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  1. Think the volumetric disc is just an E.V.E. effect
  2. (You're welcome for that reddit post) I've also uploaded an updated version of both of Astronomer's Visual Packs to SpaceDock, which include OPMclouds support directly inside the mod. If you want, you can download either Edge of Oblivion or Interstellar v2 and it'll work with OPMclouds like the old days.
  3. Well, technically it will, but probably horribly. I'm working on an RSS-compatible edition right now, and under the OP's permission, I might release it.
  4. Hi, if this is a beta version of your mod, then could you please move this to Addon Development? Also, please delete the duplicate forum post you created earlier.
  5. You're welcome.'s Visual Pack: Interstellar v2 (Updated and Repackaged)?ga=%3CGame+3102+%27Kerbal+Space+Program%27%3E
  6. Nhawks17 had messaged me earlier about my violation, which I was expecting, as the license for AVP varied from place to place and I may have misunderstood it. I thought of pointing out what Galileo had, but I did not want to cause a skirmish of some sorts over this.
  7. This is all encompassed within Astronomer's Visual Pack: Interstellar v2, as well as KSPRC. AVP is in fact compatible with the latest version of KSP and runs fine at the highest settings if you're willing to update every dependency.
  8. Speaking of falling into the black hole without being torn apart, or just an idea for the wormhole, Astronomer's Visual Pack: Interstellar v2 has an optional feature which adds a solid "cloud layer" of wormhole over the sun, and makes this wormhole layer move super fast to give the illusion of traveling quickly through it. It can be seen in action here. Perhaps, if the developer hasn't found a better or more complex method, this can be implemented into the mod over the black hole and future wormhole?
  9. Hi, is it possible that in a future update the mod could use shortcuts to songs instead of having to copy each individual music track to the folder? Like how GTA V does with Self Radio, you can just place the shortcut file to the song and it'll recognize it from the folder the song is in.
  10. Just a thought, perhaps package the visual enhancements part of the mod in a separate mod or just a separate addon that's integrated into this thread? Would make it easier for others to create their own adaptations of a "Kargantua Visual Enhancements" or even just make it easier for first-timers and not have their PC blow up Also, maybe not package visual enhancements for every body in the Kerbol system with the mod?
  11. Excellent work! I was tinkering with SpaceEngine clouds for Namm and Limmer just before you released an update with virtually the same thing haha
  12. let it lag, let it lag, let it possibly lag!
  13. Very nice job Anase! Sure this will come handy to many
  14. Already reported this problem, the dev who ported the mod over to 1.1.3 is responsible for fixing this. I really want to get into this new challenge but...
  15. Congratulations with the release! Looking forward to the Gargantua system