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  1. Oh!.. you know what? @KyZeNickX I derped... you are also missing Community Resource Pack, which may be a dependency for OPT Reconfig... which might explain the probable resource issue B9 is screaming about. IIRC, Jade recently made a change, where CRP may *not* be reuired for OPT Reconfig anymoar... Hmm.. I was also under the assumption that Nert's mods needed CRP as a dependency, also, but I dont see it in the SSPXr OP. But I would say that that right there could also be your issue, since this started right when you installed SSPXr (barring a too-old-unsupported version of an OPT mod/M
  2. @KyZeNickX You have a conflict with something in one of the OPT mods. Looks like an OPT issue with either an ATM (mebbe something related to an "atm"osphere or resource thing)... Make *sure* you have all the appropriate versions for all three OPT mods, for the appropriate version of KSP you are on. Also, chec your ModuleManager version... v4.1.4 has been current for the last few version of KSP for awhile. I would say it *could* be a conflict with Firespitter, but @JadeOfMaar has worked hard to remove Firespitter support and conflicts from OPT. (Hence, one reason why I suggest verifyin
  3. @linuxgurugamer sorry it took so long... Considering the function of the part, how about aircraft black box-alike, orange-ish? I could tone doen the color a little moar... it does seem to be not as, bright, in flight scene, tho... vOv I kinda wanted to stay away from existing battery/sensor yellow... vOv But its up to you
  4. If its with ReStock, could mebbe be an issue with ReStock using a depthmask on the intakes? vOv
  5. Previous release was 1.10.1 ONLY, wasnt it? Is compat for this new version 1.10.1+ *only*, or 1.11.0+ *only*?... or does it include support for, like 1.9.1/1.8.1? Sorry for asing.... if it *is* either, mebbe add that to the changelog? vOv As Always... THANK YOU for the update
  6. I hope with all these different/convoluted forks of B9 PWs, if anyone decides to seriously pick up the mod and wants to give it a bunch of "freshness", that they completey start with totally new versioning... Like, just go to v1.x.x already... Actually, it would be even nicer, if each new fork, started with their *own* versioning off the bat?... ie each for start @ v2.x.x, another start @ v3.x.x, etc... vOv Currently, version numbers across all versions of this mod, past & present, are literally tripping all over each other, out of order and confusing... Yes, they may be *techn
  7. It *should* still work... Just mae sure to install either Firespitter or Intersteallar Fuel Switch that is compatable with your version of KSP
  8. You probably dont even need PT... you can probably just edit the cfg... replace the old with the replacement... might have to adjust the placement coords and/or the scaling, if its much of a different size than the one you are replacing
  9. Really??... it seems stable for me, just mainly needs UI tweaking? vOv I have a lilghtly modded install (incidentally, mostly all LGG plugins) : and yes, I have MM installed... I put it in the /zDontDelete folder, with a couple other things... cuz, well, I grab & delete the 4 MM cache files before practically every restart... *and I have been nown to accidentally grab and delete the MM .dll along with them, on occasion...* which of course creates mayhem upon restart, and I'm left going "WTH??..." LOL Also, everything is up-to-date... only B9/ARP had to be overidden for 1.11... (
  10. well, first off, i have to state, that my previous post, was using the mod in *1.11.0* . I just assumed since this was such a new mod, it was for 1.11.0, and I failed to see only 1.10.1 is supported :face_palm: .. So feel free to disregard all this, if you arent ready for/ or dealing with 1.11 support yet. Clic Through Blocking- I mean CTB is *not* seemingly woring on this mod. Basically everything, almost everywhere is hover-over activated, clickable, and activatable, thru the mods' UI. One of the places where hover-over wors, but clicing is actually bloced, is on the staging UI in bo
  11. Playing w/this mod a little now a few things I've noted: not necessarily bugs...and things you may already know about click thru blocker doesnt seem to be woring (yes, CTB, TC, SpaceTux installed, current) highlight on the Note buttons doesnt seem to turn off when another note is selected Note titles not editable? if not, unecessary scrollbar at bottom of that panel (KSP skin only) should Copy Notes, copy *all*, or only selected? Currently, seems to be all, may be related to #2, if its supposed to be selected only? What is radial button to left of "Vess
  12. Yup.. i expect VERY MANY modded parts will be affected... First have to get it all figured out/working in pure stock, first, so devs know *exactly* what they have to fix/change/update.
  13. @linuxgurugamer just a couple visual things on the part for the mod. First, in-game, the part has weird highlighting... almost the same as the part highlighting in-game, when hovering over the part... in this first shot, you can see my cursor clearly NOT hovering over the part: Then, 2nd, in this pic, you can see that the textre is applied upside down If you give me a day or two, i can see if i can fix both... vOv EDIT: nvm... fix is even easier... just fix the extension on the existing .dds texture, and remove the .png... looks lie the alpha channel got messed up in the .png creatio
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