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  1. Fuel tanks often have names changed after a balance pass, so if you spot any errors or missing details (like dome switches) just leave a note in an issue ticket and I'll update the wiki!
  2. I'll need to update them with all the new shininess at some point (when I'm done moving house!).
  3. Brilliant! I can finally make notes so I can remember what all those random space objects in solar orbit were meant to do.
  4. You should use the unofficial wiki (linked below), the old manual is very outdated. When building the Saturn V, attach the Lunar Module to the base of the Lander Adapter Module (it doesn't need a decoupler). The the top node of the LAM attaches to a hidden node on the CSM's engine. In space, stage the LAM and CSM engine at the same time - this will discard the petals and detach the CSM so you can spin it around and dock with the LEM. You then need to manually detach the lander from the LAM using the part action window.
  5. No other mod quite covers the functionality that is most useful in [x]Science, such as the ability to see what science has not yet been completed for each body and biome. In spite of the performance issues I much prefer to use [x]Science over the alternatives. I'll certainly help with testing.
  6. There's an old one in the BDB compatibility folder but it needs someone who plays remotetech to update it.
  7. It's unofficial so I can quite correctly claim that all inaccuracies are my own and never the fault of the terrific work Cobalt and the team do on the mod.
  8. But you missed the single source of truth about all things BDB! The one and only, officially unofficial BDB wiki!! 100% internet accuracy! Vaguely. Ish. A little bit. Actually the BDB unofficial wiki draws from all these sources and more, boiled down into something accessible and then tweaked with a little artistic license given its intended purpose as a guide to build all these rockets with BDB parts. Come to think of it, it would be a nice idea to list some of these sources on there for those who are interested in exploring further.
  9. It's not super detailed but this should give you a reasonable guide: https://github.com/friznit/Unofficial-Tantares-Wiki/wiki/Mir. There are some (slightly older) craft files of my own on that github. They should be good for the release version of Tantares.
  10. https://github.com/friznit/Unofficial-BDB-Wiki/wiki/Shuttle-Derived-Launchers#SLS
  11. When you do figure out attach altitude, do let me know! I typically have best success with PVG aiming for a 200 - 300km circular orbit. Anything lower it tends to overshoot and then burns 'down' to orbit, anything higher and it's just not very efficient.
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