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  1. I apologize if it feels like that. I guess I should respect that there will be imperfections in some KSP mods, especially those of magnitudes as large as this one. But often these imperfections I point out happen to be with licensing and credit, something that should be taken very seriously, especially as mods that have very touchy licenses are present here. One slip up and the entire thing could be sabotaged. Other than that, it is rude of me to attempt to enforce my opinions at all. It is your choice what to do with the mod.
  2. Alright, there are still a couple of things I don't understand about how you're packaging the mod. Firstly, what happened to modularity? Sure, it bloats the download size, but it would be incredibly simple to implement and would be a blessing for those who have weaker computers. No point of having steps if there's minimal modularity. The Laythe cloud textures are Astronomer's clouds for Jool. Don't take credit on that, all you did was tweak the configuration so that they used the two base cloud layers of Jool. Why are you getting people to extract the entire KSPRC folder just for the terrain, including the Atmospheres and CityLights? The cloud config for KSPRC is even present in "Andromeda Visuals". Why not just get people to delete Atmospheres and CityLights rather than adding extra fat to the mod? You're being incredibly vague when crediting people for their components that make up the mod, forgetting to even credit PlanetShine, TextureReplacer, DistantObjectEnhancement, and scatterer! Astronomer should be credited for more than just the cloud textures, he originally made all of the cloud configurations present in this mod.
  3. As mentioned before, Andromeda runs on the EVE 7-4 port KerbalVisualEnhancements, which is almost completely different from the EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements we have now. Since pretty much all assets in this mod depend on KVE, the state of EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements doesn't matter here. I'm not sure if KVE works in 1.3, but from what I've heard about people using my repackaging, mods running on KVE are unstable.
  4. Hello, I've taken a bit of time today and wrote a configuration for my AVP repackaging to be compatible with Alternis Kerbol. (Thanks @theaveragepxtseryu for testing the config out and taking eye-candy screenshots :D)
  5. New updates coming out. 3.12 Mandatory Compatibility Update (not really just making SpaceDock say it's compatible with 1.3) - Added white planet fix configuration (Thanks Galileo!) - Updated ModuleManager 3.12E Mandatory Compatibility Update (not really just making SpaceDock say it's compatible with 1.3) - Added white planet fix configuration (Thanks Galileo!) - Updated ModuleManager
  6. 1.2.2 EVE reportedly still works in 1.3, so the intensive version of the new download will continue to function. Enjoy!
  7. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that KerbalVisualEnhancements will be updated for 1.3 anytime soon. For now, we wait, perhaps something will come up. In the mean time, EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements will likely update soon, so my repackaging will continue to work, no change necessary, once that comes out.
  8. Welcome back, Proot! A lot has happened in your absence, might want to check around the forum a bit.
  9. New updates are coming out. v3.11 changes - Added KSPRC instructions because I'm dumb and forgot to in 3.1. v3.11E changes - The less intensive branch of AVP is back, running on KerbalVisualEnhancements (which is surprisingly more stable than the latest E.V.E.) - Added KSPRC instructions to this release too. - Modularity is included in this branch. - Edge of Oblivion and Interstellar are merged now.
  10. Take a look at Instantiator, it might include some useful features for applying a wormhole effect to a body.
  11. Hey, that's pretty good! Great first step into the modding realm!
  12. The oroginal Astronomer's Visual Pack states in the license.txt that comes with it: "The licensor permits other to create and distribute derivative works, but only under the same or a compatible license. The licensor permits others to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work for non-commercial purposes only." A couple others have also created their own derivatives of AVP, and those derivatives have been up for quite some time with no issues.
  13. It'd be a very good idea to update the Kopernicus included to 1.2.2-6
  14. BetterAtmospheres does indeed work in 1.2 if used with KerbalVisualEnhancements, as with all E.V.E. 7-4 packs. Not the best E.V.E. 7-4 pack, though
  15. Kargantua has a very dumb thing with it, where it has premade visual enhancements for the stock system, presumably because the dev needed to use some of the assets for his planets. You'll have to install Kargantua in a way that AVP doesn't get overwritten. Gameslinx may cause compatibility issues, as it has its own set of visual enhancements. Try removing it from your installation, and I'll get back to you on how you can use AVP with it, if you can. It also seems that you're using an older version of ModuleManager.