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  1. Today Polit Kolitburo gave the assignment to Jeb an Bill "It is necessary to give an asymmetric answer for this challenge!" So they made an asymmetrical SSTO named "K-razy One"
  2. Very good idea, after this i think best wait 1.5, 2 min and then ... circularization burn into horizon...for 5 to 20 sec (depends on isp)...
  3. No, looks like weeks here are different one... looks like it tuesday- till tuesday . So IMHO not late to share you craft!
  4. my "Revolver" escape system load gun & shots space to Kerbin after 5:20...
  5. again this badge? its looks like "1-2-3...100500 hero of ... Kerbin " ? maybe better get @cratercracker badge on this page? Or add some word on it... like "official" . IMHO It is cool and we all can remember the different ones badges. Just an opinion... ps: but ok... if many "the same" badges system is remain the same... then if i'm getting old will do many official challenges ... i maybe looks like this...
  6. My version "LE" (named "Like Elon") 2 stages rocket . All stages separatron-powered return... kerbal-like, and...... some kind of lift for kerbals :))) have a fun
  7. omg.. they did not wright "land on Kerbin" (facepalm) ..... so.... we caaaan land everythere????
  8. nope! the best part is structural pylon - it resist 70 m/s impact tolerance now... construction...
  9. Hi, i build this "Kama" (named as river in Russia) PSTO shuttle (parallel stage to orbit = all engines ignites and used all time) for anoter challenge in this forum, but now... (...why not get also official badge here ? ) . Plus this is not are common shuttle disign... so why not post it here? And it fly good in RSS+realism overhaul and not common solve of overheating problem and hypersonic flight stability and maneuverability... For stock KSP: And also this disign for RSS+RO : also a small one and small+mobile launch+solid main booster (and old one for KSP1.0.4 )
  10. My 90 point construction complete
  11. "Space Flower" station now orbiting Mun
  12. Try to build something like this in RSS+RO , but procedural fuel tanks still not updated for 1.22 so i cant create a good 1st stage recovery system... but for now it just Realism Overhaul PSTO and good one hypersonic glider, what well change descent precision tragectory from mach 12 to mach 5 . It parts resist temperature only max 2500 (except 4 heatshields, 2 on bow, 2 on landing gear in tail). But descent is ok . ps- sorry for my poor english
  13. it's simple challenge IF SSTO can drop it cargo (spaceship) to LKO /or split apart . Then go to Mun/Minmus and come back to Kerbin , dock and land. Or SSTO-ship must be in ONE piece?
  14. Eve spaceships - always are behemoths, and if it reusable - it is modded behemoths . For Dune, Laythe you can make a simple nuclear propulsion winged SSTO / or SSTO with winged lander (tons of contructions in this forum) . So there is not 1 good AND simple construction for different atmospheres. ps: and if you have are wings and mining module - you don't need reusable heatshield at all . 3200 for empty heatshield is normal temperature even for Eve gliding descent. my one-year old Eve spaceplane (not reusable, but also not behemoth, atmosphere aerobraking and gliding, not need ablator in descent and about yor asking - you can use this idea for wing protection in your ships for Eve descent): https://youtu.be/j2iwEXP0ooQ
  15. Just wanna say what i LOVE this mod! Today i go to space with "hyperblast" scramjet and monopropelant only. Veeeerrrry interesting to build scramjet vessels!!!! Tooo bad stock parts not give us a chanse for scramjet