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  1. It is awesome! also, i like this idea
  2. TRAPPIST-1 comes to life and vaporizes you. i sift through the core and grab the atoms. my atoms. (and @ProtoJeb21 atoms.)
  3. if the downloaded file has something that says "gamedata" look inside that. open your ksp_OSX or ksp_win folder. inside it, there should be a folder called "gamedata. put what ever is in the mods gamedata folder in your ksp_win or ksp_OSX folder. then run ksp. alternatively, if you are one a windows, use CKAN. link to CKAN:
  4. . kind of a scary idea, don't ya think.
  5. That is odd. A random cover photo appeared. Time to delete it!

  6. Please fix the problem with everything being covered in yellow lines when on a Mac. PS. Happens with 64 bit too, so not a memory error.
  7. 2 things, 1, totally agree! KSP has given has so much for so little! 2, awesome rant.
  8. Wut After long thinking, I declare the chocolate cake is best!
  9. I've had a similar problem where every tank is gone, revoking mk4 spaceplane system fixes it.
  10. @UnionPacific1983WP ONLY : SUPER sorry if this seems rude or like me assuming i know more than you or anything like that. PS. sorry about the run-on sentence
  11. shouldn't be to hard to write a simple .dll to cause overheats when touching the particles. PS. i am no modding expert so sorry if this is insulting to modders.
  12. Due to bug and RL, I could not add anything.
  13. actually, this was the original idea for a relay system, a load of manned relay sats using 40's radio tech.
  14. do you know how to fix it?
  15. @Galileo, i am having an issue where this+SVE+OPM=all of the OPM planets becoming Pixelated yellow. Pleasse help!