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  1. @Skylon It is. Last rule of the challenge
  2. Hello ! Can you tell me what system you disable, because I don't have the problem on my side. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the review, it's really well done ! We modified our plane to fix the problems; the steering system has been disabled and we added some flaps to have more drag and lift during landing. The landing procedure has also been improved and thrust reversal can be used to slow down the aircraft before touch-down (with the Brake action group). Pizio & Hartmann Co. presents its new Small Regional Jet family, Bluebell Technical Specifications for the Bluebell A+ : 1 pilot and 32 passengers Weight of 14.12 tons Length of 18.26m; Width of 20.92m; Height of 4.76m Range of 2200km Cruise altitude at 8000m (or 26000 feet) Cruise speed at 860km/h (or 239m/s) Take-off speed at 55m/s Price of 21,122,000$ Technical Specifications for the Bluebell B : 1 pilot and 40 passengers Weight of 16.16 tons Length of 20.14m; Width of 20.92m; Height of 4.82m Range of 2300km Cruise altitude at 9300m (or 30500 feet) Cruise speed at 900km/h (or 250m/s) Take-off speed at 65m/s Price of 22,891,000$ Files on KerbalX : and With two bigger, but still efficient, engines provided by our partner Rigau-Ros S.A., the Bluebell B is a jack-of-all-trades to bring your clients faster and further away. With its low stall speed at around 140km/h (or 40m/s) and thrust reversal engines, it's capable of landing on most airports or airstrips all around Kerbin.
  4. Thanks for the challenge, Keptin. Here is my craft : Pizio & Hartmann Co. presents its new Small Regional Jet, the Bluebell A Technical Specifications : 1 pilot and 32 passengers Weight of 13.92 tons Length of 18.3m; Width of 20.9m; Height of 4.8m Range of 2200km Cruise altitude of 8000m (or 26000 feet) Cruise speed of 860km/h (or 239m/s) Take-off speed of 55m/s Price of 19,215,000$ File on KerbalX : With a design inspired by the Bombardier Dash-8 (production license pending) and two very fuel-efficient jet engines, the Bluebell A is a good compromise between speed, range and economy. Its huge wingspan allows the plane to have short take-offs and landings (STOL), thus it can land on most airports all around Kerbin.
  5. Two separate launches in different orbits. It also might be a good idea to make the Vincin capsule 3rd launch a docking test mission Thanks !
  6. Ok, you can have the suborbital launch ! @Abastro will launch 2 of my VDT docking targets with his Retrance ll2
  7. To have goals for manned spacecrafts, I created this docking target equipped with two docking ports (one normal and one Jr.). It was build in the intent of using it with my craft, the Vincin, but everybody can use it! I decided to put it on a 100x100km orbit with an inclination of 120° to make it reachable by rockets from Baikerbanur. KerbalX file:
  8. Ok, sounds good for LKO flights. Might need 4, though. I still need a less powerful rocket for a suborbital flight first, if someone is interested.
  9. I updated my craft to be compatible with Kerbalism, I called him the Vincin I+. It has approximately 10 days of survability (limited by food and water) and has more solar panels to comply with Kerbalism needs. It is of course heavier, rising to 2.9t and higher, rising to 4.36m. @TheEpicSquared, you can replace the Vincin I by the Vincin I+ in the launch manifest, and maybe merge the static fire and the abort test. File on KerbalX:
  10. Hi! I would like to schedule at least a double-payload launch (out of 3) of my AMPCS I constellation in Kerbin geostationnary orbit which launches will be provided by @TheEpicSquared rocket, Iridium I. Furthermore, I would like to test my new spacecraft, the Vincin on a launch pad with a static fire followed by a launch abort. Thanks
  11. Here is my new creation, a spacecraft called Vincin (a river near my birthplace). It's a one-man capsule with a simple abort system, a compact service module(fuel, RCS, coms, batteries, solar panels) and about 700m/s deltav. It's modded and made with Porkjet parts, SXT and Tweakscale. Link:
  12. Deal. So, the cost is 51180 for the payload, plus 3 launches at 20000, which is 111180 bucks. Is 120000 bucks an acceptable budget for the gov ?
  13. I would like to put the constellation on a 0° geostationary orbit at 2863.33km, which each sat separated by a 60° angle. The rocket need to carry the payload to a transfer orbit and the sat has some deltav to complete the orbit. Can your rocket carry two of them under a fairing ?
  14. Hello! I'm enrolling for this awesome program as a payload provider. I will mainly supply robotic crafts such as sats, landers or cargo. My first offer is a small constellation of 6 comsats in Kerbin geostationary orbit, to provide probe control in Kerbin sphere of influence. These satellites, if the project is approved by the government, must be delivered by the rocket to a geostationary transfer orbit (like 75km x 2863.33km) which represents an extra 700m/s deltav from low orbit. The sat propulsion system will take care of the circularization. A bonus is available for a dual-payload launch, if possible. The payload cost for the constellation is 51180 kerbucks. The file is available here :
  15. I'm really glad this challenge is coming to an end, hopefully with a positive result. Obviously, we should support Synergy Moon, because of their heavily KSP-ish rocket,