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  1. If you don't mind using a legacy version of RP1/RO pevbot's LRTR (less real then real) might peak your interest.
  2. Looks good! Seems to follow the logic skyhawk used. Going to probably say a safe bet would be to use the AFTER to avoid any shenanigans procedural parts might be playing. //Tier 1 kerolox1 @PART[proceduralTankLiquid]:AFTER[ProceduralParts] { @TechRequired = kerolox1 } //Tier 2 tanks2 @PARTUPGRADE[ProceduralPartsTank1500L]:AFTER[ProceduralParts] { @techRequired = tanks2 } @PARTUPGRADE[ProceduralPartsTank2500L]:AFTER[ProceduralParts] { @techRequired = tanks2 } @PARTUPGRADE[ProceduralPartsTankMiniaturization]:AFTER[ProceduralParts] { @techRequired = tanks2 }
  3. @theJesuit the only tech tree I've used that handles procedural part upgrades remotely as well as RO is skyhawk science / kerbalism. Maybe take a gander at how those mm patches were structured?
  4. I admit this issue is my own doing for having a mish mash of mods installed. When I launch a craft, on load I will randomly get the green bounding box drawn. I've confirmed FAR is the cause as the check box in the FAR debug menu to draw the bounding box is set to true. This randomly happens, I can simply disable the drawing of the bounding box in the debug menu when it decides to load a craft in flight with the bounding box drawn. Wondering if anyone is having a similar issue or has any suggestions as to an alternate solution to stop whatever it is that's randomly enabling the bounding box to be set to draw in the debug menu. Edit: It seems logical to me that if Ferram is detecting a certain error it would set the debug bounding box to true. I looked through the dlls and couldn't find any logic suggesting this though.
  5. I've linked a full MM config to make JNSQ compatible with Real Antennas. It's still a bit buggy as you do have to go into the antenna debug menu in the PAW and find a site that works. If anyone knows more about why this is, please share! https://github.com/dgxt002/JNSQ_RealAntennas.git
  6. Can confirm with Deferred and jnsq parallax that this looks amazing, no bugs I've detected and now I'm getting 60fps at 4k!
  7. Mod is looking better and better! At an altitude below 20km things look amazing, and I would agree that above that your perspective does bely an obvious and close (distance wise) repetitive pattern in the clouds. Performance is good for me compared to stock. I'm running with the linked parallax. I've got an RTX 4070Ti with all graphics settings maxed and 0.02(s) physics tick at 4k. Lowest framerate I've seen is 15fps with a 100 part rocket at launch.
  8. I finally understand how KSP ended where it is. It's a bad episode of "Pimp My Ride" Where the mechanics know nothing about what's already wrong with the car and have to teach themselves how to fix it.
  9. RP-1 has no official support for SEP or SLE. RO without RP-1 does.
  10. Try Skyhawk kerbalism. I'd recommend one of the updated forks.
  11. Did a fresh install of everything and that fixed it! False alarm
  12. https://pastebin.com/GWzAms3z Loads of B9P partswitch errors after update.
  13. Bonus! I've tested this at 10x with Realism Overhaul and everything works well and looks amazing!
  14. For anyone wanting to slap Simple Construction into their RP-1 playthrough, it works well out of the box. Here's a quick and dirty mm patch to add Metal and RocketParts to procedural tank @TANK_DEFINITION:HAS[#addLead[true]]:FIRST { %TANK[Metal] {} %TANK[RocketParts] {} }
  15. Thank you @zer0Kerbal this mod integrates itself easily into RP-1 Here's a quick and dirty MM patch to add Metal and RocketParts to the procedural tanks @TANK_DEFINITION:HAS[#addLead[true]]:FIRST { %TANK[Metal] {} %TANK[RocketParts] {} }
  16. Mixing fuel changing mods is never a good idea, but a solution if you want to do this is to go into the fuel switch mod you want to take control and add :Final to its MM patches. Do note this may still result in weird behavior so good knowledge of MM is recommended. Also, any changes that are hard coded in a dll can not be changed with MM
  17. I'd grab whatever parts of the spectra suite from ckan you like. Personally I grab everything but 64k clouds since I just don't spend enough time in kerbin orbit to really get a benefit out of the eye candy.
  18. Depends on your rig and personal preference. OPM has a parallax configuration, both astronomers and spectra configs are compatible with OPM. I find spectra easier on the rig and less "cluttered" imo. Astronomers is really about the eye candy above everything. I'd suggest downloading the whole Spectra suite except 64k clouds, and parallax for opm.
  19. I play with kerbalism and often times real fuels. Rational Resources is great for both. As far as what/where water on the Polar caps of moons makes sense. Metallic ore could be evenly distributed like stock ore for using extraplanetary launchpads. Oxygen actually makes up 45% of the moons surface bound to regolith.
  20. Doable with mm patches but not easy since for each part you'd have to remove the kerbalism repair module and replace it with stock. Even then, I haven't checked but part of the kerbalism repair system may be hard coded so you'd have to rebuild the dll Easier solution would be to turn off the kerbalism repair system and use something like kaboom if you want a stock repair system.
  21. Not a valid solution for everyone and the upcoming release of bdb may break more of these configuration, but real fuels stock config is nice for ksrss. https://github.com/tinygrox/RealFuels-Stock
  22. Really enjoying this pack. Just tested with FAR, SOCK, and a real fuels config I use for JNSQ. Everything seems well balanced and and controllable. Challenge level feels like an RSS version of JNSQ and I love the fact I have another planet I can colonize!
  23. Ahhh, looks like I forgot to install Kronometer since I'm showing a rotation period of almost 1 day 6 hours. Thank you for the correct orbit!
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