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  1. I just got spore! I'm on the creature stage. Pic soon.
  2. MOL was cool.
  3. I hope this works out, but for now, all this development is awesome!
  4. Can we use RPM/ASET?
  5. It pains me to say this, It appears that I am not fit to maintain this challenge. If anyone else with more time is willing to take over please pm me.
  6. I love this mod, and have recently started a trip around the world with it. This has inspired me to do something new, and for that I thank you! Love your mods, Bill the Kerbal.
  7. I threw this name together, and i don't really like it. however i have no other ideas. please give input.
  8. So sorry for the delay, school has been interrupting a ton. i will try to get the rockets there by Wednesday.
  9. I would suggest Sci-fi visual enhancements by @panzer1b IIRC + OPMVO by @Poodmund.
  10. There used to be an "ignore user" button, where did it go?
  11. I'm a piloneer.
  12. Will be live by May 5th!
  13. because everyone likes rockets. how do i build a rocket?