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  1. Two things you need to decide. Are you going to use a rocket or a shuttle? And if you're going to use a rocket, are you going to save the rocket after expending its fuel or not? If you can afford to take everything up and not waste building materials then by all means do it. Just make sure that the fuel you use to get your payloads up there doesn't end up costing more than the payload will be worth.
  2. "Console work has also progressed, and it does look like the save problems might be a thing of the past. Those issies are of considerable importance, so all potential scenarios are still being tested as the UI and input system are refined." Hm. Early. This. Year? I think not. Okay, on a less serious note.. you misspelled issues and it's killing me.
  3. I hope it's the console update We've been waiting so long
  4. Most intense thing I've honestly ever seen!!!
  5. What if the important announcement was the update for consoles?? Still a possibility:D
  6. Fuel flow from outer tanks in then shed. Yeah it's the basis of asparagus staging but it can be used in a lot of different ways. Just keep that mindset and you'll go really far. (Also don't be afraid to use SRBs. They have ridiculous efficiency)
  7. Just got it and I have to say, for a pre alpha; I'm mind blown. Could use a bit more content, but let's be real, it's astonishing as it is
  8. "Space Race OMB industries to Mun!"... Sends spy satellite to sabotage their rocket.
  9. So this may be an old topic but whatever. I play the game way safe in the sense that I try to take no risks especially when it comes to keeping my kerbals alive. Ever since I bought this game however, I've felt that reentry was honestly way too easy and presented little to no challenge at all to someone with my kind of play style. Sure, I use heat shields but I never bring ablator with me. Don't need it. Ablator weighs a lot, decays too irradically (depending on angles of entry) and the heat resistance of the shield itself is outrageous. If you have the patience to make multiple dips into the atmosphere, it's all but unnecessary. All I'm recommending is some readjusting of the shields themselves. Hopefully this gets considered.
  10. A little detail please? I'd be welcome to do it if only I knew what for.
  11. I fell from reentry once on accident and landed feet first, and by some miracle, my kerbal got spaghettified on landing, softening down the original 40 m/s just enough to survive.
  12. Console players like myself can't mod the game when we don't particularly like something, so a topic based on stock KSP is a wonderful place for learning new ways to go about solving our problems.
  13. Surprised I haven't seen the stock escape system yet.. My issue with it is that since I play on Xbox; If something did happen, I wouldn't be able to get to the abort button fast enough.
  15. From my experience, two stage landers give you them best delta V return in lower gravity so you can make a bunch of hops from biome to biome. Honestly, I don't see why you wouldn't use a two stage lander when given the option.