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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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I accidentally detonated Arrakeen city...
Well... Bob did.
after picking up a plushie from the gift shop, Bob decided it was a good idea to do full throttle...... without checking where it was pointed

yep, thats a huge mk3 SSTO headed straight for the Cidatel
the ssto slammed into the tower at over 60m/s, and the structure proceeded to detonate

Bob Kerman: "This is fine"

as my pc ran at one frame per... 30s lol, it as a 300part plane vs a 500 part spire in a 2k part city lmao
also, flying docking port

sorry Stratzenblitz!

miraculously, no other structure got damaged.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Except for this one ^^^, it got fricking obliterated

the twisty tower got landed on, but not damaged.

oops lol

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I've been tweaking my kOS transfer scripts while running a tourist service between the Mun and Minmus, the idea being inter-munar travel is mathematically the same as inter-planetary travel.

First attempt at inter-planetary, and it only took a few tweaks, mainly to ensure it didn't get caught up on the Mun on the way out.

I now have a ScanSat and a set of Kommsats orbiting Eve.



A few tweaks to the design needed and a similar package will be heading to Duna soon.

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Sent a base to minmus with a couple of ion-drive probes to rove around. 




Now I just need to send a second module with an ore tank I forgot so it can actually make fuel, and probably a couple extra tanks of xenon because the rovers work quite well in Minmus's gravity. They're just a little twitchy but nothing a quick-fingered Kerbal can't handle. Fully fueled each comes with over 4.4k delta-V so plenty to visit several biomes before it needs to return. 


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4 hours ago, Hotel26 said:

Latest FedEx shipment arriving at the Mun: 8 Rodeo Luna rocket bikes.



In other big news...  It's been 12-14 years since my last computer.  I built it myself.  It's true that the motherboard and CPU got an upgrade (an Intel I5) from work surplus parts a few years ago, but it's been limited still to 8GB.

As my Orbit world ("save") has expanded, 8GB fills up in an hour or less.  So, tomorrow...

So, tomorrow...  (speaking of FedEx)  my new deal arrives.  Ryzen 9 and 64GB of memory.  "Take that, KSP!!"  And, of course, I expect it will.

Everything's backed up onto one disk.  I pull that disk out, slip it into the new computer and boot up.  One more sleep!  :)

I've always considered trying to build ion powered flying bike, my RADKOR flyer is too large to count anyways. Thrust to weight ratio is no good for Mun flying, even with 9000 Dv. I might try and shrink it down to a 2000 m/s version for local Munar transportation. Oh wait you are talking about rocket fuelled bikes?

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I'm starting the next chapter of KSP videos. I need feedback on what people want for my Youtube channel content, uploading schedule, and video layout.

currently I am doing a feedback place here:


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2 hours ago, Vezbot said:

I've always considered trying to build ion powered flying bike

The cleverly-named Dandelion, which I just built, inspired by your idea, has TWR:1.55 on the Mun, and can be landed.  At the time of this shot, it still had 6.4 km/s.


Day-flying only...

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I finally am starting to use KIS to build things in situ.  Built this little impromptu buggy after I flew out to the local area to do some ground research.  Much fun learning to use KIS!

KAS too! 



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39 minutes ago, Hotel26 said:

The cleverly-named Dandelion, which I just built, inspired by your idea, has TWR:1.55 on the Mun, and can be landed.  At the time of this shot, it still had 6.4 km/s.


Day-flying only...

Great build! I need to do something like that next time I get on KSP.

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Well since i found some of my super old pos BSG replicas, i decided to give them another shot (and this time in actual chibi scale as i do all my other craft (previous truly decent Viper replica i had was using 1.25m engines as the rear, this one used .625).


Yeah, engines are the wrong color, but im so NOT making this thing ion powered as its already bad enough with part count as is (~100 parts).


Did the best i could to put RCS in the proper spots it should be...


You dont wanna know how long it took me to do those bloody intakes (and even now they arent quite perfect but i can at least live with it)...


the weapons do actually shoot (which should be obvious since im pretty sure i havent made a fully "unarmed" vessel in at least 3 years of playing KSP :D, even my bloody freighters have at least a single shot weapon somewhere on em)...


