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  1. Just woke up and saw 7 notifications on replies of status updates (because I follow @The Raging Sandwich and @Lo Var Lachland), one new status and one like. ONE LIKE?! Well, that was anticlimatic.

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    2. Lo Var Lachland

      Lo Var Lachland

      LOL! Here's another one. :P

    3. Murican_Jeb


      More likes for Wildcat!

    4. Lo Var Lachland

      Lo Var Lachland

      Yay! Likes everywhere! *Jumps up like a ballerina, reaches into basket, and proceeds to throw likes everywhere.*

  2. A SKY WHALE! Yes, I mean you should paint a whale on it.
  3. I test flown the Sky Whale a few weeks ago, and it's wicked. Surely disquising a bomber as a civilian passenger plane will certainly protect it, as it is against the Geneva Convention to target civillians!
  4. YESS!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!! dundun92, since my at key doesnt work.
  5. Just what we need! A bomber disquised as a civilian plane! Surely they wont attack us now!
  6. Turret's a bit underpowered, but WHO CARES? It's much more satisfying to make the enemy hammer his head on this little tank.
  7. I sometimes do that, and half of the match I'm multitasking between checking this thread,watching youtube videos and playing the match. @V7 Aerospace about the Tetratch, I love it. It's fast, annoying (to enemies when I drive around in circles around them while their turrets swing so slowly to try to aim at me) and small.
  8. 299 rep? C'mon!

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      YAY!!! :)

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      Have another couple!

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      Lo Var Lachland

      hehehe. REP FOR ALL!!!!!

  9. I'm thinking about starting another KSP story. I'm thinking the title should be Global War. But before I actually start, I would dedicate this story to @DarkOwl57 for inspiring me to write this story.

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    2. Wildcat111


      You dooble posted the same thing.

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      CTRL-Enter doesn't work all that well :/

    4. Wildcat111
  10. I'm pretty sure that he was the captain of a torpedo boat. That got rammed by a Japanese destroyer.
  11. Oh, okay, just wondering. I'm typing this at the airport in Kuala Lumpur waiting for my flight to Chiang Mai. PS, I'm on a vacation!
  12. It's so annoying, knowing that it's still airworthy, yet you have to leave the plane :(. I flew across the map in a Typhoon that shredded off the right wing tip to get to the runway to repair. The Pasta Bomber? Wait... Is it the Do-17?
  13. The game generates matches with vehicles that are above your Battle Rating by 1 at the max for your highest rated vehicle. For example, let's say you highest ranking vehicle has a Batle Ratng of 3.3. The game will not only include vehicles whose BR is higher by 1 (BR 4.3), it will also include vehicles of the same BR. This could be a problem when you have a vehicle with a high BR and a vehicle with a lower BR, so reaserch vehicles that have a similar BR.
  14. I'm going on vacation for the next 2 months, which means I can't play KSP, but I can communicate. I'm leaving in 4 hours.