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Fastest under the R&D Bridge

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Thanks @Meta Jonezfor the awesome challenge in KSP2.

I present a similar challenge for KSP1, updated for 2023

Fastest flight under the R&D Bridge; Fly as fast as you can under the bridge.


  • Stock only
  • No cheats/Kraken

Bonus Points:

  • Upload a video with takeoff and landing
  • Fly under Twice
  • Loop it
  • Do it in a "OneOscar"



"OneOscar" Leaderboard:


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This is the newly developed and highly unanticipated "OneOscar" FGM Spider, AKA "Zero-G" pulling off some sweet arial moves while practicing to post the fastest "OneOscar" time.

If you want to try the challenge in this sweet ride you can pick one up over at the "OneOscar" Zero-G Club <--Link

Until other craft join, It will be the "OneOscar"s that dominate!

Edited by Socraticat
I had to hype up my little plane a bit
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This Submission: 179m/s

Overall Category and "OneOscar" Stock Category


Screenshot verification:


Check out the difference in shadow between these frames. Definitely 179m/s when the bridge is throwing shade...


And the shadow cast by the "OneOscar" FG Spider shows how close the recovery was!


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