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  1. In fairness, that software's main feature, the whole reason people buy it, is to run those "mods"; the software is pretty much pointless without them. The "modders" are large businesses, as are the customers who rely on those "mods" to make money. These customers will not buy new versions of the software if their required "mods" stop working. And the software company controls the entirety of the software they're selling. KSP isn't like that, mod support is secondary to improving the core game (as it must be), plus as often as not an update to the game brings a point release of Unity that requires at least a recompile of plugin mods. Modders are hobbyists (though some of them do pro-level work), and no one's livelihood is affected if a mod stops working for a week or two. Squad is not being paid directly by their existing customers for new versions, thus those versions have to focus on increasing the appeal to new customers rather than maintaining backward compatibility with add ons used by a minority of the playerbase. It's apples to oranges. The solution is the same as it's always been: If you need your mods then don't update the game until your mods are ready for it. That's the duty you take on when you mod your game, and it is not right or fair to expect anyone else to do it for you. Squad has done more than enough to make this as painless as possible, by keeping the previous version available for those who seem unable to prevent updating modded installs, by making prerelease versions available to modders to help them be ready for release day, by keeping the changes required to mods as small as possible, by documenting the relevant changes for modders, and by making the game so moddable in the first place. I have very little patience and even less pity for players who complain the mods they use stop working after an update. It's expected and necessary to keep the game moving forward, and it's easy to prevent your game from being affected until you decide you're ready to update. If someone isn't willing to take on the responsibility of managing their install then frankly they have no business modding their game, IMO.
  2. If you can use Excel you'll be fine with online spreadsheets. It's not like you're doing sophisticated data manipulation, just keeping a curated list, essentially.
  3. A couple of months ago. The rule was not having the desired effect: It did not reduce instances of the behavior, and it often forced us to moderate new members who were asking what they thought was an innocent question about their favorite mod. Almost as big a problem are the posters who "white knight" for modders and smack down people in threads about it. Word to the wise for anyone reading: If you are not the modder or a moderator you have no business telling people not to ask questions in a mod thread. Please stop this toxic behavior, it is not helpful. If you feel a post is out of line, hit report and we'll look at it. If it is not moderated, don't do so yourself. This is getting a bit off-topic here, anyone who would like to discuss it further is welcome to PM or start a thread about it in the Kerbal Network.
  4. It gives you the force and distance of the acceleration event (0.298N though 1m). From this the work done can be derived, and that work turns into additional kinetic energy. At least that's my reading of the problem.
  5. It is not any more. But it is certainly poor behavior.
  6. I prefer Rapier + Nerv for maximum dV. You can use the airbreathing mode longer, and carrying a bit of oxidizer lets you use the rocket mode of the Rapier to supplement the nuclear thrust during ascent. More generally: Adding engines usually decreases delta-v, as they are dry mass. You want just enough engine to do the job and no more.
  7. As far as I know the mods for console on Bethesda games are models and textures only. That a big difference in degree of risk for the console manufacturers compared to arbitrary code like that used in many KSP mods. I consider it extremely unlikely that Sony or Microsoft would ever permit modder submitted dlls to run on their machines. Maybe if some more popular ones were bundled up by Squad (with permission of course) and vetted.
  8. Screen is 1080p, window is 1024 wide.
  9. I poked around in Chrome's settings trying to duplicate the issue but didn't see anything, sorry.
  10. I'm comparing Firefox and Chrome on Win10, the font rendering looks virtually identical to me.
  11. Those pieces of software are not drivers. It is bad advice to put off Windows updates, as the recent ransomware outbreak shows.
  12. That is not what it said at all. Not at all. Please stop spreading misinformation.
  13. How you drew this conclusion from that post is beyond me.
  14. It's update time again, so here's a gentle reminder to please be respectful to the people who make and maintain mods, especially right after an update to the core game. A few behaviors we'd prefer people avoid: Bumping the thread of every mod you use to ask for an update Being demanding or rude when asking for an update Asking for an update Complaining that an update is taking too long None of these types of posts are helpful or constructive, and make for an environment that is hostile to modders. Remember that modders are volunteers who give their work to us for free, work that they do in their free time as their real life schedules permit. Please avoid biting the hand that is feeding you.
  15. Merged in another thread. We don't need separate threads for individual thoughts about the update, thanks.
  16. The OP lists the four languages for which this release has added support. Possibly? Other language support for future versions has been mentioned but I don't think specific ones have been determined yet.
  17. French is not supported in this update, and the last one was English only.
  18. Why would you make this thread, then? Whoever starts a thread like this needs to commit to maintaining the OP. Closed.
  19. Moved over to Gameplay Questions, you'll get better answers here.
  20. Drifting a bit off topic, but my favorite is: "Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes."
  21. The bugtracker is the best place to report bugs so that they get the proper attention. Welcome aboard!