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  1. Are you using BDBNIC? For some reason it causes an issue with the Apollo (Kane) parachutes, which is most noticeable on the Saturn 1B. You can edit the parachute out of the BDBNIC config as a workaround.
  2. Same dimensions! The jump beacons come in a neat package that can be launched as a reasonable payload package. Terrific that this mod is getting some new love - it's been a staple of my late game for years.
  3. What I do is create a very simple craft - any object with the new RCS part fitted. Open that craft file in a text editor and then copy the name of the new part.
  4. They all changed names to Octans so you need to edit the craft files in a text editor to the new part names. Off the top of my head it'd be called something like Octans MOE 3E RCS now. Simple search and replace should fix up the craft file.
  5. @Beale Did you settle on a build for Polyus that you would like reflected on the wiki? I updated the image and build guide recently to the FGB without the docking ports on it.
  6. You might get better luck with Nertea's other parts to make a KH-11 facsmile - here's something I knocked up using ScanSat and Near Future parts to launch on the BDB Delta IV (I'm in career mode and haven't unlocked the round probes cores yet but you get the idea..) BDB Screenshot tax:
  7. Shiny configs for TU are also available in BDBNIC Edit: though I think it actually needs updating for the new Centaur G/T
  8. There's a setting in the Difficulty options for TAC-LS to do just that
  9. Following up from flart's post above (Feb 12th) ref the DMagic Micro Goo Containment Pod, this issue appears to extend to any mod experiment that is animated (and many of them have multiple samples too). I'm experiencing a similar issue with the likes of BDB and Universal Storage experiments. To repro, use the Here & Now buttons to run an animated experiment. The results window pops up and you can select transmit (or store) but no science is actually transmitted/stored. The experiment device itself is rendered inoperable: further manual attempts to run the experiment results in "no mor
  10. Snacks adds resources to all crewed parts with ModuleCommand by default. The only customisation you need is to add resource converters to taste, hence those configs for Mir parts to simulate the station-wide life support. I didn't add anything to the smaller station parts (Almaz etc) since I figured those wouldn't have proper life support systems. Snacks has fun things like Oxygen candles already, which seem more appropriate for the early era orbitals.
  11. It's not a full config, but I added some support to some Tantares parts to complement Snacks generic configs wit this MM patch:
  12. https://github.com/friznit/Unofficial-BDB-Wiki/wiki/International-Space-Station
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