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  1. Stone Blue

    [1.4.x] Decalc'o'mania

    Ok.. so previous posts have explained this is not a re-release or copy of an existing mod. Can anyone explaing any differences or advantages of using this mod, instead of one of the existing deal mods?
  2. Stone Blue

    [1.4.X] OSE Workshop Continued - KIS Addon

    @Aelfhe1m , or anyone else who knows, I went thru all the cfgs in the mod, and I'm just wondering what exactly requires Firespitter to be a dependency?
  3. Stone Blue

    [WIP] Unity Editor Plugin

    Interesting... Sirkut made a re-appearance on the KSP dev scene a few months ago... i spent alot of time chatting with him, and I dont ever recall mention of an MSI dev tool... I'll have to ask, if I chat with him again. I wonder whether the consensus among "old-time" KSP mod devs think KSP modding has gotten any better, or worse... vOv lol
  4. Stone Blue

    [WIP] Unity Editor Plugin

    Yup... As a dabbler in part modding, just being able to view "live", near real-time changes to meshes/colliders, textures and cfgs would save HUGE amounts of dev time for a part maker. Even if VR_Dev's plugin can help with just meshes, and/or textures, but not cfgs, that would still be worth it. Even with the recent addition of being able to reload databases in the Alt-F12 menu (which does NOT always seem to work), without having to completely restart KSP, it still takes huge amounts of time waiting while everything reloads, at least for peeps like me, who are on potato computers. Out of curiosity, of which mods does the Great Hooligan speak of? I've been using Malah's QuickStart, and the one that skips going to the spaceport between scene changes... Thats helped quite a lot.
  5. Stone Blue

    [WIP] Unity Editor Plugin

    Hi @VR_Dev, I dont know if you ever saw @fatcargo 's post a little while back, But I was wondering the same about the workflow, and if you could confirm or correct his assumption? I'm mostly interested in whether you could indeed use this to "refresh/view" mesh and texture changes in "real-time"? If so, I would imagine this could be very helpful to not only plugin developers, but part mod devs as well... vOv I dont suppose it would include live .cfg changes, as I assume KSP would still need to reload the database for those?
  6. Stone Blue

    Looking For Good Historical Mods

    You want BDB and Tantares, without a doubt. For probes, you might like Coatl ProbesPlus. For Shuttles, Cormorant. For ISS, HabTech or Fustek
  7. Stone Blue

    [1.4.1] TooManyOrbits v1.1.2

    Sorry to see you go, but just wanted to say THANK YOU, for taking the time to come back and allow somone else to continue your work.
  8. Stone Blue

    [1.0.4] SciFi Shipyards [Discontinued]

    Hey StarVision, hope your doing well... Just wanted to say THANX for taking the time to come back and change the license so someone else could pick this up. I was wondering, tho, does your change of license cover any/all of your other mods mentioned in the OP? If not, would you consider changing those as well? Again, THANX, and Take Care.
  9. Stone Blue

    Stand Alone Map View - Multi monitor KSP [1.4.x]

    For those wanting to prune down a stock install for minimal disk and memory usage on the 2nd instance of KSP, you can delete ALL folders/files in the /Parts folder, EXCEPT the /Prebuilt folder. I havent fully tested it, but the game does load, and the tracking station view does work. I trimmed out a few other things as well as most of the /Parts folder, and KSP folder size went from 2.02GB to 1.58GB... RAM usage was a hair below 2GB... 1950~2000MB... EDIT: Not sure if there are any negative effects combining using 64bit KSP for the main game, and 32bit KSP for the 2nd instance, but I see an additional ~300MB RAM savings running a 32bit instance... (1650~1700MB) This was tested on my main KSP computer, which I play 64bit heavily modded on. I "almost" got this trimmed 32bit install to load on my old Lenovo Lynx tablet with an Atom processor... It only has 1.9GB usable RAM, with Win8.1 using 0.6GB, I "just" ran out of RAM, and the game crashed right when the main menu started to load...
  10. Stone Blue

    Clamp-o-Tron Sr & Clamp-o-Tron Jr combind.

    MultiPorts Should still work, and you can probably make then with other modded parts...IIRC, all thats required is writing the config files... no plugins or new part models needed I used to use the regular/Sr ports all the time on everything
  11. Welcome to the forums, Kaleu. Your question is very broad, and not really specifically relevant to MAS, but I guess here is a link, as good as any, to start with, which covers basic requirements for beginning mod development. It doesnt cover too much specifically about making IVAs, but it does cover the programs needed, and how to get started with them. There are several good IVA tutorial threads available, but I dont have links.
  12. @agises Just wondering if the mod has been verified to work with MAS, as well as RPM?
  13. Stone Blue

    Any mod to place notes for later reference?

    I also heartily endorse In-Game Notes. Its great for what the OP is looking for. An added bonus, if you play IVA alot, is the RPM support... Not sure if MAS supports it, tho... vOv
  14. Stone Blue

    Stand Alone Map View - Multi monitor KSP [1.4.x]

    I had moderate success using this old mod for that: Unfortunately, the second screen could NOT be used for mapview, or ANY other scene... just for moving UI windows onto. As to modifying screensize, you can manually edit the resolution in the KSP settings cfg. I play on a 1600x900 ;aptop, and had IIRC, a 1280x1024 2nd monitor. Since the one dimension was so close, I ust left the Y at 900, and made the X 2880. Also, it ended up distorting the view in any scene on the main monitor. It wasnt too bad, except that it made the mapview unusable, as certain screen elements wouldnt line up with other screen elements... namely, planets and their orbit lines. Also, I'm not sure which was the last version of KSP I had used it on... IIRC, either 1.1.3 or 1.2.2...posibly 1.3.1 So it may at the very least need a recompile for 1.4.x Also, Unity 2017 introduced some half-baked multi monitor support. I guess half-baked is closer to baked, than none at all... Maybe if KSP makes it to a Unity 2018 upgrade, and maybe Unity will have successfully pulled off working multimonitor support. I know a certain well-known, famous, mod dev attempted a crack at coding a mod to see if the new support in U2017 could be taken advantage of by KSP... Unfortunately, even he was not successful And as far as telemachus goes, I wouldnt bother with taking up a 2nd monitor with it, when it works on basically any device that has a screen and a web browser. I'll use my small smart phone for one of the action group or control button screens (touchscreen), a 7" tablet AND an 11" tablet to display the map screen, and the graph screen.... I suppose, I could even use my 42" SmartTV if I wanted either the graph or map screens bigglier...
  15. Stone Blue

    Can someone make stratospheric ballloon ?

    @Pawelk198604 Maybe this?