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  1. I'm a piloneer.
  2. Will be live by tomorrow!
  3. because everyone likes rockets. how do i build a rocket?
  4. I would go Hallelujah! and give them snacks and ask them to bring me and my friends and family home with them. Actually, first I would get them a ladder because my backward is like @EpicSpaceTroll139's yard. And once on kerbin, I would ask to become a kerbonaut.
  5. This looks awesome! EDIT: huh, second page.
  6. I'm thinking may 31. How's that sound?
  7. Thanks, also, what about a topic you have already posted?
  8. How do you make a poll on a topic you post?
  9. No, need a deadline.
  10. 8/10, slightly creepy.
  11. i do not know.
  12. I overthrew an autocracy in Social Studies (SS).
  13. Known for combusting lemons.
  14. Either dl or show @Beale please!