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  1. So I came across a couple olddddd mods that were pretty simple, and added methods of showing various info for craft in the Tracking Station scene, which are selected in the craft list. Wondering if there are any other, moar up-to-date mods that do similar, that I just cant think of... vOv Anyway, i installed these two mods (seperately, to eliminate any conflicts between them), in 1.8.1. The game loads fine, and while one seemingly fully works (surprisingly...(it's from 1.1.2, but with an unofficial 1.2.2 recompile by RealGecko that I used)), the other is only partially working (not's from 0.25 ). If no one suggests any other mods that do similar, I may take a stab at simple recompiles of them for 1.8.1/1.7.3... vOv @DMagic tagging you, since aboot the only other similar mod i could find w/Google, was Tracking Station Evolved, I thought i would ask if the functionality these two mods provide, would be something you may consider Sometime™ in the future, looking at to maybe add to TSE, or would they be too out-of-scope? vOv
  2. To the UI skins, or the images themselves?
  3. OOpss... My reading comprehension must have been off this AM .. (still hadnt finished my morning cofeve )... The part that it was *planets* that were still showing, must not have sunk in... I just read the "Sigma" part... lol
  4. Per the After Kerbin install instructions, there are several dependency mods which are also installed, seperately. 1 - Download After Kerbin (Hopefully you've done that, since you're reading this!) 2 - Download and install Kopernicus - 3 - Download and install CTTP - 4 - Download and install Scatterer - 5 - Download and install EVE - 6 - Download and install Sigma Replacements - Skybox - To install After Kerbin, simply drag the After Kerbin folder to your GameData folder. Any issues? Contact me on discord Gameslinx#0544, or the After Kerbin forum post. I imagine you still have #6 installed. If you dont have *any* other Sigma mods you are using, but *only* Sigma Replacements - Skybox, you can delete the /Sigma folder which should solve your issue. If you *do* have other Sigma mods installed that you want to keep, *and* nothing else that changes the skybox, delete the /Sigma/Replacements/Skybox folder *only*
  5. Try ReStock ?? or maybe Ven's Stock Revamp ?? (but not both together... at least not to start with... vOv)
  6. I just grabbed 0.9 from SpaceDock and its fine. I extracted the file with no issues, and also had 7Zip test it ... vOv Only took me ~2 mins to download it, tho... I would guess the issue is with somewhere along @Bonbo's connection to SD... or *possibly*, SD may possibly have an issue with timeouts for peeps on slow/sketchy connections and trying to download *large* files... vOv .. As to what happened if the dropbox download was installed... idk ... vOv just sayin it definatley doesnt seem to be an issue with the file on SD. (unless you missed something during the release packaging, Andrew ) I didnt actually install and run the mod.
  7. Just wondering what your objections to it are? It doesnt really do anything, I think, *unless* the Toolbar mod is also installed... and *lots* of people seem to really want to use that mod, (i know *I*, REQUIRE it )... The only real justified objections I can see people having are, 1) another seperate dependency to install, for those who manually install mods, and 2) the Toolbar Controller button is always shown, even when Toolbar is *not* installed... vOv
  8. Yeet ......................................... I think the correct thread is now:
  9. I hope you dont mean Kopernicus... That mod has not been updated for 1.8.+, which means *any* planet, system, or other mod that depends on it will not work in 1.8.+, and most likely cause ALL kinds of issues... Thats why Kop is version locked: because it can wreak havoc in an incompatable KSP version install Plus, i vaguely remember some mod cauisng that solar panel issue, and I also seem to feel like it it *was* a Kopernicus issue? vOv
  10. @Trufiadok I finally finished up my suggested changes for restructuring and shrinking IKRC, and just created a PR HERE .Please make sure to read what all I did in the SBchanges.txt file. Also, with both of us seemingly pretty new to how Github works, I suggest creating a new branch on your repo, and commiting my PR there, instead of directly to your master branch. I'm not able to get the IR UI to show in-game, and am getting errors and nullrefs from IKRC/IR... Most likely due to me re-arranging and renaming everything. vOv I suggest fully testing this before commiting anything to your master. Hopefully, people who use IKRC, and who may be able and knowledgeable in coding, can try out the PR and give some feedback. The /GameData and /Subassemblies folders are all that should be in a final release package for people to install. Unzipped folder size is ~38.4MB, much improved. .Zip file is only 16MB (Thats including the /MagicSmokeIndustries *and* the /InfernalRoboticsMod folders, however) One important thing to note: I couldnt find the source files for the Ca2LeeCam and WireSnareLock plugins. Public hosting of source files for all plugins are actually in the forum rules for releasing add-ons/mods. Thanx for consideration of accepting anything in the PR. If any of the changes arent to your liking, thats fine. Anyone wanting to test this release in a *fresh* install of KSP (dont use this in any install that has any important saved games/mod setup in it ), can get it here:
  11. THANX! ... Purrr-fect timing on the update... I was *just* about to begin troubleshooting an issue with a .dll and its proper place in the folder hierarchy Hopefully this will help vOv
  12. Read this to learn how to provide your log files. Also, while it tells you *NOT* to provide the /<KSP main install folder>/KSP.log, some people actually find it quite helpful in quickly diagnosing initial mod loading errors and incorrectly installed mods. Also, by the look of some of the folder names in your list of mods, I'd say that yes, you most likely have at least *one* mod incorrectly installed... vOv ... namely whatever has "/Properties", "/smelter/", "/UI", and all the Workshop folders...
  13. I use these. Check the last page of posts for any community supplied fixes for recent KSP versions... I know I was using them in 1.7.3 and they seemed ok... They *should* work in 1.8.+... I havent built a modded 1.8.1 *play* install yet tho, so *I* havent tried them. EDIT: Actually some recent discussion on these legs for KSP 1.6.1 and mebbe later, is here: ... might be moar recent posts later in the thread... just have to research a little vOv
  14. I prefer the un-stock-alike icon on the right... seems to fit better with your other two icons... as well as, if you want the one on the left, that is almost a copy of the stock icon, why bother with the other two custom icons, and not just keep the stock ones... vOv
  15. Just make sure to install Kerbal Foundries *first*, then I would manually delete the /GameData/KSPWheel folder it installs, and then install the latest copy of KSP Wheel from here ... or wait a bit till that latest update of KSP Wheel further tested ... vOv