Now to remake my old galactica and pegasus replicas, this time hopefully i a way that doesnt require 900 parts and so they can actually fit these vipers inside them (hangar space was an issue with those things)...

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Testing out a new deployable probe system for destinations with an atmosphere, probably not as harsh as Eve, but enough to drop a small probe with a parachute in. Maybe Duna first, as we have a science station there on Ike so a mission could double as a supply run. Currently it is held in the Stegosaurous, a plane that can go so fast it explodes, if it wants to. 



Essentially I want to fit as many probes that will survive a landing and transmit science in a Mk-3 cargo bay as is reasonable, and have them be safely deployable. Like, things shouldn't blow up when they detach. Maybe that is too much to ask for. 


Finally got the probes to work, but the Stegosaurous 'sploded when I tried to land it on Kerbin's North Pole. More tweaking is necessary, and maybe more parachutes. 



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Taking a break from my space programme to try something new.  Despite buying Breaking Ground ages ago, I've never played with propellers or rotors.  It took a bit of trial and error and some hunting though some old posts to figure out how to set up the KAL controller, but I got there eventually.  Now working on a kOS script to fly the thing, my basic controller at the moment lets me set a forward speed and bearing, and will cancel out lateral speed (badly), next step will be altitude hold.

Will it fit?



Loads of room, although Jeb doesn't look too sure....



My ultimate goal is a heli-rover for Duna and Eve, and maybe some kind of E-VTOL system for a first stage of an Eve launcher.

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Tested an upgrade to an SSTO that I got off KerbalX (sticking some extra fuel tanks on it) which bumped its payload capacity up from 20 to 30 tons for an extra 1500 or so funds per flight (all fuel); a 50% increase in payload for a 32% increase in per flight costs is definitely a good thing.

And that was including one jet engine failing before the plane even started rolling on the runway!

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In Re:  Mission File 02

Vessel:  Kerbeagle I

Time:  Year 1, Day 4, 4 hours, 35 minutes

To:  President Manuel Kerman

Mr. President, I hope that today finds you happy and well.  We have some exciting news to share with you, and we trust that our efforts here at the KSA are bearing the fruit you had in mind when you requested this agency be born.

We have taken the a gigantic leap here at the KSA.  No, we aren't talking about the Olympic game of hopscotch; that is still ongoing, and we are still ahead of you by a score of 1-0.  Who would've thought that a simple game of hopscotch could last for this many days?  Anyhow, we here at the KSA have finally done it.  We were able to fly to the Mun.  And back!  Safely!  Attached you will find a few images as proof of our accomplishment.  First, we had to build the Kerbeagle I, our first Mun orbiter.


This thing weight several tons, but once we got her put together - no thanks to Bob, who somehow managed to lose the instructions - we were able to roll her to the launchpad and get her airborne.  Knowing what we do of astrophysics, we got her into a nice, stable orbit above Kerbin before sending her on her way.


I will say that plotting the course to the Mun was no small or easy feat.  We had to do some quick calculations on the fly (no pun intended), and thanks to Jeb's lightning reflexes, we were able to punch those numbers into the abacus and figure out how to get to the Mun.


Of course, once we were on an intercept course, we needed to actually get into orbit of the Mun.  Once again, the abacus helped, and Jeb was able to take a hard right turn at Albuquerque.  Thanks to his trusty Nikon camera, he was able to get a great shot of the surface of the Mun as he passed by.



He did a few science experiments while he was up there, too.  He watched the mystery goo, and he took the temperature.  He even had time in those few days to play some solitaire.  Not sure where he got the cards from, because we didn't send a deck with him; all we gave him was a few peanut butter sandwiches and some milk.  But he was able to pass the time.  Anywho, after passing by the Mun, he plotted a course home, and landed safely in the mountains.



Our next task here at the KSA is to actually land someone on the Mun.  The simulator we picked up on k-Bay works, but all of our simulations end in disaster.  Thank goodness they are only digital representations of ourselves!

For now, know that we will put the funds we received from your office for this mission to good use.  Hamsters aren't cheap, you know!



Herman Kerman

Director, Kerbaragua Space Agency

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Starting a side project to Upsilon called the national park project. Where we build parks for famous landmarks

we will be starting with the Monolith on Minmus. We will be going to the green monolith from the Upsilon save

Or that's the rough Idea right now. Here is one of our sketch ideas.


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I finally got a contract to put Kerbal boots (and more importantly - flags) on the tantalising surface of another planet. 

I'm glad my first interplanetary Kerballed landing will be on Duna - it will conclude a program started back in April, and while recent missions have had me send probes around Eve and Gilly, I've always enjoyed missions out to Duna. My most recent trip, which successfully saw a crew return from a high orbit of the marvellous red planet, must have given the brass over at the World-FIrsts Record-Keeping Society the nudge to offer up the contract.

They even bundled it with a rendezvous component, perhaps hoping that they can salvage some form of record for the books if the landing goes disastrously wrong... there's no mention of returning to Kerbin in the contract.

To the drawing board!


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It turns out Bill never left on Interplanetary 2 after all and has been at the space center this whole time. Special Agent Phodun told him to tag along on her next mission, she needed an engineer to refuel the Humming-BRD. 

The BRD was not quite what most engineers at Experiential Knowledge's had in mind when they set out to build space ships, but the parameters were delivered by a very serious looking Kerbal in a suit with a briefcase. He said he was with the government, and not much else. Come to think of it, maybe someone should have asked him more questions, like, "which government?" 

Their next mission, the government-Kerbal explained, would be commanded by special agent Phodun, who was recently rescued from Munar orbit and now employed there. 

Anyone who worked on the BRD knew what it was capable of. Not everyone was comfortable with it, but they were pinky-sworn to secrecy, so there wasn't anything they could do but keep coming to work and hope for the best.


Phodun and Bill launched, dropped the auxiliary tanks, circularized into a low orbit and headed for the Mun. Bill was starting to get suspicious that the BRD didn't have any scientific instruments or spare seats on board. Whatever they were doing, it wasn't a rescue mission or for, you know, science stuff.


When they made it into Mun orbit, instead of heading for the surface Phodun fired the engines anti-normal and then prograde at their apoapsis. Though he wasn't a pilot, Bill had been on enough missions to know they were performing an interception ... but of what? 

As the vessel came into view, Phodun finally opened up. This wasn't anything nefarious, she explained. The goal of a recent mission was to rescue and recover two Kerbals and drop off of a Mun patio. Someplace nice for the engineers to hang out while they took a break from mining. Several problems arose on that mission, though. First, the patio touched down on the wrong side of the Mun, making it rather difficult for the miners to access. Next, the delivery and rescue module remaining in space soon ran out of electric charge and was rendered useless. That module, she explained, contained important, really cutting edge technology and super secret information that the government was not happy to just leave in space for anyone to find.

The way she said that word - 'the government' - was funny, Bill thought. Something about it just didn't sound right ...

"You know what BRD stands for, right?" asked Phodun. 

"Um ... Big Random Doohicky?" guessed Bill.

"Close." Phodun's eyes were locked in front of her, completely glazed over in intense concentration. "Bloweyuppy-Rocket-Deliverer." 


Bill heard a pop near the front of the BRD and watched through the window as a capsule oriented itself towards the module and fired its engines.


A moment before it impacted, the front burst apart, releasing a salvo of I-beams and separatrons. 


When the dust settled, all they could see were large pieces of debris floating away, and the separatrons winking out in the distance and slowly drifting towards the Munar surface. 


"That'll do." Muttered Phodun. "Time to refuel. Ready, rock-guy?" She fired her engines retrograde, one cluster-missile firmly affixed to her ship's nose. Bill sat quietly and gazed out the window. 

What the Kerb am I involved in, he thought. 

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A long and arduous day in KSP today as I tried to land a plane on as many buildings around the KSC as possible for this challenge:

But a successful one, landing on at least eleven buildings and taking off again before deliberately crashing into the control tower on the Spaceplane Hangar to end the run.

The one I'm most pleased with was landing on top of the R&D bridge:


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