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  1. This thread is literally full of people disagreeing with that decision. If a post was removed it's likely because it didn't follow the community guidelines in some way, none of which require Squad support in the post. If you wish to discuss a specific post with a moderator, send a PM to one of your choosing and we can talk about it. In public is not the place for that.
  2. But trim is already a thing in KSP.
  3. @purpleivan @Skystorm Should be OK now.
  4. Link the post (here or in PM) and I'll see if I can fix it.
  5. Oh that one. Yeah it's known and already reported to invision.
  6. Appears to be working as intended, marking this report Not A Bug.
  7. @Azimech Should be good now.
  8. PA does much more than just horizon-relative SAS, and anyone saying it's not an autopilot is kidding themselves. I agree it's a great mod, sort of distilled out the plane-centric modes of MechJeb's SmartASS.
  9. Yes. We had some complaints that excessively long locations were adversely affecting the readability of the forum, so a 150 character limit on them has been implemented.
  10. On mobile at the moment, I'll take a look when I'm back at my pc.
  11. I see that you pasted in the whole link rather than the 5 character album code.
  12. Permission is not required, it's included in the terms of service when you create an account. That said, I consider it a tool of last resort and have never had cause to use it. I would only consider doing so if required by law or in a situation where someone might be in physical danger.
  13. Yeah that one's in imgur's javascript, not something we can control. I agree it would be better to have the full caption in the embed.
  14. Here's how it looks on FF/Win10 from here: AFAIK this is how it should look, are you seeing different? Edit: That's a screenie of the album, for anyone wondering why clicking it doesn't work.
  15. Should look OK now, please let me know if it doesn't.
  16. Closed, will reopen upon OP request.
  17. I had to do it by editing the HTML source directly, which is only available to admins for security reasons. Link any post you need fixed either here or in PM and I'll fix it when I'm at my computer again.
  18. Fine for a single person to RP a bit for a mission report, but collaborative RP is not permitted. Anyone can ask for craft files, but not as one company to another.
  19. Testing direct image embedding: And an animated GIF: And an animated mp4: Spoilered static image: Spoilered GIF: Edit: Looks like static images and GIFs embed OK but not mp4 videos, at least on FF/Win10.
  20. Can you link to the post in question? I don't see it in the OP of the thread you linked, if you'd mark where you want the album added I'll put it there for you. Not an ideal solution but at least the images will be visible. Edit: hang on, I just missed it in your post. Edit2: Got it embedded for you. No, sadly. Individual images or albums? Can you link the posts in question?
  21. Worked fine editing an album in, tested in my previous post in this thread. Can you give more detail on your browser/OS, and how exactly you used the button?
  22. LOL, looks like they don't work when quoted.
  23. Testing new imgur button, just enter the 5 character album code:
  24. OK, we've implemented a new button in the editor to allow imgur embeds. Click the black square with the "i" on it, enter the 5 character album code in the text box that appears, and click OK. A link will appear in the post that will be replaced by the album when the post is submitted. This is a bit clunky but appears to work fine. This is not thoroughly tested, please report any issues or errors in this thread. If you enter an invalid imgur album code, the forum will appear to hang when saving the post. Refreshing the page will make your post appear. Hopefully this workaround will suffice for now, until @ManeTI can dig a bit deeper and maybe get the Invision and Imgur people on the same page.