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  1. Drew Ex Machina's results on LHS 1140b is OUT! "The initial impression is that LHS 1140b has fairly good prospects of being potentially habitable since it is a rocky planet which orbits inside of the HZ of its parent star. However, this generally good assessment comes with the usual caveats about the potential habitability of any exoplanet orbiting a red dwarf. There have been a fair number of predictions made over the decades about various proposed mechanisms that could desiccate such exoplanets, strip them of their atmospheres, irradiate their surfaces from flares and so on – processes which could compromise the habitability of such worlds. There have been yet other predictions published in the peer-reviewed literature which suggest these might not be major impediments to potential habitability especially for larger exoplanets (which are expected to form secondary atmospheres later) and exoplanets in larger orbits (which are farther away from damaging flares and other effects of stellar activity). The current observations of LHS 1140b can not exclude the possibility that LHS 1140b has been stripped of all of its volatiles leaving it a cold, desert planet devoid of water or even a substantial atmosphere. There are currently observations being made with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope to determine the current UV flux of LHS 1140 – data that can help to assess the potential habitability of LHS 1140b today. However, the low density of the recently discovered TRAPPIST-1f implies that it has held onto its volatiles despite close orbit around ultracool dwarf (see “Habitable Planet Reality Check: The Seven Planets of TRAPPIST-1”). Likewise, the detection of water vapor in the very hot atmosphere of GJ 1132b (a super-Earth size exoplanet discovered in 2015 using MEarth-South) also suggests that exoplanets orbiting red dwarf stars can retain their water and other volatiles over time raising hopes that LHS 1140b has done so as well. Only more observations of this class of exoplanets to characterize them and their atmospheres will provide the data needed to confirm or refute these sometimes contradictory predictions being made. Fortunately, LHS 1140b is an ideal target for exactly these sorts of studies."
  2. @FreeThinker I think you should start working on realistic colony equipments for interstellar travels
  3. Would that crash the game?
  4. Happy Ishtar/Eostre day!
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  8. This is my nightmare become real... Don't mind me, continue talking.
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  10. Is made with C4D. This crazy-looking building...
  11. (I think you failed! One extra word edit claimed.) I () think we were supposed to eat one. I guess we were supposed to eat one.
  12. Banned for mistaking me for a planetary chauvinist.
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