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  1. Ditto on this.. I was gonna suggest this, too You could also take a look @ Krita...it has MacOS & Linux distros
  2. Hmm.. KSP's 10th anniversary is coming up in a couple weeks... mebbe this would be a good way to "celebrate", and get the community involved in it? vOv
  3. @ElioSaade idk if you'ld be in the same boat with control-only affected, with this mod...vOv
  4. Not sure... probably just have to remove the smoke effects stuff from the engine effects module. Engine effects are not my strong point...
  5. Ahh,, i forgot what you were doing with the inventory... Then you need to replace the expirement MODULE with this: MODULE { name = ModuleCargoPart stackableQuantity = 5 packedVolume = 1.0 } the stacableQuantity value can be changed to however many belts you want to hold in a single inventory slot, and I just threw a random packedVolume value of 1.0 in.... that is whatever the volume of the part model is, in litres. Hopefully someone with BG installed could get you the correct number... doesnt need to be correct for the part to wor... just needs to be smaller when multipli
  6. Oof... probably get quicker help if you post on one of those mods' threads directly.
  7. @ColdJ @Tsar_bomba unless you are using the weight belt for the Goo experiment too, you can even remove the MODULE{...stuff between the brackets...} ... no need for it, and the part will still wor the way you want.
  8. www.Imgur.com is what tons of people here use. Its free, no account needed... just go there, clic the green "New Post" in top left corner, drag/drop your image file on the left, from your Windows folder, then right click on the image after it shows, select "Copy image loacation" (IIRC), and paste that link in your forum post... your pic should immediately show in your post... easy-peasy
  9. I can verify i am getting the same behaviour. Also getting nullref's upon open/close of the UI
  10. I recently started testing this mod, for a mod of my own that i hope will replace/add a controller part. I had the dropping/exploding rover issue, and found (at least in a few tests on Kerbin in stock game), that a setting of 2m works
  11. I whole-heartedly agree with @swjr-swis's above post... I'll just add, that yeah, pre-built stock Subassemblies are seriously lacking, ie *non-existant*... one feature of the game that was added, and never utilized in the stoc game...(as far as having any *examples*, anyway) Also, another recent game addition, that also hasnt been utilized in stock pre-built craft, is the Truss Structure & Interstage nodes in fairings.... For years, people have had to turn to the community to learn/ask about how to build simple sat constellations... esp. when trying/building for deploying multiple s
  12. Yeah... i agree... dont have to be fancy... but functional... like, some of the aircraft just seem to refuse to keep stable flight.... I have them either go nose-up, or yaw pretty bad... With changes to physics & stuff thru the years... its moar critical where CoM/CoL/CoT etc are located, as well as where & how control surfaces are placed, since the existing craft were added to the game... Many of the existing designs arent "bad"... just... need tweaking? I doubt its a high priority on Squad's list, thats why I thin it might be good to do the community submission thing... Squad
  13. So, when I start with many of the pre-built stock crafts, I find I have to tweak them quite a bit. Some of the rockets and aircraft, dont seem to fly well, and require a lot of user input just to fly stable. Also, I seem to end up taking them apart, removing unecessary parts, and having to add others. Even just for simple things like first contracts, ie getting simple sats into Kerbin orbit, or doing short aircraft flights or rover science gathering around KSC. It would also be kinda nice to just see a little bit moar variety, and some purpose built craft added. I mean, craft files arent
  14. yes... theres a way to just mark it as 1.11.x compatable in CKAN... you can do it for *any* mod... granted it doesnt mean the mod will actually *work* in 1.11.x... *This* mod, tho, will most likely work.
  15. Idk if you can test it out, as the ALCOR may not have a floor collider, but it already has a rear hatch that has a hndle you can click on, to open the hatch, and then "EVA" out that hatch
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