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  1. Heheheh, heh, hehehehe, hehe, heh.... Also @Kuzzter I like how you made Newdum say "surrende"r in a funny way, so it sounded like "SURRENDAAAAHHHH!!!!!"
  2. sorry guys, OBS updated too long, so match is delayed again to next week. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. That sounds like something a WWI veteran would say.
  4. Thanks @JollyGreenGI. Unfortunately, the match is delayed until Friday.
  5. What the heck did that missile hit? Also, IN YOUR FACE, KERBULANS! Both of Bill's faces: ....UH OH. That made me laugh so hard! Though I was expecting "ITS A TRAP!" P.S: Man, I can't type today, I accidentally typed KERBULABS!
  6. Next match delayed for next Friday, sorry.
  7. I'll post a screenshot when I go down to play.
  8. For some reason, OBS isn't working. Can you guys help?
  9. Ok. Next match is scheduled for Friday between @JollyGreenGI's Team Dryad and Team @Rezolution.
  10. @JollyGreenGI are you including 2 Ts and 2 LS?
  11. Let's hope Val has another trick up her sleeve. For Jeb: Yeah, I'll have my hot lunch later, I HAVE WORK TO DO!