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  1. Yeah I did, and I also deleted my existing flights and it still didn't work for me Ended up just deleting the save out of frustration.
  2. Being real for a second here, I bought the game for console pretty much a year ago and as everyone knows it's been unplayable. I think I relate to all console players when I say I just want to be able to play the game while it's still relevant. I'm going to college and am getting a job soon, so most of my time is going to be preoccupied. I've essentially got one summer left to really delve into the game and it will make me very sad if Squad can't manage to update the game soon(ish).
  3. I play on Xbox One and started having this issue today too.
  4. I support this!
  5. Earlier (can't directly quote) one of the moderators mentioned that updating the game shouldn't reset anything.
  6. Remember that while Nuclear Engines have low Thrust to Weight ratios, they're super efficient (As I'm sure you're well aware) and it's best to bring a small amount of them with lots of fuel to maximize efficiency. When it comes to how many to bring, it really depends on how much time you have or want to spend on mission.
  7. I couldn't give you a definitive answer as both consoles have their fair share of bugs and crashes. My best advice to you however is to continue testing your theory with the fairings and if it proves correct most of the time, then report it to squad on their bug tracker. Hopefully they can fix it before the 1.2 release sometime this year.
  8. Been having the same issue but mine happens when I enter any kind of building other than VAB or Hangar. I have noticed however that right before it starts happening, I'll usually be focused on my spacecraft and then start having issues getting the game to accept my inputs. Basically I'll click something such as the quick save button or the return to ksc button upward of 10 to 20 times before it may or may not actually do it.
  9. 1. Can't use mods but I get what you're saying. 2. Regarding the hardpoint, I tried that and yet, when mounting it on the side of an FLT-200 tank, it still comes off a bit large.
  10. Hey, I'm still sorta newish here so I wasn't sure where to post this but earlier today I was attempting to make a really small two stage lander but found that the radial decouplers were twice the size of my fuel tank and stuck out almost past my spark engine. I know that most people just use the TR-2V Stack decouplers and such to decouple side tanks but why isn't there a smaller radial one? Thanks, James
  11. I hate how sometimes when I try to fine tune maneuver nodes using LB/RB, the camera focuses on another celestial body. Once that happens, I panic since I can't see my Ap or Pe and have to shut down all engines for a moment to reorient the camera back on my vessel in orbit. Very annoying.
  12. Even if I did, nothing would change. We've been waiting for update 1.2 for about a year now.
  13. Hello, I play on console and I am currently also having this issue. We play on 1.1 stock version. My instance has happened multiple times on the same game file (Luckily all have been just probes).
  14. If they could fix it on Xbox and PlayStation and then MAYBE I could understand this. But even then, legend of Zelda runs similar graphical settings and it eats your battery in an hour and a half.
  15. At least one person understands