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  1. I intend to replace the old Vulcan build guide on the unofficial BDB wiki with an update for this soon
  2. Same detail for the documentation on the (unofficial) wiki: if anyone spots problems with the dev guides (which is all in the Issues tab until release) please let me know by dropping a comment on github - whether it's out of date images, incorrect labels, missing stuff or just not very clear instructions. I can attest to the amount of work going into this update, if for no other reason I've found myself updating updates to the updates
  3. It's in BD_Extras (No Warranty)/GameData/Bluedog_DB_Extras/BDB_RealNames/ Put RealNames.cfg in any folder inside your GameData directory (e.g. create a folder called something like MyConfigs and stick it in there)
  4. You can use the unofficial wiki linked in my sig, which references both the real names and the BDB names. There's also an optional realnames patch, which you can use to make things easier in game. Edit: godammit zorg, beaten again
  5. How do omnistorage templates work? I'm a bit confused. I'm playing with Air enabled and some of the Pathfinder parts pick it up but other don't. For example, the Pipeline Mass Driver's omnistorage can be configured for Air & Stale Air; the Castillo Depot only has Stale Air listed but no (Fresh) Air; and the many of the other parts have neither.
  6. Shouldn't be. I already rebuilt all the craft files with the latest version of Tantares. Could be that github didn't overwrite the files properly. I'll double-check the upload in the morning. Edit: double checked. Found a couple of issues but they should all be good with the latest version of KSP and Tantares & Tantares LV
  7. This may be of interest to you:
  8. For further clarification on satellite things: (Unreleased BDB stuff is here
  9. Not being a particularly sophisticated player, my trial and error approach pretty much seems to boil down (or boil off!) to: LFO to go up, LH2 to go out, LFO or CH4 to get in. By that I mean nearly all my Launch Vehicles end up using LFO to boost things into space, cryo engines for departure stages, but since LH2 boil off negates their use for anything much beyond that, it's back to LFO or the half-way-house Methalox (if you have it) for mid-course correct and orbital insertion. Or whacky nuclear, argon, xenon setups depending on what mood I'm in. The lower mass of the LH2 departure stage generally enables a much greater payload capacity.
  10. One way of doing this is create a second save game and store your unused craft on that. Craft Manager let's you transfer across saves, so basically does exactly what you need
  11. I'll happily add anything that can be built out of Tantares parts (or with a reasonable amount of stock parts augmenting it). If it needs other mods or tweakscale I'll need details on how to recreate it and can list in the "other (non Tantares)" bit. It would certainly be cool to round out the wiki with a complete set of Soviet/Russian/Ukraine rockets.
  12. That'd be a Rockomax X200-8 fuel tank. Likely with Restock colouring and a bit of tweakscale. I think I'll add an unofficial BDB Delta IV guide to the unofficial part of the unofficial BDB wiki alongside the existing unofficial Restock one. Unofficially, of course.
  13. I have a sneaky repository of (unofficial) craft files on the same github as the wiki (look on the code tab). I think the Mir files are in need of an update though. The pictures on the Mir page should be a fairly good reference for now - they're mostly fairly straight forward to build.