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  1. I know it is now, but I would like an additional constraint that incentivizes efficiency even in the early game.
  2. At least I’m very much looking forward to the resource extraction and distribution game, and at that stage an additional currency cost would be actively bad. I still think currency might have a function as an early-game constraint. Resources are currently unlimited at KSC, which removes an incentive for efficiency. Constraining them with a currency cost would be simple and straightforward. There are other possibilities too but I’m not sure they’re necessarily better — if they replenish over time it incentivizes you to warp around it which is dull, and if they replenish through missions you risk soft-locking yourself in the worst case and grinding missions you don’t otherwise enjoy in the best case. I don’t feel particularly strongly about this though, and I certainly don’t want a money sim for its own sake.
  3. Hey, is there a way to disable DMs from users I’m not following?
  4. I see, I do need to break it down for you in more detail. I will try. Suppose you have three resources, steel, uranium, and propellant. Suppose you need these in various proportions to build your craft. Scenario one: your missions reward you in these resources, in various proportions. Scenario two: your missions reward you in currency which allows you to buy these resources when you need them: fuel for $1 a ton, steel for $10 a ton, and uranium for $100 a ton. Suppose you’re part way through a campaign and have just unlocked an engine that needs 100 kg of uranium, 10 tons of steel, and 100 tons of fuel to build. Suppose in scenario one, you’ve built up a stockpile of 1 ton of uranium, 400 tons of fuel, but only 5 tons of steel because you’ve been using a lot of it. Suppose in scenario two, you’ve stocked the equivalent in currency, that’s $550 worth. Under scenario one, you’re missing 5 tons of steel but sitting on 300 extra tons of fuel and 900 extra kg of uranium. Under scenario two, you can buy the resources you need when you need them for $230, and have $320 left for another mission. Question: which of these scenarios gives you more flexibility? a) Scenario one b) Scenario two Important note: If you answer with anything other than “a” or “b,” I will be forced to conclude that you are not engaging in a good-faith discussion and will stop engaging with you further.
  5. No, it’s not. If you earn resources directly, you’re locked into the specific resources you’ve stockpiled. If you’ve saved currency, you can use it to buy the exact resources you need when you need them. A mountain of steel might be of no use to you if you’re missing 100 kg of uranium. Are you able to figure out the difference from here on out on your own or do you need me to spell it out for you in more detail?
  6. Joints occasionally going out of joint when coming out of warp.
  7. Flexibility, you could obtain the resources you want when you want them.
  8. I think currency could work once resources are online, but only in the early game. Resources could have a currency cost on Kerbin. There would have to be a way to earn it, perhaps with the mission system, but it would have to be somehow less grindy than in KSP1 and its silly random contract generator. I would not want to have currency involved once I’ve got my own resource production going.
  9. I wonder what triggers it though? It only happened to me once and I was able to make it down in one order by quitting and reloading and hammering the deploy button until one of them deployed.
  10. I would like of the tech tree had genuinely different branches you could pursue instead of one gateway tech per tier. Like if you wanted to go all-in on spaceplanes, you could do that.
  11. Nice, most of my most wanted bugs are fixed!
  12. I use Reliant and Poodle a lot! Hammer too sometimes. Flea is kind of niche though! In any case I don’t think the methalox engines are broken at all, I find uses for just about all of them!
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