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KSP 1.12.4 not working on Mac?

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I upgraded my KSP install to 1.124.4 and I use a mac mini for it and for some reason it doesn't work? Like there is only a black loading screen FOREVER! SO I had to downgrade to 1.12.3. I think its a problem with taht new "Private Divison" launcher not working on Mac @Nate Simpsonany idea on what's happening?

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Here's what works for me- I have to do this every time I install a new version of KSP:

  • In the KSP folder, find the file you click on to start the game.  It is called 'KSP', and has a picture of a Kerbal next to it.
  • Drag that file to the desktop.
  • Next, drag the KSP file from the desktop BACK to the KSP folder you found it in.
  • Double-click the file, it should load just fine now.
  • Once you do this, the game will load properly every time in the future, with no further action required.

I have no idea why this is required, or why it works.  But it works for me.  Good luck.

Edit:  I do not recommend using the launcher.  Just run the KSP file from the KSP folder.  Skip the launcher.


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