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  1. I'm assuming you're running Skyhawk Science System? BDB uses stock fuels as standard so it's likely SSS or another mod converting engines to use real fuels and has missed these out.
  2. I'm looking forward to building colonies on distant planets then realising I've left critical life support at home, sending a rescue mission and then sending another rescue mission to rescue the rescue mission.
  3. BDB has its own part category but Filter Extensions helps too. You can also use Janitor's Closet if you need more aggressive part filtering. The Unofficial Wiki can help get your head around where all the parts go on historical rockets but BDB is built with "legoability" in mind, so making weird and wacky creations is strongly encouraged. Extra points if you can come up with something that NASA didn't already think of!
  4. Derp. Reminder to self to update the link. Shame about Space Launch Report. It was an invaluable resource.
  5. Don't think so - I never got around to doing one. I've not looked closely at the real thing but at a glance it seems fairly similar to Zarya so you could start with that as a basis.
  6. Looks like you may be using the old Saturn rescale patch. It's redundant since the new Saturn V is the right scale now.
  7. Skyhawk is built for BDB. I would recommend @Morphisor History of Spaceflight contract pack to run alongside it (light version is more than enough).
  8. Probably the easiest way to contact @Friznit is to post on the forum in the relevant thread...yay! Best way to point out any issues / corrections / omissions is create a new issue on github and I'll make the relevant updates. Feedback is always welcome. For info, pics are taken with KVV and touched up in Paint.net
  9. Good question! A lot depends on my career setup. Typically I run with severe cost limitations (50% fund/science rewards and/or Bureaucracy mod and part purchasing on), which forces a level of strategizing. Solids (Scout/Minotaur/Athena) almost never get launched in historic configurations though they do have their uses being super cheap. Vanguard/Redstone/Juno a few times in early career to get things going but quickly surpassed by Thor/Delta which is definitely the early game workhorse family. It's pretty much then a choice between using either Atlas or Titan families but as you say Titan is hugely versatile so almost always wins that race, unless I have a roleplay-driven falling out with Glenn Martin. Saturn parts are vastly more expensive but Saturn II and MLV derivatives get a lot of use in late game. I've always wondered if it would be possible to somehow restrict part unlocks by reputation with the manufacturer as well as science & funds. You could conceivably pick "Strategy" that contracts you to a specific manufacturer and locks out the others, and parts get cheaper the more rep you build.
  10. Not at all, I'm delighted that someone is taking inspiration from my inspiration! Kit bashing in KSP is fun.
  11. The satellite bus used for Galaxy 1 and TacSat in those kitbashes is parts from BDB Pioneer 6 smooshed together. General kitbashing woes I discovered on the way: we have lots of round satellite busses / control modules in various mods and yet many real life satellites are blocky. there aren't so many square-ish ones and those that exist have some lovely textures and greebling, which unfortunately gets in the way. You have to get creative! Ref. KH-11. Remember birds aren't real, folks.
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