any* decrease in RAM usage and increase in performance that can be eeked out is very welcome. Maybe its just my OCD, but having unecessary, duplicate models/textures in *any* mod just bugs me (plus, I am both on a 7yr old computer, *and* its a laptop ) There does come a point in any long-lived mod, where improvements should be balanced against save-breaking. Sometimes you just gotta do it... Not that *you* are doing it, but flat-out accepting things the way they are, and refusing improvement *just* to keep from breaking peoples saves, doesnt sit well with me. Yes, things need to be well considered before taking the step to breaking saves. That being said, if its a matter of other peoples mods relying on Ven's that is the major reason for not improving Ven's, IMHO, thats not enuff of a reason. It should be up to the dependent mod to update in kind... OR, up to the community to update/fork/continue an inactive mod to reflect changes in the mod they are depending/relying upon. In this case, it seems anything like another mod depending on Ven's models/textures, might be easily fixed with MM patches, too, as an option. So i wouldnt weigh worrying about what other mods due to peoples saves if Ven's changes up. Steps to mitigate the issue, could be warnings in the OP, and discussion that this is heavily being considered, in the thread... Also communicating with devs of known mods that will be affected before implementation, to work things out before hand. Also, (maybe not in *this* case, but parts can also be "deprecated" for a release or two, after the save-breaking release. that gives people a chance to still use the new changes, but allow them to tie up any craft that are in use in their saves.) This is all just IMHO, and its *your* mod now Kerbas_ad_astra, and it would be your final decision. I'm sure the community will be appreciative no matter how you decide to proceed. As always, THANX for the work you've done/continue to do. You've done a great job, and kept a great mod going, after its original dev decided to move on.
  8. Stone Blue

    [1.5.1+] Hangar Extender Extended

    You seem to be having issues with quite a few mods lately, that seem to work ok for other people in 1.6.x... Have you ever thought, instead of posting not-really-helpful comments, that maybe its just an issue with your install of KSP?
  9. Wait... wot?? ohh... theres a /Squad folder inside */Ven's* folder... nvm wait... no, theres a way to move/seperate models and textures around folders, without having to duplicate... (several ways, actually)
  10. Stone Blue


    Kerbal Star Systtems got shutdown by the devs themselves... They seemingly chose to remove the links themselves... so theres probably a good reason they dont want it available any moar vOv
  11. Isnt that because Ven's still re-uses/refences some of the stock models, textures, and all the cfgs?
  12. Stone Blue (Mod Hosting Site)

    Yup... Curse is my last download choice... I do use it to reference KSP version vs mod version, for pre-SD *** malicious site we no longer use *** mods. Heck, most of any old Curse links in mod threads dont work... you have to use the search feature on Curse Plus I use KSP Mod Analyzer, and unfortunately, it no longer works for Curse mods since they changed their API KSP Mod Analyzer helps find Github-only stuff...
  13. Stone Blue (Mod Hosting Site)

    Least I can do... wish I could do moar Incidentally, I use SD a *LOT* ... if you were ever to check logs, I guess you'ld see... lol Other than the last couple months, I think I probably have ~98% of the hosted mods and past versions saved on my HDD ... lol so if you ever lose the database, hit me up... lol SD is my first choice for downloads
  14. Stone Blue

    A simple truss parts pack?

    Heh.. I was just aboot to post the same, myself
  15. Stone Blue (Mod Hosting Site)

    Sorry... I forgot to ping you yesterday, when it dropped