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  1. Thread's been dead for a while. I guess there's nothing left to work on, when I get the inspiration to I'll give Laythe original clouds, as well as replace the detailtexture. For now, I need more suggestions from everyone. What more is there that I can improve on in AVP? What more is there that I can add to such a feature-fledged pack? Feedback and constructive criticism is always appreciated.
  2. Maybe not the Volumetric Dick necessarily, but I discourage the volumetric disk as it runs on an outdated dedicated plugin.
  3. Just this. Hopefully soon there will be some kind of compatibility with this and GEA or other visual mods.
  4. (I was just about to refer you to the Stock Visual Enhancements page until I realized!) SVE has scatterer configs that take advantage of the "EVE-Scatterer integration" feature of scatterer to modify the terminators, in this case the terminator was modified to be blue-ish. I'm pretty sure that these parameters change the look of dawns and dusks.
  5. The KerbalVisualEnhancements "Old EVE" configs will likely fare better on lower-end computers.
  6. No! Just the EVE plugin "EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements" is necessary. Great screenshots! Lucky save from the duststorm, Mark Kerman would be much less fortunate being stranded on Minmus
  7. (Hey Vsauce) Until the mod updates to the new EVE, you are able to use the OPMclouds mod for OPM cloud configs.
  8. Interstellar and Edge of Oblivion have been combined into a single pack! The download link is in the OP. This combined version features the best of both versions.
  9. Nope. TextureReplacer only manages skyboxes for either mod.
  10. TextureReplacerReplaced is literally a replacement for TextureReplacer, the file structure that comes with the mod is meant for TextureReplacerReplaced. You can still download the usual TextureReplacer 1.3 port and copy the files from the GameData/TextureReplacerReplaced in AVP to the usual GameData/TextureReplacer folder.
  11. Upon opening the audio file in a spectogram viewer and stretching the relevant frequencies: That seems to be a crosshair on the 4th planet out.
  12. Astronomer's Visual Pack: v3.43 "Universality" (a.k.a. the "Please Stop Bothering Me About Certain Features" update.) - Separated non-cloud features from cloud config i.e. auroras, snow, geysers, lightning, etc. have their own configurations now, making it easy to remove unpreferred features - Tweaks and fixes
  13. This is the right thread. Low-res cities around KSC will hopefully be fixed next update. I personally think that aurorae on Duna look quite nice, realism was not exactly considered in the making. If you really want to remove aurorae from Duna, go to the Tracking Station, open up the EVE GUI, navigate to Duna's cloud layers and remove Duna-Aurora. That isn't shine, it's glow. It brightens the faces of both bodies from orbit. Especially with KSPRC textures, both bodies look dead inside otherwise. That's lightning. I get it, it doesn't look like lightning, it'll be fixed one day.
  14. Yes. Please do not send the same question twice in a row, you will get answered, just be patient.
  15. To use a custom sunflare, you must remove AVP's custom sunflare folder "scatterer-sunflare" then manually install your own in the default scatterer folder.