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Funny thing you done in school


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I remember once going to a theatre/drama class, where there were some costumes hanging along the wall, and on the mini-stage in front of class, holding up two dresses and asking which looked better on me.

Consensus was the blue dress.


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14 hours ago, Tex said:

I remember once going to a theatre/drama class, where there were some costumes hanging along the wall, and on the mini-stage in front of class, holding up two dresses and asking which looked better on me.

Consensus was the blue dress.



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On the last day of high school me and a few buddies did an unauthorized barbecue using a portable electric grill (I actually wanted to bring a regular charcoal grill for increased comedic effect but we feared we would suffocate, and the school could charge us for "attempted arson" or something similar) in the middle of class and kept it going on.

Me and guy "A" would always be the first to arrive at the classroom, usually within 10-15 minutes before class actually started. So I brought the electric grill, he brought a cooler and plates/forks, we put our stuff inside the classroom and went to a nearby market and bought some meat. We arrived back and guy "B" was there with a bluetooth speaker (note: it wasn't your average portable speaker, the thing was massive, almost a studio-grade speaker), he had also brought soda. We hid the speaker inside a room where laptops and projectors were stored, since it was highly unlikely any teacher would decide to use them on the last day, and waited until recess. When recess started and the teacher had left the room, we took out our equipment and fired it up.

The entire thing had been planned since the middle of the year, and since it wasn't exactly forbidden by the school's rules (we analyzed the rules AND the school contract) we took a "the show must go on" strategy, keeping the barbecue going no matter what (what were they going to do, it was the last day, all tests had already been done, and it wasn't forbidden). It was fun as hell, by the time recess was over and the next teacher went to the classroom there was meat sizzling, music blasting, mad card games going on in the room's corner, even more so after people from the school's administration started coming around to see what the hell was going on and not knowing how to react.

Principal came around, telling us we were trying to damage the school's image (even though no recordings were made, we told nobody outside our group, nor was this posted to social media), we kept offering him to join us. A few moments later it was the school owner's turn to have it out with us, and to do my part I picked up a soda bottle and a disposable cup, went to her and also started asking her to join us, asked if she wanted some Coca-Cola (she refused), filled up the cup and kept offering it, telling her not to be shy, that everyone was having fun and there was food on the plates that she was free to enjoy. Everyone was acting as if there was nothing out of the ordinary going on, and it was beautiful.

Ultimately we had to shut it down because some people started believing the threats made against us, but it was worth it. Definetively recommend doing something like that on the last day if you know there will be no consequences and won't actually harm anything or anyone.

(note: this wasn't done out of the blue, almost everyone from my classroom had some sort of spar with the school's administration due to arbitrary rule enforcement, general hypocrisy and lack of respect. The teachers were great, we were friends with all of them, but the administration sucked - we wanted to do something outlandish that wasn't actually forbidden, and my idea fulfilled that desire successfully)

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Back in the day, we used the IBM Fishbowl terminal PC in high school.   For some reason the printers would only spew out every fourth print job.   I knew that the spool was jammed in the printer Queue, so I asked the one teacher to let my use her account to clear out all the jobs, and we could start anew.   Which was especially important as I was the layout editor for the newspaper, and we really needed those jobs printed.   She didn't want me mucking around in her account, for whatever reason, we weren't connected to the net (wasn't even a thought at the time).  So with her watching over my shoulder, I opened the password list file, which was unencrypted (??),  got her password, logged into her account, fixed the printer, and then said "See, everything's fine".   

She threw a fit, and started pushing for me to get expelled.

When brought before the principal and superintendent, I pointed out that a) I had fixed the problem and b) there were no rules regarding what I had done.   They agreed, told the teacher to do her job better, and let me go with a warning of "Don't do that again".    In the next years school handbook, there was a page and a half of rules on computer networks and security.   I can claim that I single handedly made the school district rewrite the handbook. 

6 years later, my brother did something similar, this time relating to the internet (I don't know the details), and again they had to rewrite the handbook cause of us. 


Another Story.

Was stage crew for drama club for my senior year., cause I like building things.  We were doing "Pirates of Penzance".   Director asked me if it was possible to make a working cannon for the ship set we had.

When she said "working cannon", she meant a puff of smoke and maybe some flash paper.    I had took this to mean she wanted to make a working cannon.

So I made an air cannon with a 10 inch barrel.   An air compressor charged a section of the gun with air upto 120 psi, and when the aluminum foil diaphragm I placed in it ruptured, it would fire, making a very loud boom.     The amount of pressure required depended on the number of layers of aluminum foil.  The effect was made even cooler by adding a bunch of gold glitter and baby powder. 

Oh yeah, and a 10 inch Nerf Ball, painted black, as a cannon ball. 

So one day, I'm down "below decks" in the ship, working on the compressor and the cannon.  Never heard the choir come out on stage to practice.   Neither did they notice me charging the gun.   BOOM.    Then I heard the screams.     Yeah they were a tad upset.

Got the gun dialed in enough that it would send the nerf ball half way out into the auditorium, usually caught by the audience.   But on the second night, I had dialed up the pressure to it's max, and when the ball came out, it knuckled right down into the orchestral pit, catching the trombone player right between the eyes, causing her to flip over backwards in her chair.   She too was a tad upset.  It's hard to not laugh at somebody who has a baby powder "burn" mark in the middle of her forehead. 



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17 hours ago, έķ νίĻĻάίή said:

There weren’t any rules against paper planes. So I called up the boys to make as many paper planes as possible and we went to war with the girls xD 

Ladies and Gentlemen.

This person has reached another stage of Genius

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In high school we had an teacher who tended to be trolled by some fools all the time. 
We had to find other things to do, yes this was long before smart phones. 
We arranged and snail race and managed to pull it off without the teacher noticed, as it was biology it was on topic :)

At collage. Well recording the bell and playing it back trough the speaker used in the classroom 5 minutes before the class ended, she packed up and left. In hindsight she probably noticed something was up then it was nobody in the corridor but looked at her clock and found it just as well to leave, going back in would just be awkward and kind of pointless. 
The smoke bomb was more effective than we thought as we set it off in an sort of courtyard with only an 3 meter roadway into it and little wind so the smoke stayed quite some time and they had classrooms in the basement level with open windows. 

University: best one must be the hydraulic lab, we got an oscillation with positive feedback, now let us try to increase the effect: we got very wet :)
Making pirated decoders for cable TV in the electronic lab, back then they just added an noise signal to mask out pay channels and the decoder simply removed the noise, well our filter did too. 
One of the computer labs was simply the doom lab, the computers was reserved for playing doom :)


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