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  1. [WIP] Kray Computer Package

    Well, I've finally started work on reviving an old mod I used to like using. With both CSVoltage's and micha's permission, Kray Computer Package will be a "re-computed" continuation of @micha030201's Modular Computer Package Continued, which is a continuation of @CSVoltage's original version of MCP. Quick and partial roadmap here: Update configs Add support for InterstellarFuelSwitch, as an option for a dependency (possibly other switcher mods supported, Soon™) Remove some of the chips supporting old, dead mods Expand the chip product line for many more, current mods Redo models/textures for existing parts Expand the core package parts, to offer more sizes/form factors of cores Stay tuned for more soon... Oh, and any feedback or ideas are welcome...
  2. @blowfish not sure if you wanna consider this normal, or a minor issue... The GUI/switchInFlight buttons show up in the editor, along with the sliders... Dont know if its supposed to show both in editor... Otherwise it all seems to work as advertised... Thanx for adding the in-flight functionality...
  3. UPDATE 1.4c released 1.4c (10/13/2017) Updated Interstellar Fuel Switch support SpaceDock Still looking for feedback on the "beta" release v1.5 I linked above...
  4. [1.3] Procedural Wings

    ...and? ... vOv whats the difference? also, anyone can see that the developer has been on VERY recently... even after 1.3.1 dropped, so I have a feeling that he/she likely KNOWS, this may need a recompile/update...
  5. [1.3] Procedural Wings
  6. Mod seems to have been working in 1.3.0.... CHecking it on 1.3.1 presently... Sorry if this has been mentioned before, and I dont remember if its always been this way, or got broken along the way, BUT... The red node pointer line does not resize/move, with node size changes... so when you get into the upper sizes, its swallowed by the sphere, and is difficult to see. And sooooo glad to see that this mod still pretty much works! Thanx @Felbourn
  7. H.O.M.E. Revived
  8. IXS Warpship Original Series

    Then insteaad of this mod, you might want the: IXS COMMAND MODULE - No dependancies other than the firespitter plugin, which it comes bundled with. From this mod:
  9. @Li0n Kewl!!... Thank You... I will def let you know when I'm ready for "official" support
  10. Thanx for the response. Yes, thats it... I have a "beta" version, where I've remodeled a new part, and instead of texture switching, I use mesh switching instead. So internal part names are changed as well. Its basically a whole different mod now, except still using the AviationLights.dll I'm looking into support for other mods' plugins as well... So no need to worry about adding support for this yet, if it requires you to edit code.
  11. @Li0n, are you having to tweak the actual code, to add support for these latest mods?... or is it ALL done thru MM patching? I ask, becuase you have notes on the source in Git for the additions... ?? I'd like to add support for the DeadSkins for AviationLights mod... (I've changed part names and stuff from the original AL mod, but it still (currently) uses the AL .dll and the ModuleNavLights...)
  12. [WIP] Universal Storage

  13. KSP Mod Repository Client

    For a semi-automatic mod manager, theres KSP ModAdmin Also, look at KSP AVC as a "mod update notification service", if you install manually vs CKAN Also, an easy way to get mod links for installing manually, is KSP Mod Analyzer
  14. I've noticed recently that lots of old Curse links got broken... If you type the mod name into the search on Curse, it will then come up:
  15. (Mod Hosting Site)

    TLS handshake seems to be taking looooonnnngggg time, but waiting, it loads :thumbs_up: