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  1. Banned because I visited the forum to ban someone.
  2. Alright, I did the steps and made the "MONO_THREADS_PER_CPU" Enviroment Variable with a value of 1, I will restart and test later to see if it helps, thanks for the information.
  3. hi there So, this will very likely reduce the CPU overload and very posibly remove my TLA issue from my other thread But the question is, how do i run this code and where?, I'm very unfamiliar with C++ or MS DOS so yeah
  4. I have yet to test if 1.12 does solve the issue, in the changelogs of Unity 2019.4.18f1 LTS (the one that 1.12 upgraded to) I couldn't find any track of the "fixed particles" issue, and in the known issues tab of the version that 1.8 uses I couldn't find it either, don't trust me much on this since I just did a quick search in a hurry and I didn't bother to go to all the changelogs of previous Unity 2019 releases, I will test 1.12 later on the day and I will come back and share the results.
  5. oh then i mistook it for 1.11.2 what did you excpect, i havent played KSP for a looongggg time
  6. hi again so I was just playing KSP yesterday to just do something and now, you guessed it, the TLAs appeared, but in another form, this time I was just flying and recording and then BOOM, ksp just closed out of nowhere, sure enough when i opended the KSP.log, there were the TLAs, but now we have a video that shows how the recording ended the second it crashed. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtUgGSbBKMe8kSpfBVzVD4VxERgM?e=Gs4Mx7
  7. i think i only stayed here until page 200 how is this thread still alive
  8. I've been in this thread pretty much since the start, now I'm rarely active on the forums. also i have like 40 subs (just saying)
  9. Hello @mie mie, looks like we have the same problem here, TLAs ruining our space programs, and don't worry much about the mods, it happens to me even on fully stock KSP, unfortunaly, my bug report for this issue has not been answered despite it being now 6 months old, me having the issue started more than a year ago. Me and some other people like @Lisias had broke down everything that could tell us what is wrong, we analized hundreds of logs, tested particles to it's limits, tweaked lots of settings and figured that, transparent particles are the problem, like, see when you hover over a part, that green outline is made of CPU intensive particles, on most computers it's fine, but in certain cases like mine, the unity engine loads it into the CPU and leaves the GPU on "standby", since my CPU is weak, it transfers it the the RAM, that information is in the unity forum talking about the issue, so, it would be good to know what are your system specs, this will confirm our theory and probably do some workaround, but until then, the only thing we can do is not on our hands, sicne unity has fixed this issue already, but KSP has not switched to the fixed version yet. In conclusion, we can't do anything about it considering the non existant response to my report. I personally stopped playing KSP due to this, it's really annoying and frustrating, you are not alone.
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