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KSP2 Hype Train Thread


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EDIT: 2023-February-23. Time, like trains, travels down a path in one direction. When we all started this journey, we were promised great things, and I think many of those great things are still to come. But the train has reached its destination, and most of us can not even disembark, and those that do will be entering a station building which is little more than a cracked, uneven foundation. Still though, time marches forward, and we can only hope that KSP2 development marches on as well. Are there better constructed stations down the line? Let's find out. The engine's lethargic now; i've had to supplement Hype Energy with regular coal just to keep the boiler pressure up. This express has reached the end of the line, but a new stopping service is about to depart. Hopefully at the end of this branch line extension is a stable station building, and if we're very lucky, it won't even be on Kerbin.

original OP:

A whole new world has opened up and its naME IS KERBIN, HAHAHA! That's right it's ya girl Gregoria Luna back at it again with the Hype Train! Full steam ahead, boiler pressure is clocking in at uh... oh my. 360 gigapascals. Fantastic, we got earth-core energies.

I seriously never thought I'd take the Hype Train out again, but she's been excellently maintained and let me tell you she's ready to go. And so am I, I genuinely don't think I've ever been this hyped, and that says a lot.


As before, this thread is intended to serve as an outlet for people's pure unadulterated enthusiasm and as a way to collect the special hype fluids that enable super-luminal hype travel from our passengers.


Here's your ticket to ride.

I never thought I'd see the day, and I thought surely if I did, I would only be disappointed. But this looks amazing. It was amazing as it was, with parts based on NovaSilisko's old models but with a new shiny coat, and a return of the launchpad. And they used the Build Fly Dream music. And THAT NUCLEAR PULSE ROCKET blew me away when I saw it, and if that wasn't enough we see a beautiful shot of Jool with... oh my god... is that? A Daedalus drive? IT IS! GOING TO OTHER STAR SYSTEMS!

I can only hope that the future is bright for planet modding too. I'd love to see Whirligig World 2 and Alternis Kerbol Re-rekerjiggered!


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i thought itd be funny to write an update that starts with a comparison between time and trains so here ya go.
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My first ride on the KSP Hype Train! 

I’m so proud of Squad for what they’ve started. KSP is a game I’m so invested in that a sequel feels like something we all played a part in helping come to fruition!

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