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  1. YISS!.... THANX for hosting there, @JonnyOThan As well as a bunch of your other stuff
  2. Noice! ... I need this all on an IVA I am working on... I already placed some seats as low as I could. The seat bases are as low as they can go, sticking out of the IVA shell, in the space between the IVA and external model... *just* inside showing thru the external... :grimacing:, but I still need moar camera adjustment
  3. Well, at least not *too* badly... recent Unity update wont do just a matter of converting those to DXT1 or 5... Angel-125, IIRC, had to convert quite a lot of his textures, too, across many mods If @flori1994 already has them converted, and is willing, mebbe they could just transfer you the new textures to incorporate to a release? vOv
  4. I wont argue that it looks weird, and is a bit immersion breaking. Now that I think about it, tho, since the forward windows are completley blocked anyway, you *might* be able to use a patch to rotate the IVA model a bit, to try to line up the side windows. I doubt you'll get them perfect tho, since its not just one axis they are misaligned on, plus the spread of them around the capsule is not the same angle... vOv But you *might* be able to get them closer than they are now. As to the parachutes, just turn off the external overlay mask, using the button next to the crew portraits vOv I only use that, anyway, when i wanna peek inside a specific IVA'd part. I dont leave it on all the time during game play.
  5. Yeah.. Unfortunately, thats totally expected, and nothing can be done, unless the IVA model (at least the shell), gets completely remodeled from scratch to match the exterior model of the new 1-3... The windows are in completely different places, between the models.
  6. What do you mean "recompressing" the textures? You mean converting to .dds? as to uploading/redistributing it, this mod is ARR licensed, which means you would absolutely have to contact @v1per directly, and get their explicit permission to do so, otherwise, no, you cant redistribute anything from the mod.
  7. Probably have to make your own... Unless someone else already discovered this bug, and provided one, somewhere in the ASET Props thread. You could try posting that youre looking for a fix, on that thread, and mebbe someone can point you at one already done, or mebbe someone would be kind enuff to write one... Shouldnt be that complicated, for someone who's dug around in those props before...
  8. @Jaeburwahkei I'm pretty sure, that the required dependency for this mod, OPT Rconfig, is what actually handles resource definitions and switching, for both the OPT *parts* mods. Also, looking at the last few posts, it seems a similar, if not the same issue as yours, is talked about. Might be better to read back a little, and post on *that* thread, if you dont see a fix already posted... vOv
  9. @moderators, since <snip> just doesnt seem to understand the valid points that many have posted regarding the topic, and this thread has just become a round and round argument, and since I'm officially the "owner" of this thread, and its not one I intentionally wished to start, and I would rather no longer be associated with it, can the thread be deleted? or at least locked, since it is going nowhere at this point? Thanx!
  10. Why is this *MY* thread??... OMG... If I had known what would get started, over me just trying to give a quick explanation to the mod dev, that they had moar choice of having their mod listed on CKAN (Note: I said "listed", NOT "hosted"), regardless of chosen license...I wouldnt have opened my mouth. Geez... it seems at least half the time I post something trying to be helpful on this forum, it always seems to bite me in the @22... Maybe this simple explanation will help: Think of mod distribution being like a book store and a library. Devs (authors) create content (books). They then decide to commercialize them (sell in a book store (restrictive license)), or give away free ((open licesne) library being an example, because the book has been bought and paid for by *someone*, if it wasnt already free). A hosting/distribution site is the book store or library. They cant just giveaway, edit, change author's name. They abide by the licensing. Now, think of CKAN as only the card catalog (yes, I'm showing my age ), in the library. It has NOTHING to do with distributing or handling the *content*. ALL it is, is a *listing* of all the books in the library, with *information on where to GET the content*, along with pertinent information... NONE of which has ANYTHING TO DO WITH LICENSING. If an author of a series of books came along, and did not want the information listed in that card catalog, for people to easily find (say it included his address/ph. number/email address), and he was getting stalked and bothered by TONS of people demanding to know why he decided to kill off the main character, or pestered for him to write the story the way *they* want him to write, or when the next book in the series was gonna come out, so he said "Enuff of this!!", and quit writing altogether.... HOW DOES THAT HELP THE VERY people who are such fans??...NOT to mention ALL the other people who love their books, but were considerate enuff not to pester the author and drive him to quit providing content for everybody? And how again, does that scenario have ANYTHING to do with licensing? Also, if the library doesnt let you in the door to look at the card catalog (CKAN), because you dont have a library card good for their library, or because you are not wearing a mask, even tho its not required by law, its the *libraries* policy... HOW IS THAT RELATING TO LICENSING?? Anyway, thats the last I'll post. I'm sure, as always, *someone* will post, just to have the last word and argue some moar.
  11. Hmm.. I just recently saw that same error crop up for someone else, on a different mod... could very likely be something not just specific to *this* mod vOv
  12. IIRC, CKAN team made a concession about keeping license seperate from whether it gets listed on CKAN or not, for versions distributed by different "authors" ie, IIRC, even tho you hve an open license, *you* can still say yea or nay, on having *your* version listed on CKAN...whether the NETKAN is submitted by you, or any other joe shmoe from the community... Now, if because you have an open license, someone *else* wanted to fork/adopt/takeover/continue the mod, as a seperate "version" from yours, and have *theirs* listed on CKAN, then you're basically out of the loop IIRC, it due to the long past kerfluffle between mod devs and CKAN/the community, when people in the community felt they deserved to have any mod listed on CKAN, regardless of licensing, *or* the wishes of the mod devs. ie, even tho mods had open licenses, they were still being actively developed/maintained by devs who didnt want to deal with the hassle of CKAN listing... So, IIRC, the CKAN team agreed to freeze/lock/not list ANY mod, regardless of license, based on the active developer/owners' wishes
  13. Other than doing math outside of NodeHelper, I dont believe so... A long time ago, i had this discussion with Felbourn, and even *they* said they couldnt figure out a code fix, concerning 'rescaleFactor =', and even they were left resorting to using a cutom spreadsheet with macros for anything but default rescalefactor values, that did the math for various typical scales, to get the proper coords for nodes, that would have to be entered manually, outside NodeHelper writing them to the cfg. Ahh.. here we 1st post on 5 or 6 posts are relevant