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  1. Stick in a Saturn I INT-16 for good measure - it really was a bonkers idea! Do let me know if you see any significant errors in the wiki or craft files (dimensions can get a bit confusing because I don't use the Saturn rescale patch). You'll note that when you get to MLV I've deliberately simplified things a little because information (and parts) become a bit more scarce.
  2. The wiki on BDB github is pretty out of date. Check the "unofficial" one (linked in the op and in my sig block) for more up to date guides. Note that anything related to Dev branch stuff will be listed in the Issues tab until it's released.
  3. That's all BDB Titan LDC parts except the engine which is the ReStock Skipper, slightly tweakscaled to fit (I would use CryoEngines Etna but I've not unlocked it in this career yet). Zorg did an alternative build using mostly restock tanks which I stuck on the wiki here
  4. How do you mine minerals? I'm playing JNSQ in CRP mode (KSP 1.8.1). I've scanned with ScanSat and there's a 2% abundance of minerals but the the excavators don't appear to have the capability to mine it - only Ore (Surface Harvester). The Gold Digger excavator appears to be missing for some reason too (could that be related to restock?)
  5. You really should try them. They're both built with "lego-ability" in mind and there are lots of ahistorical parts included to make whacky rockets. They go exceptionally well with US2.
  6. First contract I saw was to launch a Keyhole into polar orbit of the Sun then return the capsule to Kerbin, which feels a bit...odd? I might give it a go just to see if I can.
  7. Snacks consumption can be set in difficulty settings. It's only the optional extras (Air, Stress etc) that you have to edit the configs directly.
  8. You were right the first time. I just updated all the Tantares craft files too Zorg inevitably pointed out a flaw in my plan. For LV's which are optimised for higher orbits, such as Titan IVB with a Centaur, I should have factored in the mass of the upper stage. That adds around ~4600Kg to their payload capacity and in fact, maybe even better with no upper stage. I'll redo the graph in due course.
  9. I got frustrated hunting around for the right launch vehicle to use for whatever bonkers payload I'd mashed up so started roughing out the max payload for each of my craft files to get into JNSQ LKO using KER. Then I turned it into a graph. And added pictures. There's no science to it and some may not actually work all that well but it's enough to get in the right ballpark when choosing an LV. Added to the BDB wiki under "Payload & Performance" at the bottom
  10. I tested without CommNetManager installed and all seems to be working fine. The only minor issue I've found was there in the old release too. If you reload a vessel with an activated addon module (HCU etc), the PAW resets the button to "Activate" even though the module is already active, and you can no longer deactivate it.
  11. Almost home! I'll setup a test this afternoon.
  12. Nice one. I hadn't appreciated this uses features of CommNet. Presumably that's the line of sight checking bit?