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  1. The bottom of the pic is just an old kitbash I did using restock tanks and proc fairings. Even after the BDB Saturn revamp update it'll only really be possible to build some of the Saturn development studies with BDB parts - A-1, C-1 (Saturn 1 Bl. 1), C-2, C-5 and the original Super Jupiter should be doable once the engine mounts are finished. You could probably kitbash some 8m diameter tanks (5m at KSP scale) using Restock tanks or tweakscale to knock up C-3 and C-4 with a little artistic license.
  2. The Nova studies were just studies really. There were at least two - one pre-Saturn and another post-Saturn focussed on manned Mars missions. The Saturn C-series development concepts, that included C-8 for direct ascent to the moon, had nothing to do with either of the Nova studies, although the latter study considered Saturn-derived vehicles for obvious reasons given it was the biggest rocket around at the time. Unfortunately there's quite a lot of confusion and misinformation on the interwebs - most often due to images of the early pre-Saturn concepts being used to illustrate post-Saturn era Nova study and because the C-8 looks remarkably similar in profile to one of the later Nova concepts.
  3. ScanSat needs more love. It's a fantastic mod that adds new gameplay reasons to actually launch satellites that do something other than comms relays. These are rough kitbashes of a bunch of KSP satellites inspired by ScanSat parts, which are of course inspired by real satellite parts in the first place. Have you ever noticed how many real satellites are blocky squares and how many KSP probes are round? Liberal use of the Near Future suite of mods as well as a bit of Probes+ and probably some BDB too, though I've resisted too much tweakscale this time. And a hefty dose of artistic license.
  4. The craft files need updating - it's on my To Do list. In the meantime you can rebuild the modules following the guide here: https://github.com/friznit/Unofficial-Tantares-Wiki/wiki/ISS (though the actual name of the Octans docking port might have changed here too so you'll need to find the equivalent part!)
  5. This^. I need to update the build guides and images quite a bit. I believe the intended build now is to attach the thrusters and docking port to the bottom of the crew compartment directly.
  6. Mostly yes with the exception that it doesn't support depth mask, which is used by some restock parts and increasingly by other mods, mostly on things like experiment parts.
  7. https://github.com/friznit/Unofficial-Tantares-Wiki/wiki/ISS Some of the part names in the guide have likely changed (which is also why old craft files aren't working). If you could rebuild the craft using the guide and point out which of the parts listed is incorrect, that would be super helpful. I'll work through them all given time but any help would speed up the updates.
  8. I suspect you're using the Agena A interstage? That fits onto the tapered tank without an adapter but the straight Agena B/D interstage needs a structural adapter. Functionally either approach works of course, it's simply how close to the real rocket you want it to look. Edit: just flew a quick KH4 mission on Thor Agena D (TAT) on my heavily modded install (JNSQ and all the things) - with a manual launch it's certainly a bit twitchy in the lower atmosphere like all small rockets but if you keep the gravity turn gentle and nudge the prograde down it's fine.
  9. I'll add Voskhod to the wiki. Can you let me know what else needs adding or updating? Specifically if any of the revamped parts have name changes or new builds post-revamp. I've captured a few but it's a game of spot the difference and trawling the localisation file to figure out what the new part names relate to so help would be welcome!
  10. Thanks but while the overall wiki is mine, that page is all @Zorg so he should rightly get the credit for an excellent guide!
  11. I have no idea how to cool some of these bigger engines without cheesing it with multiple Heat Control micro-graphene radiators clipped into the body of the spacecraft. Anything else looks aesthetically awful or can't fit into a fairing for launching into orbit. Am I missing an intended design technique? I would be grateful for some inspiration!
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